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10 App Store Optimization Tools for Your Business to Try

If your company has an app, you might already be familiar with the concept of app store optimization (ASO). If you’re not, it’s a marketing strategy that involves increasing your app’s visibility in app stores –– it’s like search engine optimization (SEO) for your app.

Like SEO, ASO benefits from the use of tools. You could rely purely on manual tactics to boost your app’s visibility, but you’ll fare better if you use some ASO tools to enhance your efforts.

You might be wondering which app store optimization tools you should use for your company. That’s why we’ve listed some top-tier app store SEO tools below for you to consider. 

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10 app store optimization tools for your business

There are plenty of ASO tools that can help you track and amplify your app’s visibility. In fact, there are so many options that it can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve narrowed it down a bit for you by listing some of the best ones:

Here are 10 of the best app store SEO tools to consider!

1. ASOTools

Price: Free, or $9+ per month for more features

aso tools asotools

The first tool for ASO on our list is the appropriately named ASOTools. This platform serves two primary functions, the first being keyword research. You can use ASOTools’ keyword feature to search for specific terms and find metrics like popularity score and volume.

The second major function of ASOTools is competitor analysis. You can use this tool to see your app store competition, as well as what keywords those competitors target.

2. Checkaso

Price: Free, or $14+ per month for more features

aso tools checkaso

Checkaso is an excellent tool for early analysis. As soon as you get it set up, you can use it to see the status of your ASO. In addition to telling you where you currently stand, Checkaso will offer a list of tips for improving your ASO.

From there, it will offer other types of recommendations, with one of the main ones being keyword suggestions. If you want, you can even set Checkaso to automatically add its keyword suggestions to your targeting list.

3. AppFollow

Price: Free, or $23+ per month for more features

aso tools appfollow

AppFollow offers many of the same features as the previous two tools. It can help you track keyword metrics and assess what your competitors are doing, as well as provide tips for improving your overall ASO.

However, it also offers a few features not included in other apps. For example, you can track currently trending keywords in your industry, giving you a clear picture of which searches will drive the most impressions and installs for your app.

4. App Radar

Price: Free, or $39+ per month for more features

aso tools app radar

App Radar is yet another app store SEO tool that prioritizes keyword research. More specifically, it helps you identify which keywords are most relevant to your company. It also lets you compare your rankings for different keywords against your competitors’ rank.

Some other App Radar features include:

  • Rating and review management
  • App localization management
  • A massive keyword database
  • And more!

5. ASOdesk

Price: $24+ per month

aso tools asodesk

ASOdesk puts an emphasis on branded keywords (and similar terms). That is, it focuses largely on keywords that show up in searches directly tied to your company. That’s vital because while you want to rank high for all your relevant keywords, you definitely want to appear at top in direct searches for your business’s app.

ASOdesk lets you see which queries users type in to search for your app. Another feature it offers is that it lets you see which relevant queries have the least competition and are therefore easiest to rank for.

6. AppTweak

Price: $69+ per month

aso tools apptweak

AppTweak is one of the best-known and best-liked tools on this list. It comes with all the standard features related to providing keyword metrics and helping you check in on what your competitors do. That said, it does all those things with a high degree of accuracy and speed.

Additional AppTweak features include:

  • ASO timeline
  • Keyword impact analysis
  • Category rankings
  • Visibility score
  • And more!

7. Store Mockups

Price: $99+ per month

aso tools store mockups

Store Mockups is unique on this list because whereas the other tools listed here focus mostly on keywords and competitors, this one is about optimizing your app. After all, that’s a big part of ASO — your rankings largely depend on the quality of your app.

If you haven’t yet built your app, or you’re looking to revitalize it, Store Mockups can help. It offers plenty of clean and professional templates you can use to build your app, and it allows for easy editing so you can keep that app up-to-date.

8. Sensor Tower

Price: Available upon request

aso tools sensor tower

Sensor Tower is one of the best ASO analytics tools on this list. It provides a wide array of keyword and ranking data, and not just the usual metrics. It can help you pinpoint the most popular apps in your industry and gauge how successful they are in terms of aspects like downloads and revenue.

Sensor Tower also offers a Predictive Rank feature that estimates your expected ranking for specific keywords. That helps you get a better picture of which keywords to prioritize.

9. Split Metrics

Price: Available upon request

aso tools split metrics

Split Metrics is a standout tool for ASO because it functions like a web analytics tool. That is, it tracks user behavior on your app page to see how people interact with it.

marsedit4 app store page

You can view information like how long users spend on the page, which parts of the page draw the most interest, and where the most people exit the page. This can help you optimize the page to earn more downloads.

For example, if you find that people most commonly leave without downloading after they read the reviews, that tells you that you should work on some review management.

10. Storemaven

Price: Available upon request

aso tools storemaven

Storemaven is a tool that helps you test different options for your ASO. It stands out from the crowd because of its scientific approach. In fact, it harnesses the scientific method to help you run A/B tests.

You first develop a strategic hypothesis, and then you run the A/B test. In the aftermath, Storemaven will help you analyze the results of your tests to determine whether your hypothesis was correct, allowing you to improve your ASO accordingly.

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