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Bottom of the Funnel Marketing: It’s Not Magic. It’s Marketing.

In this video, Dylan from the WebFX Earned Media team explains the basics of bottom of the funnel marketing. Learn the tactics that can help you turn more leads into customers. 


We use bottom of the funnel marketing to turn people who are almost ready to purchase into actual paying customers.

It’s not magic. It’s marketing. Although sometimes it may feel like magic.

Put those wands away and let me explain what bottom of the funnel — or BOFU — marketing is.

What is bottom of the funnel marketing?

We visualize the customer journey with a marketing funnel. Yes, it’s in the shape of your typical kitchen funnel. While the path someone takes to make a purchase is not always this straightforward, we can generally group their actions into three categories:

The top and middle of the funnel are fairly wide because that’s where a lot of people learn about your business and consider their options. They may have a problem, identify the solution, and start to research the businesses that can help them with that solution. They may be looking for the best price, the easiest people to work with, or the highest-quality investment.

At the bottom of the funnel, people know what they want and have done their research, but may need that last nudge to choose your business as their solution.

Your BOFU marketing tactics should be that last nudge that tells someone how they will benefit after partnering with you — rather than the competitors they’ve been considering. You need to assure them that their investment, and their trust in your business, will not go to waste.

The biggest asset when you’re reaching bottom of funnel shoppers is content, and there’s a lot you can do to emphasize your company’s value. I will note, however, that if your content is too focused on your accolades, rather than how your customers benefit from partnering with you, that may scare people off.

Who wants to work with a company that’s just in business to make themselves look good? It’s about the customer, not you.

7 bottom of funnel content examples

Customer testimonials

Let your happy customers share their stories. Whether you sit down with them for a video interview, or they share their feedback in a survey, use this information to bring in more happy customers.

You can put testimonials on your website, share them on social media, use them in ads, or even add them to business proposals. Just make sure you have permission to do so.

Case studies

Let your results speak for themselves. If you had a client that saw incredible success because of their partnership with you, share the data. Again, with their permission.

Personalized emails

Create emails specifically for leads who are close to making a purchase. Maybe they contacted you, or had an item in their cart online. Maybe they spent time talking with your sales team.

Using an email automation software, you can put these people in different buckets based on their actions and send them email content tailored to their needs. Your case studies, testimonials, special coupons, or other bottom of funnel content would be perfect to include here. Send things that sweeten the deal.

Pricing guides

I’m sure there was a time in your life when you couldn’t decide between two products, so you went with the better deal.

If your business is transparent about pricing, and you really talk up the value of your offer, that could be the difference between a sale and a lost customer.

Share how much your products or services cost, and what people get from their investment. If your price point is lower than the industry average or better than your competitors, use that to your advantage. If not, I’ll emphasize the importance of communicating your value.

Cheaper isn’t always better, and you may have to tell people why.

Comparison content

I’m guessing you have competitors. I’m also guessing that you wholeheartedly believe you are better than your competitors.

Create content that highlights your business vs. the competition. This goes beyond pricing. What do you do that’s unique to your business? Do you offer 24/7 service? Include special features with your pricing plans? Offer a ten-year warranty? Guarantee a specific result from your product?

Create pages, graphics, videos, or other content that highlights these unique selling points (USPs). Help people make their final comparisons with your content.

Our digital marketing campaigns impact the metrics that improve your bottom line.

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Product or service videos

If people have a better understanding of your product features or how your services work, they may feel more comfortable investing in your business. Video is a great way to share this information.

Whether you demo a product, share the steps you take to complete a service, or introduce people to the team behind your offers, video can help you communicate your value proposition to your audience.

Retargeting ads

If someone is at the bottom of your marketing funnel, there’s a good chance you may have their contact information. You can take your list of contacts and turn it into an audience for ad retargeting. Some ad platforms may have custom audience size restrictions, so this may not be an option for everyone.

Similar to email personalization, if someone has taken a certain action on your website, you can add them to an audience bucket and reach them with relevant ads.

Maybe you have a list of people who added a certain item to their cart but didn’t make a purchase. You can remind them of the product they almost bought via an ad. Don’t be afraid to use your existing bottom of funnel content in your ads. That’s what it’s there for!

You may be able to launch a retargeting campaign in search engines, on social media, or even on ad-supported video streaming platforms.

As I’ve hinted at throughout this video, don’t be afraid to repurpose your content. A video product tour may work on your website, and it may also be great as an ad. Comparison content may be helpful in a proposal document, but it may also work well in an email campaign.

When you do BOFU marketing, keep in mind that every tactic you try should be aimed at people who are nearly customers. What can you do to convince someone that you are the right choice?

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Until next time, revenue drivers!

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