Website Redesign Pricing: How Much Does a Redesign Cost?

Website redesign costs depend on several factors, including the website’s size, functionality, and builder. On average, the cost to redesign a website is $3000 to $75,000 per site. Typically, agencies cost $5000 to $75,000, freelancers cost $3000 to $10,000, and in-house or DIY solutions cost $800 to $5000 per site. Keep reading to learn more about website redesign pricing!

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Explore website redesign prices

A fresh, updated site can help your business accomplish its biggest goals, from reaching new clients to breaking revenue records — but how much does a website redesign cost? Find out in this website redesign pricing guide, which covers redesign costs for companies and sites of all sizes!

Web Design Agency$5,000 to $75,000 / site
Freelancer$3,000 to $10,000 / site
DIY or In-House$800 to $5,000 / site

How much does it cost to redesign a website?

A website redesign can cost between $3000 to $75,000. The cost of a redesign depends on several factors, including who redesigns your site. For example, web design agencies typically charge $3000 to $75,000 per site while freelancer designers charge $3000 to $10,000 per site. In-house projects will typically cost $800 to $5000 per site.

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What is website redesign?

website redesign is more than a visual update of your website. While it can focus solely on revamping the visual appearance of your website, a smart redesign also considers the usability and functionality of your site.

Due to the potential scope of a redesign, designers classify redesigns into four categories:

  • Redecoration: A redecoration includes only cosmetic updates. If you’re rebranding and updating your company colors, for instance, a redecoration works well. For website redesign costs, a redecoration comes with a low price point because it requires less design work.
  • Rewire: A rewire focuses on backend updates to your website. If you’re migrating to a new content management system (CMS), like WordPress, for example, a rewire is a viable option. When it comes to price, rewires cost more than redecorations due to the technical expertise required.
  • Remodel: A remodel includes visual and behind-the-scenes updates to your site. If you’re looking to revamp a website visually and functionally, for instance, a remodel is a go-to choice. This website redesign comes with a higher price point since it’s time- and resource-intensive.
  • Rebuild: A rebuild focuses on a brand-new website, though it may reuse some elements from your previous site, like images or copy. If you’re undergoing an intensive rebrand or working with an older website, a rebuild works well. It is the most expensive redesign option, however.

In most cases, businesses know their websites need updated, but don’t know where to begin. Use the above design classifications as a guide when learning about the average cost of website redesign in the next section — or, use our convenient web design cost calculator for a price estimate.

How much should you spend on website redesign services?

With the price of a website redesign ranging from $3000 to $75,000, a lot of companies ask the same question — “What’s a reasonable price for redesigning our website?” That answer depends on several factors, some specific to your company and others exclusive to your agency.

The price of a website redesign

The most influential factor on website redesign prices, however, is your site’s size. That’s why referencing how many pages are on your site — or how many pages you want on your site — is an excellent measure for what you should spend on website redesign services.

If you have a small website (1 to 50 pages)

A small website can range from 1 to 50 pages, with redesign costs ranging from $3000 to $24,000.

The website redesign price for a small website

For perspective, here is a breakdown of website redesign plan costs for a small website:

  • Cosmetic: If you’re looking for a simple redesign of your website, like a redecoration and rewire, the average price ranges from $3000 to $5000. In most cases, this cost doesn’t include backend updates to your site, like installing a new CMS.
  • Backend: If your website requires visual and backend updates, your costs can range from $7000 to $15,000. These costs include functionality and usability changes, plus a brand-new look for your site.
  • Marketing: If you’re like other businesses in your industry, you may also invest in digital marketing to support your new, updated website. While you can choose from a variety of services, most companies with a small site spend an average of $3000 to $5000 per month.

If you have a medium-sized website (50 to 150 pages)

A medium website redesign, which includes 50 to 150 pages, can cost $24,000 to $40,000.

The website redesign cost for a medium website

For reference, here is a breakdown of website redesign pricing for a medium-sized site:

  • Cosmetic: For a visual-only redesign of your website, you can expect a price ranging from $9000 to $15,000. Depending on your web design agency, this quote may include minor backend updates.
  • Backend: A redesign that includes visual and behind-the-scenes updates costs between $16,000 and $28,000. Your design agency, for example, may ensure your website is mobile-friendly or migrate your site to a new CMS.
  • Copywriting: Your company can also add copywriting services to your website redesign costs. For a medium-sized site, copywriting prices can range between $4000 to $7000, depending on the number of pages and their word counts.

