Seasonal Marketing Ideas for Apartments

It’s a fact of life for apartment complex owners and property managers that marketing has to take place year-round. But that doesn’t mean that the same marketing techniques that work in January will work as well in August. Sometimes, it’s best to carve up your strategies seasonally.

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By reading this article, you’ll get some unique tips for marketing your apartment complex during every season, from autumn to summer, as well as some advice on what you can do to make each event or strategy a success. If you want to learn more about marketing your apartments online, give us a call at 888-601-5359.

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Apartment Marketing Ideas for Winter

Let’s start by beginning at the start of the year. Winter can seem like a tough time to woo people out of their current comfy homes, especially if your apartment complex is in a cold-weather area. However, it’s certainly not impossible to fill vacancies even when snow showers are in the forecast on a regular basis.

Try some of these apartment marketing ideas for winter and watch your vacant units fill up:

Host a New Year’s Resolutions fitness class or weight loss meetings at your apartment complex. This is a perfect way to attract visitors to your location and to get them accustomed to what you have to offer. They might not be looking to move yet, but they may be tempted after seeing what you have to offer.

Market your facility at places people visit during the winter, including local ski lodges and ice skating rinks. You can perhaps even give out hot cups of cocoa courtesy of your apartment complex.

Build a snowman (or team of snowmen) in front of your apartment complex signage. This will encourage people to notice you when they’re walking or driving by. They may even take pictures that could end up on social media pages—be sure to be on the lookout for that possibility! Make sure any vacancies are well-advertised on your signs for maximum exposure.

Apartment Marketing Ideas for Spring

Springtime is the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of the desire for most people to get outside and do things. It’s also a popular time to move. This means you could market your apartment complex by:

Offer an apartment gardening 101 class. Many people don’t realize they can plant herbs and even some veggies in pots and have them in their apartments. Having a class on this topic may make apartment-shy people feel a little more confident about moving.

Offer a “spring cleaning” special for new tenants. Anyone who signs a year-long lease gets a $50-value (or greater) supply kit filled to the brim with cleaning supplies.

Sponsor a spring sport, such as a local soccer team. Kids’ leagues are always looking for businesses to help them out, so finding one willing to accept your donation shouldn’t be difficult. You may even want to start with tenants’ kids’ teams, which could encourage them to extend their leases a little longer!

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Apartment Marketing Ideas for Summer

Summer is usually the busiest moving time for people, mainly because of the nicer weather, and also because the kids are out of school. Yet this means you’re competing with other apartment complexes in your area for renters.

In order to be noticed amidst the other apartment complexes, you have to engage in create marketing strategies like:

Host a radio show at your apartment complex, such as at the pool (if you have one) or in the garden area. You’ll have to pay for the show and the on-air shoutouts, but you’ll get a big bang for your buck if the event is done well and the radio hosts are willing to partner with you.

Host an ice cream social for residents, their guests, and visitors. Be sure to offer giveaways at the social, such as a bonus sign-on for tenants who sign a lease within a certain number of days after the end of the event.

Host a community yard sale. This will definitely get some foot traffic to your apartment complex, as many individuals regularly go to yard sales to find bargains. Make sure you have signs, brochures, and business cards ready for anyone who may be visiting your area for the first time!

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Apartment Marketing Ideas for Fall

The fall is a notoriously busy time, and it’s critical to get on people’s minds before their thoughts turn to the craziness of the upcoming holidays. With that being said, these apartment marketing ideas for fall make use of the season in appealing ways that deliver results:

Offer a pumpkin carving festival or event at your apartment complex. This encourages families to come, which is great if that’s the target audience which you’re seeking. If you’re not interested in having families in your complex, you can still offer this kind of event. After all, there’s no reason not to believe that visitors could know someone who would fit your perfect tenant.

Sponsor a local fall walk or run for fitness and/or charity. Be sure to hand out items like water bottles, tissues, lanyards, etc., with your apartment complex information on them. You can even entice your colleagues and tenants to participate. If they do, consider organizing a team and wearing matching T-shirts or hats for an extra marketing boost.

Organize a Trick-or-Treat event. Your local county or city will probably designate a night for kids to go trick-or-treating, but why not take it up a notch? You can host a small party, or even give away something special for the parents.

If your apartment complex is pet-friendly, host a Halloween pet contest on your Facebook page for both your residents as well as others. Encourage people to vote with their “likes,” and make any prizes worthwhile. If you can collect voters’ emails in the process for your newsletters and email marketing campaigns, that’s a big bonus.

Start Thinking Creatively About Your Marketing

If you’re not being innovative with your apartment marketing, you need to start branching out. Your apartment complex is unique in some way, so showcase that uniqueness. Be innovative, and make use of every tool at your fingertips, including the internet.

The more tactics you try, the better your chances of success in the form of long-term renters who pay on time, treat their apartment like a castle and talk up your complex to their friends!

Want to get a few more ideas for marketing your apartments to people who may be seeking a new place to rent? Check out our article on apartment marketing ideas to make your next campaign a huge hit.

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