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Many leads find your local business for the first time through your website. When these leads find your site, you want it to make a good first impression. You need to invest in your website’s design to ensure that users have a positive experience on your site.

When leads access your site, they will make judgments about your local business. You want to create a clean and modern site, so these leads will perceive your business as current, clean, and professional.

So, how can you design an impactful website?

On this page, we’ll discuss five tips to help you create a better website. If you need help creating your customized site, call us today at 888-601-5359 to see how our team of experts can help.

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1. Make it reflect your business

When you implement your website’s design, it is crucial that you make it reflect your business. You want leads to come to your site and become familiar with your brand.

Brand recognition is important for earning conversions. Even if leads don’t convert right away, they will remember your brand later. When they are reading to convert, they will choose your local business over the competition.

You want your website to be unique. It should reflect your business and build that brand association with your audience. You can make your website unique through your color choice.

It is important that you choose the right colors for your site. People will recognize your business just by the colors you choose. They will see those colors and think of your brand.


You want the colors to reflect your industry. Many doctors use blue and white in their themes because people associate doctors with that color scheme. It isn’t mandatory that you use industry-related color schemes, but you’ll want to choose a strong color scheme that makes people think of your local business.

Aside from color choice, you want to choose a design that correlates with your type of business. A law firm will have a more clean and simple web design, while a graphic design company will have a more intricate design. Your type of business will help you figure out the right type of design for your site.

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2. Integrate email sign-up forms

When you set up your website, you want to make sure you design elements that help people connect with your business. Many leads will come across your site and want to learn more about your business. Email sign-up forms are a great way for them to connect with your business.

As a part of your email marketing, you can place an email sign-up bar in the header or footer of a website.  This is a great place to put it because it ensures that your leads can always find it, no matter what page they visit. You can also create pop-up email forms that are triggered when leads visit a certain page or scroll to a certain point.

Email sign-up forms are a great way for your local business to capture leads. You’ll want to design a bar that is simple and makes it easy for your leads to join an email list. You don’t want to make them fill out an abundance of information just to sign up for your emails.

If leads like your site, they’ll want to learn more about your local business and connect with you. Email is a great way for them to hear from your business.

As you design your ideal website, you’ll want to integrate an email sign-up forms to help leads connect with your local business.

3. Use social media buttons

Social media icon buttons are another connective element you’ll want to integrate into your website’s design. Many of your leads that visit your site have social media profiles. You want to provide them with the opportunity to connect with your business through social media.

You can integrate these social media buttons in the header or footer of your site. This will help your audience find them easily.

If you have a blog, you’ll also want to create social media buttons that enable your leads to share your content on social media. It will make it easy for your leads to share your content and help your local business reach more people.

Social media buttons are a great way for you to capture leads. You can entice leads to follow you on social media. It helps you identify leads and nurture them towards conversion.


Users will access your site from different types of devices. You want to make sure that each user can access your site easily. The best way to do this is by incorporating a responsive design.

Responsive design enables your website to adapt to all types of devices. Whether your audience accesses your site on a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, your website will adapt to that screen. It ensures that these users have a positive experience on your site.

Think of it this way: would you want to access a desktop site on a mobile phone? The site would be crammed into a small screen, which would force you to zoom in and out to read content and click on links. This doesn’t boast a positive experience.

responsive design ensures that your site adapts to each device to provide an optimal experience. This will keep leads engaged on your page longer, which leads to more conversions for your local business.

5. Include CTA buttons

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are some of the most important elements on your site. CTA buttons help guide your audience to the next step.

Many leads will visit your site and like the information they see. They want to take the next step, but they don’t know how. Without a CTA button, your leads are left to guess on how to proceed next.

Some leads may find a way to move towards conversion, while others will leave your site. A CTA helps you make the process easy for your leads by telling them how to proceed.


When you design your site, you want to make sure your CTA buttons are noticeable. They should flow with your design, but you should be able to spot them easily. It helps your audience proceed quicker if they know exactly where to click.

Your CTA can be simple or customized. You can choose to say, “Buy now” or “Download your free eBook.” You’ll need to choose the wording that works best for your page and the goal you want to achieve.

CTAs are crucial for keeping leads engaged on your page. When leads engage longer, your local business earns more conversions to help your business grow.

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