If you have a large website (150 to 250+ pages)

A large website ranges from 150 to more than 250 pages and can cost between $36,000 to $75,000.

The average website redesign cost of a large website

  • Cosmetic: A website redesign that focuses solely on your website’s visuals ranges from $15,000 to $25,000 in price. Due to the scope of your site, changing the look of your website generally requires more consideration and time from an experienced design team.
  • Backend: A redesign that includes visual and backend updates costs between $24,000 to $50,000. Like cosmetic changes to a large website, technical updates also demand intensive planning from a talented design and development team.
  • Copywriting: In most cases, copywriting is an essential service for businesses with a massive website. If you add copywriting services to website redesign, their prices range from $6000 to $10,000. They can exceed this range, depending on your number of pages.
  • Marketing: If your business plans to invest in digital marketing servicescosts range between $6000 to $8000 per month. This price can vary, however, depending on how aggressive of a strategy you adopt.

Even though prices for website redesign vary, they do offer a lot of flexibility. For example, your business can create your site’s copy in-house, but opt to invest in the digital marketing expertise of an agency. This approach minimizes your redesign costs and maximizes your website’s return on investment (ROI).

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How often should you redesign a business website?

For a well-performing website, designers recommend businesses redesign their sites every two to three years. That doesn’t mean your company needs to revamp and relaunch an entirely new website, but that you should keep your site up-to-date with industry and user standards.

A list of reasons why a company may want to redesign their website sooner

If your website experiences any of the following issues, consider a redesign sooner:

  • Doesn’t generate any traffic, conversions, or leads
  • Doesn’t offer a user-friendly or intuitive experience
  • Doesn’t look secure and up-to-date
  • Doesn’t provide support for mobile users

If you’re unsure about whether your website could use a redesign, ask a friend, family member, or someone unfamiliar with your company’s site to browse it. Get their feedback on your website’s appearance and functionality to see if it could use some improvements.

Who should I hire to redesign my site?

When it comes to website redesign costs, who you hire is a big cost factor.

You can choose between a few options, including:

  • Web design agency
  • Web design freelancer
  • In-house team

Typically, agencies will cost more than freelancers and freelancers will cost more than in-house solutions.

Price is just one factor you’ll want to consider when weighing your options. You’ll also want to think about:

  • How soon do you want to launch your site?
  • What features does your new site need?
  • Do you have the capabilities in-house to meet your project needs?

Spend some time thinking about these questions and use your answers to choose the best option for your business.

What determines website redesign pricing in 2023?

If you’re looking for an in-depth assessment of all the factors that affect website redesign pricing, this section is for you. While there are a ton of elements that can influence your redesign costs, there are seven that have the most significant impact.

The seven features that determine website redesign pricing in 2023 include:

1. Size

The most influential factor on website redesign costs is the size of your website. In almost all scenarios, companies with a larger website will pay more than businesses with a smaller site — even if one requires a redecoration and the other a remodel.

That’s why many web design agencies, including WebFX, ask about the number of pages on your website. It helps our team provide your company with an accurate price estimate, which allows your business to plan accordingly.

A list of the different website sizes

How can you determine your site’s size? Use these page ranges:

  • A small website ranges from 1 to 50 pages
  • A medium website ranges from 50 to 150 pages
  • A large website ranges from 150 to 250+ pages

Keep in mind that some web design agencies may use different page ranges for their web design services. For example, an agency with a small staff may consider a 25-page website large because they have a smaller team of designers.

That’s why partnering with an established agency offers an advantage.

2. Design

The look of your website also impacts your website redesign costs. If you’re looking for a no-frills website, versus a feature-packed site, you can expect lower rates because your site requires less design and development time.

That doesn’t mean your business should skip on a well-designed website, though. It’s critical for companies to maintain sites that capture their brand, as well as speak to their target audience. If you’re a , for example, your website should demonstrate that.

A website redesign best practices for companies

A few examples of some design styles for websites include:

  • Basic: A basic web design provides a simple, yet attractive website for your company. Whether you’re a home service provider or software provider, this style can convey your brand and a positive user experience.
  • Modern: A modern web design delivers a stylized, contemporary website for your business. While a basic design may go for a laidback look, a modern one takes additional steps to upgrade the look of your site.
  • High-end: A high-end web design creates an advanced, sleek website for your company. For organizations with a higher price point for their products or services, this style is excellent for conveying your value to consumers.
  • World class: A world-class web design produces an innovative and cutting-edge website for your business. Whether you’re a national or international company, this style can emphasize your industry leadership and product quality.

