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Digital marketing is a crucial component of your business’s success.

With the growth in technology, it’s becoming increasingly important to invest in an online marketing plan to help your Philadelphia business reach new leads. If you don’t have the time to run a campaign, a digital marketing agency in Philadelphia can help.

On this page, we’ll provide you with five reasons to hire a digital marketing agency in Philadelphia and four determining factors for choosing the right company. Keep reading to learn more and call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about creating a digital marketing campaign for your Philadelphia business.

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Why choose a Philadelphia marketing agency?

When you set up your digital marketing plan, you have the option to run your campaigns in-house or partner and collaborate on them with a digital marketing company. Many businesses hire digital marketing companies to handle their online campaigns.

So, why should you choose a Philadelphia marketing firm to run yours?

1. You’ll get a team of experts

Whether you’re in the fashion, automotive, repair, or manufacturing industry, you’re an expert in your field. People choose your business because they trust you have the knowledge and expertise. So, why wouldn’t you do the same for your digital marketing campaign?

By hiring a Philadelphia digital marketing agency like WebFX, you get a team of experts to work on your campaign. They work day in and day out on different digital marketing strategies to help businesses (including yours) earn valuable results.

Our award-winning marketing experts know the ins and outs of the marketing field.

You will feel more confident about your campaign when you have experts working on it too. Your business can trust that their expertise and extensive knowledge will help you drive valuable results for your company.

The expertise of our team, for example, has resulted in more than $1.5 billion in revenue for our clients — and that’s only in the past five years.

2. You can focus on your business

Running and managing a business takes time, effort, and energy.

Trying to add a digital marketing plan on top of running your business is stressful and time-consuming. Instead of adding another to-do item to your list, you can rely on a marketing firm in Philadelphia to run your campaign for you.

It takes time, effort, and energy to create a successful online marketing campaign. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s not something that you can stop doing. Digital marketing requires constant upkeep, optimization, and improvements to deliver impressive results.

Online marketing requires constant upkeep, optimization, and improvements

Partnering with a Philadelphia digital marketing agency gives you more time to focus on your business.

You’ll reap the benefits of having a digital marketing campaign that drives leads while you focus on your business’s day-to-day operations. It’s a great way to allow you to get the best of both worlds.

3. It cuts down on costs

Investing in an online marketing company cuts down on your marketing costs. It may seem like choosing a digital marketing agency is more costly, but it ends up being more cost-effective than doing it in-house.

When you run your marketing campaign in-house, you have to find and hire specialized talent, from copywriters to digital marketers. You pay for hiring and onboarding costs, salaries, benefits, and time off. This is a yearly expense you will incur.

In addition, you have to pay for any software or tools you need to run your campaign. This is a monthly or yearly cost to your business. While your company doesn’t have to invest in these tools, it puts you at an immediate disadvantage if you don’t.

The most significant cost to your business is time. If you’re trying to run your campaign on your own, it will take a substantial amount of time to set up and maintain.

Your time is valuable, so it’s best to rely on a digital marketing company in the Philadelphia area to run your campaign. You’ll have a team, tools, and resources all in one place, for one price — and close to your business too.

It’s more cost-effective for your business in the long run to partner with an agency.

4. Your campaigns are in one place

A big part of digital marketing is cohesiveness. Your strategies work together to help you earn new leads and drive valuable results. When you hire a local Philadelphia digital marketing company, all your campaigns are in one place.

Many companies only specialize in certain digital marketing strategies.

There are some that only offer search engine optimization (SEO) services or social media marketing services, for example. When you want to invest in more than one method, it can make your campaign disjointed if you’re using more than one agency.

By hiring a Philadelphia digital marketing company, one team oversees and leads your campaign. You’ll only have to contact one company to get an update about your campaign. It makes it easy and less stressful for your business.

5. Always have someone to monitor your campaign

One of the best parts about hiring a digital marketing agency in Philadelphia is that you always have someone to track your strategy. When you hire a digital marketing company, they can continuously monitor your campaign to ensure everything is running smoothly.

