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What’s the Difference Between Copywriting & Content Writing?

Copywriting vs. content writing: Both are valuable types of writing for marketing, but they carry out different purposes. Copywriting aims to sell or convert readers to perform an action, while content writing is meant to inform, entertain, and nurture relationships.

As two essential elements of your marketing strategy, content writing and copywriting help businesses like yours to attract your target audience and convince them to convert into customers. How are they different, though? Which one does your business need more of?

This blog post will discuss these topics related to copywriting vs. content writing to help guide you with your marketing strategy:

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Copywriting vs. content writing: How are they different?

To know whether your business needs a copywriter vs. content writer, you must understand the differences between copywriting and content writing. This section will also show you copywriting vs. content writing examples.

Here’s a table that summarizes the difference between copy and content writing:

Copywriting vs. Content Writing

Copywriting Content Writing
Purpose Drive your audience to your desired action, like making a purchase Inform, educate, entertain, and nurture relationships
Formats Brand slogans
Product taglines
Ad copy
Landing page copy
Blog posts
Case studies
Length Short-form Long-form

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is about driving your audience to perform your desired action. Do you want site visitors to subscribe to your newsletter? Or are you urging them to add items to their carts?

A copywriter can craft copies that persuade your readers to:

  • Visit a landing page
  • Download a case study
  • Subscribe to your newsletter or YouTube channel
  • Contact your sales team
  • Purchase from you

Typically, copywriting uses fewer words to make an impact and persuade readers to take action. Copies are also used for a specific campaign or goal, so they have a shorter shelf life.

Take this example from a pay-per-click (PPC) ad for interior design services. The ad copy entices searchers to get started with the business’s services, which match a preferred style with a designer.

copywriting example

What is content writing?

Content writing is focused on nurturing relationships with your audience, prospects, and customers. How? Brands can create helpful content for their readers so their audience can:

  • Understand a particular topic
  • Solve problems
  • Follow step-by-step procedures
  • Make informed decisions

Publishing helpful content for your prospects builds up your business’s credibility in your field as a reliable source of useful information. In addition, it also implies that your company understands the pain points of your prospects and customers. As a result, your audience will trust you.

Content writing is usually a long-form piece aiming to educate an audience. Some common content writing formats are:

  • Blog posts
  • Case studies
  • White papers
  • Newsletters
  • Ebooks

To compare copywriting vs. content writing examples, here’s a content writing sample from an interior design services company Havenly. Its website has a blog section that publishes helpful how-to articles and interior design ideas for its audience.

content marketing example

Does my business need copywriting or content writing?

The short answer: Your business needs both.

It’s not a matter of copywriter vs. content writer. A robust marketing strategy uses both copywriting and content writing.

While copywriting moves your prospects to take action, using copywriting alone repels audiences as they might see you as a business only interested in taking their money. You need to balance it with content writing.

Content writing can cultivate your budding relationship with your audience. It educates your audience with topics that concern them, which tells them that you know their needs and can help them, thus fostering trust.

Together, content writing and copywriting can help your business attract an audience, boost your credibility, and convert prospects into paying customers.

What are the skills needed for content writing and copywriting?

A copywriter and a content writer have different skillsets. It is possible to hire a single person who can do both, though. If you want to hire a copywriter and content writer for your business, here are the skills needed for both types of writing:

Skills needed for content writing

Content writers are tasked to do extensive research to craft helpful content for their audience. Are you looking for a content writer for your business? Here’s a list of writing skills they should have:

  • Blog post writing
  • Writing press releases
  • White paper and case study writing
  • Writing for newsletters, magazines, and books
  • Writing content for infographics, podcasts, and informative videos

Skills needed for copywriting

Masters of marketing and persuasion, copywriters must have a way with words that convey urgency and the need to act. If you’re looking for a copywriter for your business, here are writing skills that they must have experience in:

  • Brand slogans and product taglines
  • Ad copies (PPC, social media, and traditional)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) landing page copies
  • PPC landing page copies
  • Email marketing copies
  • Social media copies

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