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5 Incredible Benefits of AI in Marketing

In this video, Trevin from the WebFX Marketing team explains why you should consider using AI in your digital marketing strategy.


We asked 200 senior-level marketing and sales professionals how they use AI in their marketing, and this video highlights some of their responses. According to our data, half of the professionals we surveyed use AI in their marketing. But should you use it in yours? Well, yes. With an asterisk.

If you’re looking to replace your whole marketing team with AI tools, the answer changes to a hard no. AI can do great things, but it needs human supervision. A b-AI-bysitter, if you will.

Now, if you want to reap the benefits of AI in marketing by treating it as an assistant, then yes. By all means, use AI.

So, let’s talk about 5 benefits of using AI in your digital marketing strategy, backed by our data. When incorporated properly, AI can really make your day-to-day work easier. Here’s our first benefit.

5 awesome benefits of AI in marketing

1. AI can give you back time in your day

A great marketing strategy requires content creation, customer interactions, data analysis, personalization…and that’s just scratching the surface. So many things to do, so little time.

But AI tools can help improve your efficiency in all of those areas (and then some). In fact, the marketing and sales professionals we surveyed ranked marketing automation the second most important benefit of AI. The more you automate, the more time you have to focus on what matters.

Whether you use it to create drafts of your content, edit videos, analyze your campaigns, or answer basic customer questions, AI can take some work off of your plate and give your schedule some much needed breathing room. If there’s a task you don’t have time for, or one that makes you want to toss your computer out the window, there’s a very good chance an AI tool can offer that much-needed assist.

You can stop worrying about the mundane tasks that fill up your to-do list and begin focusing on projects that have a tangible impact on your business.

2. AI-powered marketing can lead to deeper insights

More than half of the professionals we surveyed said they use AI to help them analyze their data. And there’s very good reason for that.

Combing through mountains of data from all of your campaigns isn’t just time consuming. It can be downright difficult, especially if this data is stored in a bunch of different places. When marketing with AI tools in your arsenal, you can more easily pull together these data silos and gain a fuller understanding of the people who interact with your business.

AI analytics tools can help you connect your data, sort through the good and bad, organize it in an easy-to-follow, visual way…and some tools can even use that data to respond to questions you ask them. Like literally respond.

This deeper understanding of your marketing performance will give you the insights you need to make informed marketing decisions and really maximize your ROI.

3. Marketing with AI can make the most of your resources

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just tell someone to spend your money in the best way possible, and then they did? Well, that someone is AI.

The professionals we surveyed listed optimizing campaigns for better ROI as a top 10 benefit of AI-powered marketing.

With AI tools, you can use a combination of manual signals set by you and your existing data to automatically optimize your digital marketing spend.

So, if you wanted to spend more of your ad budget on high-quality leads, and pull back a little bit when someone isn’t likely to become a customer, you can use AI to do it.

And this ties back in with the deep insights you get from AI. When you can identify the people who are most likely to become your customers, you can customize your marketing to them. More targeted marketing means better results and a higher ROI. And speaking of targeted marketing, let’s discuss the next benefit of AI for marketers and sales professionals.

4. AI can make your marketing feel extra personal

More than 75% of the people we surveyed said they’re comfortable with being on the receiving end of a personalized campaign. And it’s not just marketers who are fine with it.

Another report concluded that more than half of consumers said they’ll buy from a business multiple times after a personalized experience. Not just once. Multiple times.

So, want to adapt your website based on someone’s interests? Launch ads based on someone’s buying history? Offer a special discount to email subscribers who just need a nudge to make a purchase? AI can help you do that.

5. Marketing with AI can inspire your team’s creativity

Again, AI can be a really powerful assistant to your team, even when it’s just a source of new ideas. Maybe you’ve hit a roadblock, or you just want some suggestions on what your next piece of content should be. You can use an AI tool to get the ball rolling.

Whether you request a list of ideas, ask for a content outline, or even generate some images to inspire you, AI can help unleash your creative potential. And almost a third of the professionals we surveyed said they use AI for ideas and inspiration.

There are really so many things you can do when you start marketing with AI, and new tools continue to emerge every day.

But just keep in mind that while AI has so many benefits, it’s not perfect. What makes AI work is the addition of human input and oversight. AI is an assistant that can help you accomplish your goals, and you’re in charge of reviewing and evaluating its work.

And that was the last item on this list of the benefits of AI in marketing. We actually have a whole research piece about the role of AI in marketing, so be sure to check it out. I’ve linked to that page in the video description to make things easier for you.

And one last request, my AI aficionados. Take a moment to hit that big subscribe button under the video…or on the video…however it appears. You can also get our content in an email format by subscribing to our newsletter, Revenue Weekly. That’s linked in the description, too.

Thanks for watching, and have an AI-powered day.

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