A digital marketing company takes care of any problems that arise with your campaign

If problems arise, you’ll have a team to help you fix it. You won’t have to worry about scrambling to figure out issues with your campaigns. Instead, you’ll have a team of experts helping you manage your strategies and fix any errors.

Your Philadelphia digital marketing firm will also help you analyze your results. They can record your campaign’s performance and provide you with feedback. This service lets you see which aspects of your campaign work and which ones need improvement.

For example, MarketingCloudFX offers WebFX clients instant access to their campaigns and campaigns’ performance. It’s accessible on desktops and smartphones, going with you wherever you go.

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How to choose a Philadelphia digital marketing company

As you look at the top marketing firms in Philadelphia, you may wonder which one is best for your business. To find the best agency for your needs, you’ll want to look at these five aspects of every digital marketing company.

1. Look at their services

When you’re looking at different marketing agencies in Philadelphia, start by looking at their services. You want to ensure that the company you hire offers all the services you need.

There are a variety of services you can use for your campaign. A few examples include:

Your best option is to choose a full-service digital marketing company, like WebFX. These agencies will have all the services you need to run an online marketing campaign. This move ensures you have all the services you need in one place to keep your strategy cohesive.

2. Check out their pricing

Once you know a company has the services you need, check out their pricing. Your budget is an essential part of your business. You want to find a digital marketing company that works with your budget.

The issue with this is that many companies hide their prices. They want you to contact them to get pricing information. It’s challenging for you to figure out the right agency for your business because you have to wait to hear from them about pricing.

It also opens the door to contract issues. Some companies will have additional fees or exclude services from their packages, despite what the original agreement said. It can create a headache for your business.

Stick to companies that are upfront about their services, like WebFX.

The right Philadelphia digital marketing company will publish their prices online to make it easy for you to decide. You should be able to see the pricing and packages up front so you can make the decision that’s best for your business.

3. Check out their portfolio

If you want to figure out which digital marketing agency is right for your Philadelphia business, look at their portfolio. A portfolio will give your business insight into a digital marketing company and the type of work they do.

When you look at a Philadelphia digital marketing company, see if they have experience in your industry. Focus on the services you want to invest in and see the work they’ve done for your industry. It’s a great way to get insight into the type of work they would do for your company.

A tip for how to choose a Philadelphia digital marketing company

If they don’t have experience with your industry, look at work they’ve done for other sectors. You’ll want to see a diverse portfolio. A diverse portfolio ensures that a company is willing to learn about your market to produce a remarkable campaign.

4. Check out client testimonials

Reviews are a powerful tool for learning about a company. In this case, client testimonials can tell you all you need to know about a business. These testimonials give you insight into a client’s experience with a digital marketing agency.

When people have a positive experience, they are more than willing to share it with others.

Digital marketing companies that have dozens of client testimonials provide their clients with excellent services.

WebFX, for example, features more than 550 testimonials that showcase why our client recommendation score exceeds the industry average by 488 percent.

Check out every potential Philadelphia digital marketing agency’s testimonials to learn more about the company and to see if they are a good fit for you.

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WebFX is a top Philadelphia digital marketing agency

When you hire WebFX, a leading digital marketing agency in Philadelphia, you’ll get a dedicated team of experts to help you succeed in online marketing. You can focus on your business while your digital marketing agency focuses on your campaign, allowing you to get the best of both worlds.

At WebFX, we have over 20 years of experience in creating digital marketing campaigns.

We’re a full-service digital marketing company that specializes in customized digital marketing campaigns. Our team of over 200 experts will bring their knowledge and expertise to your business. We’ll help you create a campaign tailored to your needs and goals.

If you’re looking for a company that knows how to drive results, look no further than WebFX. In the past five years, we’ve driven over $1.5 billion in sales and over 4.6 million leads for our clients.

We know how to create campaigns that help our clients grow their business.

Build your digital marketing plan today

If you’re ready to start creating a customized digital marketing plan for your Philadelphia business, contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about how our digital marketing agency in Philadelphia can help.

We look forward to helping your Philadelphia company reach new heights!

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