Due to the different styles available, as well as the ability for everyone to interpret them differently, it’s critical to partner with a web design agency that prioritizes communication. That way, you can ensure your agency understands what your business needs and wants.

WebFX, for example, makes communication seamless.

We partner you with a dedicated project manager — who schedules routine check-ins to share your website’s progress — and provide you with access to our project management software. Our unique approach is why our client recommendation score is 488% higher than the industry average.

3. Functionality

Functionality is another factor in website redesign pricing. It encompasses all the interactive elements of your website, like your navigation bar, shopping cart, payment processor, and more. In short, it’s a crucial feature of your site, which is why designers recommend redesigns every two to three years.

Prices for website functionality vary. If you’re an ecommerce business, functionality plays a significant role in your day-to-day operations, which is why you may invest more in functionality updates and migrations.

The definition of functionality in web design

In comparison, a company that only uses their website to generate leads may not spend the same amount on their website’s functionality. While it’s still essential for them to provide intuitive navigation, it’s not necessary for them to implement a payment processing system like an ecommerce store.

When you compare web design agencies, look for an agency that understands your business.

You want a design and development team that takes an active interest in your company, products, and services — like WebFX. With our proactive approach, we customize every client’s website to their unique needs.

So far, we’ve launched 1600+ sites, which has generated more than 7.8 million leads in the past five years for our clients.

4. Integrations

For offline and online businesses, integrations are another vital part of website redesign pricing. Integrations link your website with a third-party system, like an ecommerce solution or CMS, to streamline and simplify your site’s data and operations.

A CMS like WordPress, for example, makes publishing content to your website hassle-free. For companies that use content marketing, a CMS is invaluable because you’re always adding new pages, articles, and blog posts to your site.

The definition of integrations in web design

In comparison to other website redesign pricing factors, integrations can have the most significant price range. They depend on not only the third-party system but also the complexity that comes with integrating — or, in some cases, developing that system.

If you’re company plans to revamp your website with new or custom integrations, it helps to partner with a full-service agency, like WebFX. We come with all the services you need to relaunch your redesigned website and eliminate the hassle of working with several companies at once.

5. Content

All websites need copy, which is why it’s becoming more common for web design agencies to offer copywriting services. Again, if you’re planning to invest in professional copywriting services, go with a full-service digital marketing agency.

WebFX, for example, features a dedicated team of in-house copywriters, which allows us to produce high-quality content for your website. In comparison, a web design agency may outsource those tasks to writers without the expertise to write original and compelling copy for your site.

The average cost of web design services

While prices can range drastically for copywriting, WebFX keeps them consistent — another perk of partnering with a full-service agency.

If you decide to invest in copywriting services, purchase SEO copywriting. With SEO copywriting, digital marketers and writers optimize your webpages for search, making them easier for search engines and users in your target market to find.

6. Responsive design

Depending on your site’s age, you may not have a responsive website. A site with a responsive design supports users on any device, from desktops to tablets to smartphones. With more than 50% of Internet traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s critical to offer a seamless experience across devices.

responsive design is often the best — and most cost-effective — option for all-around device support. With a responsive design, your site automatically adapts to a user’s screen, which provides them a seamless experience across devices.

A comparison of responsive web design and a separate mobile site

From a cost perspective, responsive design costs around $3000.

The alternative to responsive design is a separate website for mobile users, like those on tablets or smartphones. This option requires a substantial amount of development and design time, as your agency needs to produce a whole new site for your business.

In comparison to responsive design, a separate mobile site costs between $5000 to $25,000.

Even if your business prefers a responsive design, it’s worth asking for your web design agency’s perspective. While rare, some companies can benefit from a separate mobile website. In most cases, however, a responsive design is the best option.

7. Marketing

As more companies adopt digital marketing, it’s becoming more common for them to package their site’s redesign with an Internet marketing strategy. For example, a business may sign-up for a redesign, as well as an SEO and PPC campaign.

While optional, it’s worth discussing with your team and company decision makers.

website redesign can lead to a lot of immediate improvements in your site, but if you want to maximize your investment, digital marketing is a must. With a competitive strategy, you can make sure your website appears on page one of relevant search results, versus page two, three, or four.

For perspective, 75% of users stick to the first page of search results.

