The 10 Businesses with the Highest Cost Per Click

The 10 Businesses with the Highest Cost Per Click

Pay per click can be expensive! Yesterday Luke, Bill and I had lunch with Jeremy, Justin and Carl from Cleveland Brothers. We were talking about pay-per-click advertising and Luke said that the keywords with the highest cost per click (CPC) would make a good blog post. So here it is!

I looked into this a little while ago and remember that clicks for personal injury lawyers are pretty expensive, at about $20.00 apiece. I thought that was about the highest CPC out there.

Boy, was I wrong! It turns out that every one of the top 25 most expensive keywords belongs to one of 10 industries. I averaged their click costs to give you:

The 10 Most Expensive Industries to Advertise Online:

Business/Industry Keywords in Top 25 Average Cost Per Click
1 Structured Settlements 2 $51.97
2 Secured Loans 2 $50.67
3 Buying Endowments 1 $50.35
4 Mesothelioma Lawyers 5 $50.30
5 DUI Lawyers 4 $49.78
6 Conference Call Companies 1 $49.64
7 Car Insurance Quotes 3 $49.61
8 Student Loan Consolidation 3 $49.44
9 Data Recovery 2 $49.43
10 Remortgages 2 $49.42

Source Fifty bucks!

Are you serious? How can anybody justify that expense?

Four words: high lifetime customer value. Buying a structured settlement nets a lot of money over a long time period for the advertiser. The same goes for refinancing student loans and remortgaging a house.

DUI and Mesothelioma lawyers make a killing in settlement money, so paying $50 per click is really pocket change.

Data recovery and conference calling software fosters long term client-vendor relationships. One new client can mean millions of dollars in recurring revenue over the years of the contract.

You don’t see any one-time purchases on this list, and for good reason. It’s simply not worth it to pay a fortune in the hopes of selling one product once.

These big spenders are aiming high: millions of dollars in a lawsuit or hundreds of thousands of dollars in a high-interest loan. With this in mind, how much is a click really worth to your business?

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