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The auto manufacturing industry is crowded, so you need to do what you can to ensure your company stands out. A good place to start is with your website. Proper web design for auto manufacturers can go a long way toward making positive and lasting impression on customers, helping convince them your vehicles are the best option for them.

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Why you should care about your website’s design

These days, companies have many faces on the Internet. From social media posts to podcast episodes and informational videos, people can find their favorite brands in many places across the web. However, no matter how users find you in the first palace, they’ll eventually navigate to your website to learn more or make a purchase.

When they get there, you want them to have the best experience possible. If they run into slow load times, a confusing navigation menu, or an overwhelmingly busy design interface, you can almost guarantee they’ll click off the page and turn to one of your competitors.

When you invest in good website design, you ensure they don’t encounter those issues, instead boosting the odds of them becoming loyal customers.

5 ways you can take your web design to the next level

There are several web design tricks auto manufacturers can use to reach their target audiences, build a supportive customer base, and ultimately drive profits.

1. Keep the experience consistent across devices

Did you know that people spend 70% of their time on the Internet on their phones? That’s why it’s crucial to ensure your website’s design and layout are uniform across desktop computers and mobile devices. Whether a user is on their laptop, phone, or tablet, they should have the same experience on your website.

While your mobile website will be more minimalistic than your desktop website, it still needs to be effective and help users find what they need quickly. Be sure all of your most important components and information are easily accessible. Then you can decide whether you need to adapt features like 3D car models to your mobile website.

2. Choose simple design options

When it comes to websites, less is more. While your website shouldn’t be so empty users aren’t sure where to begin, you should favor a more simplistic design instead of packing each page with large bodies of text and dozens of images. A website that’s engaging but not overwhelming is the goal.

Keep a few key web design rules in mind to help ensure users stay longer:

  • Use the same font style and size across each page for continuity’s sake.
  • Choose a simple color scheme with neutral backgrounds that make text easy to read.
  • Incorporate white space to create visual balance.
  • Place your logo on each page to ensure recognition.

3. Add elements of search engine optimization

Designing your website with search engine optimization (SEO) can help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). When people enter search terms like “best SUV 2022” or “safest sedans” into Google, they typically only look at the first few results on the first page. SEO helps determine which website pages earn those top spots.

Here are a few elements that can help improve your SERP rankings:

  • Implement relevant keywords naturally into bodies of text.
  • Format blog posts with proper headers, short paragraphs, and internal links.
  • Only post original content written for humans, as opposed to manufactured copy that won’t resonate with readers.
  • Prioritize fast page loading times.
  • Add meta descriptions for each page.

4. Create calls to action

A great way to make your website design more effective is to point users in the direction you want them to take. In this case, that’s contacting you about buying a vehicle or going to one of your dealerships. While some users will take those steps on their own, it’s useful to include some convincing language that encourages readers to go for it.

In marketing speak, this language takes the form of calls to action (CTAs). Throughout your website, from your home page to your blog posts, you should insert a few CTAs that tell users what to do.

Depending on the context, these CTAs could be something like “Call us to schedule an appointment at your local dealership” or “Sign up for our email list.” Make them relevant and straightforward for the best results.

5. Organize your navigation properly

A simple navigation menu is crucial. When users first land on your website, they should be able to immediately find and access various pages through this menu, whether it’s laid out across the header of the website or as a sidebar on the right or left side of the page. 

The most effective navigation menu will be concise yet descriptive, so users don’t have to second guess where they’re headed.

If you need ideas, take a look at your competitors’ websites. Some auto manufacturers organize their navigation menus by car models, while others have specific sections for sedans, SUVs, and trucks. Make sure to link to your blog, your support features, your contact page, and other relevant spots. Keeping all of these sections organized in the menu is a must for user experience.

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Web design is a crucial element of your marketing plan, but it can be a lot to take on if you don’t have web design experience. Fortunately, WebFX is here for you.

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