With an ongoing digital marketing strategy, you can also continue to improve your website’s usability. For example, your dedicated account manager can conduct A/B testing to discover new ways to make your site even more user-friendly, as well as persuasive to viewers.

If you’re considering digital marketing, remember that it’s an ongoing strategy. And if you’re unsure about making a long-term commitment to online marketing, remember that in the past five years we’ve driven more than $3 billion in revenue for our clients with it.

Your website is the most influential factor on your site redesign costs. It’s not the only influence on website redesign pricing, however. Your web design agency also affects what your company pays for an updated site.

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What affects the cost of a web design agency?

For example, three agency-specific factors that can shape your redesign costs include:

1. Experience

Partnering with an experienced web design agency is a tremendous benefit.

It provides your company with access to a talented team of designers and developers, which results in a custom, performance-driven website. With more than 25 years of experience and 1600+ websites launched, WebFX is an excellent example of a seasoned web design agency.

The experience of an agency does increase website redesign costs, however.

A statement on the advantage of partnering with an experienced web design agency for website redesign

For many businesses, that extra cost is worth the investment. Your website is the face of your company online, so it’s critical to have a top-of-the-line website. Without an intuitive, as well as a trustworthy site, you risk losing shoppers and revenue to competitors.

What is the price of experience, though?

Agencies vary when it comes to their prices, especially for website redesign. The difference in price may range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the agency’s experience, location, and workload.

2. Size

Collaborating with a midsize to large agency, like WebFX, can also impact your website redesign prices. In comparison to small web design agency, a bigger agency generally maintains higher rates for their services as they’re supporting a full-time team of designers and developers.

While your business may prefer the prices of a small agency, a larger one tends to an advantage. Unlike a small web design agency, they offer your company access to designers and developers from a variety of backgrounds and specialties.

A statement on the potential risks of partnering with a small web design agency

Plus, a midsize to large agency tends to have a balanced workload. In comparison, a small agency may have three or four designers juggling dozens of clients on tight deadlines. That situation leads to uninspired sites that fail to drive traffic and conversions, plus missed deadlines.

For your website, as well as your team’s convenience, it’s worth paying for the perks of a midsize to large agency. While a small agency may save your business money up-front, the resulting website will likely cost your company more in the end.

From a price standpoint, an agency’s size tends to have a small influence on website redesign costs. For example, a web design agency may increase their redesign prices by several dollars, depending on how many services they offer.

3. Deadline

Deciding to redesign your website on a short schedule can also increase your website redesign prices. Whether you’re partnering with a small, medium, or large web design agency, you can expect a substantial price difference for fast turnaround times.

That’s why some agencies offer 30-day web design as an alternative.

A statement on the influence of deadlines on web design prices

Your preferred deadline or launch date for your redesign website can increase your website redesign costs by thousands of dollars. This price increase depends on several factors, like the size, functionality, and design of your website.

In some cases, agencies may charge an hourly versus flat rate for an expedited redesign.

For some businesses, a rapid redesign is the only option — but if your company can avoid it, you should. You can spend those funds on more valuable services, like copywriting or marketing, to improve the long-term success of your redesign.

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Why redesign a website?

If you’re hesitant about moving forward with a website redesign, there are plenty of reasons to commit:

1. Make your site user-friendly

With more than 70% of businesses and 80% of consumers starting their product research online, you can bet they visit your website. However, if your site doesn’t offer a user-friendly experience, they won’t stay long.

To demonstrate, consider these statistics:

Invest in a redesign, and your company can provide your target audience with the best online experience. That experience can motivate users to choose your business for their needs, which has a direct impact on your bottom line.

2. Support your mobile visitors

More than 50% of Internet traffic comes from mobile devices. With more people relying on their tablets and smartphones to research their purchases, it’s critical for companies to maintain a mobile-friendly website.

A few statistics that emphasize the importance of mobile support in web design include:

As more people, from businesses to consumers, shop on-the-go, it’s becoming a requirement for companies to maintain a mobile-friendly site. If you’re investing in SEO, it’s even more critical, as Google looks at websites from a mobile perspective.

3. Increase your trust and credibility

Whether your business operates offline or online, it’s essential for your website to convey trust. If a user doesn’t trust your site, they won’t buy your product, call your team, or visit your store. They’ll find another company instead.

To emphasize how critical trust is in today’s online world, look at these statistics:

Improve the trust, look, and functionality of your site with a redesign. A website that establishes trust with users immediately can help boost your conversion, lead generation, and purchase rates. These are all improvements that can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

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