4 Tips for Creating WordPress Landing Pages

Whether you create a pay-per-click (PPC), social media, or email marketing campaign, you need to direct your leads to one place — a landing page. If you already use WordPress for your business, you can create WordPress landing pages for all your campaigns.

On this page, we’ll discuss the basics of using WordPress for landing pages and four tips for creating successful WordPress landing pages. If you need help creating impactful landing pages, call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist.

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What is a landing page?

landing page is a page that is connected to your advertising campaign that serves a specific purpose. These pages help people learn more about your business or products. People check out your ads and “land” on your page.

Landing pages are specific and focus on guiding visitors to accomplish a goal. Every element on the page plays a role in helping your audience take a certain action. This includes buying a product, subscribing to an email list, downloading content, and other actions.

A landing page can be a page from your site or a separate page. Many businesses opt to create a separate landing page because it allows them to monitor the success of their PPC campaign without the analytics being muddled. It keeps the data pure because the only traffic that comes to the landing page is from the PPC ad.

Using tools like WordPress make creating landing pages easy. You can create a landing page without any coding knowledge. It makes it appealing to use an outside tool, like WordPress, to make your landing pages.

How do I create a WordPress landing page?

WordPress is one of the many programs you can use to create landing pages for your campaign. If you already use WordPress to host your site or publish your blog, this is a great option for your landing pages. You’ll already be relatively familiar with WordPress’s interface, which makes it easier to build landing pages.

This landing page builder offers the ability to choose single page themes to build your landing pages. WordPress offers numerous themes that are tailored to landing pages. You’ll choose the design that works best for your business.

There are two ways to help you build a better landing page for your business.

1. Use plugins

If you don’t care about optimizing coding, plugins are an easy way for you to quickly build your WordPress landing page. There are numerous free and premium landing page plugins you can use to build your page.

WordPress offers a collection of landing page templates to get you started. You can install plugins to help you manage your page customizations and build better pages. Each plugin will help you evolve your landing page to make it better.

Some of these WordPress plugins allow for third party extensions. This means you can customize your landing page even further.

So, which plugins will help you build your landing page? Here are a few options:

You may need to invest in premium features for plugins to get the most out of them. The free features of these plugins can be limiting, so you’ll need to consider enhancing your landing pages with premium plugin features.

2. Drag and drop themes

If you want to have full control over your WordPress landing page, you’ll want to use a drag and drop theme. Themes such as Jevelin, Gillion, and Divi are great for creating drag and drop landing pages.

When you use a standard WordPress theme, you are limited in where you can place things. It is challenging to create a layout that works for your business. With drag and drop themes, you have more control over your campaign.

You decide what you want to do with your page’s design. As the name says, you can drag and drop features that you want on your landing pages and place them where you want. This allows you to create better pages for your business.

It gives you more customization for your landing pages. You can add elements that are important to your page, such as photos and textboxes. You can easily place these elements where they fit best on your page.

4 tips for creating an engaging WordPress landing page

Your landing page affects your advertising campaign’s performance. You need an effective landing page to draw in your audience and get them to act. Here are a few tips to help you create successful landing pages.

1. Create a strong call to action (CTA)

Your call to action (CTA) is one of the most important parts of your landing page. CTAs guide your audience and tell them how to take the next step. It is crucial that you have a strong CTA to get your audience to convert.

When you use CTAs on your landing pages, be specific. Don’t just say “download here” or “buy now.” Instead, tell your audience exactly what will happen if they click that button.

“Download your free marketing guide” will produce better results than “Download now.” The former tells your audience exactly what they get if they click the CTA button. It entices more of your audience to click on the button.

A strong CTA will help you engage more leads and get them to convert. This will help you achieve better results with your WordPress landing page.

2. Keep it simple

Your landing page is one place where simplicity is recommended. The point of a landing page is to get your audience to complete an action. If your WordPress landing page is too intricate and cluttered, it will cause your audience to get distracted and refrain from converting.

Simplicity is key with your landing pages. Only include elements that are necessary to your page. You don’t need to add complicated features, buttons, or other distracting elements.

Again, the point is to get your audience to focus on one thing. If you have dozens of buttons leading to other pages, you’ll distract your audience. Keeping it simple will help your audience focus on learning about your product and deciding to convert.

3. Create an engaging headline

The headline is one of the first things your audience will see when they find your landing page. An engaging headline will grab your audience’s interest and keep them engaged on your page. They will remain and learn more about your product.

When you run an advertising campaign, you need to keep your headlines consistent. If you use a certain headline in your ad, the headline should be the same on your landing page. You don’t want your audience feeling mislead or surprised that your landing page is different.

An engaging headline will help your audience determine if they want to continue to learn more. If you take time to build an engaging headline, you’ll see better results with your landing page.

4. Include visual elements

Visual elements are crucial to a landing page. No one wants to see a landing page that only contains text. These landing pages are off-putting because they don’t have a point of interest and seem time-consuming because of all the text.

Visual elements help break up the text. They draw in your audience’s eye and gets them interested in your landing page content.

You can use photos or videos as your landing page content. You’ll need to decide which one works better for your campaign. Either way, the photo or video should be relevant to the landing page.

A visual element enhances your landing page. If you’re trying to sell your audience on a product, seeing the product in your landing page will get them to think about your product more. They can look at it more and decide if your product suits their needs.

Videos take your landing pages to the next level. It is an extremely engaging element that catches your audience’s attention immediately. They will see your video and immediately engage with your landing page.

By adding visual elements, you add a point of interest to your page. This point of interest will help you draw in valuable leads and get them to read more on your WordPress landing page.

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