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A team discusses the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

5 Amazon Brand Registry Benefits Every Seller Should Know

More than 100,000 brands across the globe use Amazon Brand Registry — will your business be one of them? Amazon Brand Registry benefits business owners like you by giving you control over your products sold on Amazon. Curious about the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry for your business?

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1. Protect your product listings from other sellers

Do you worry that a third-party seller will change your product listings? While a possibility, you don’t want to go through the hassle of opening a case with an Amazon representative to fix this issue. Luckily, Brand Registry offers you added protection against other sellers.

Not only do you have the authority to determine how your product information appears, but you also gain control over your products’ marketing. Also, Amazon Brand Registry benefits your business by reducing the potential issues resulting from other sellers altering information related to your brand and products. The program always ranks the data from the registered brand above all others.

That means your company’s provided information gets priority. Amazon also ensures your protection as an advertiser. Brand Registry collects all the information surrounding your brand to form predictive protections that verify the legitimacy of an ad with your trademark.

Say a vendor sells a generic charging cable for Apple devices, but uses Apple’s logo in the listing, giving the impression that Apple is behind the product. Brand Registry protects Apple and will work to remove this listing. Other product protection measures that come with Amazon’s Brand Registry:

  • Product listings that use your trademarks or logo but aren’t your product
  • Images with trademark material that don’t represent your brand
  • Listings that fraudulently use your brand’s name

Whenever you need an added peace of mind, Brand Registry can provide you with the confidence necessary to know that your brand is always authentically marketed with you in control.

2. Increase your product sales

When you sign up for Brand Registry, you’re likely to find yourself enjoying several benefits. One of the most immediate perks you may notice, however, is an increase in sales as Amazon removes fraudulent listings and prioritizes information from your business. Amazon Brand Registry proactively works to boost your sales and maximize your conversion rates.

While not every business leader will notice an immediate monetary impact, it’s worth investing in as enrollment is free. Plus, Amazon Brand Registry helps protect the value of your brand. If you have other sellers fraudulently using your brand name to promote their low-quality product, it can result in severe backlash from shoppers that purchase this product, not realizing it’s a knockoff.

3. Get access to proactive report and search tools

When you form a digital marketing plan, you know how vital it is to have access to useful resources. Fortunately, Brand Registry offers search and reporting tools that make it easier for you to keep track and manage your brand on Amazon. For example, you won’t struggle to find out when an infringement issue occurs.

Since Amazon streamlines the monitoring process, you can take advantage of their searching tools to know precisely when a problem arises. You can also use Amazon Brand Registry’s image search to learn when another listing on Amazon uses your logo. Take advantage of bulk Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) searches to find out when another listing infringes on your content too.

Ultimately, the tools offered by Brand Registry make it easy for your team to protect your brand. You can catch infringement issues fast, which reduces potential damage to your brand and sales on Amazon. When you find out that another user wrongfully displays or uses your branded content, trademark, or company information, use the workflows offered by Brand Registry to report these issues.

Once you submit your report, Amazon will take care of the rest. In most cases, Amazon takes action on more than 95 percent of all infringement notifications within eight hours. It’s an impressive response time, demonstrating the priority Amazon now makes for protecting the brands of its sellers.

4. Expand your ad options

Another one of the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry is Sponsored Brands are unlocked. This ad format allows your business to promote up to three products. In addition, Sponsored Brands feature your logo and brand name, which can help with brand awareness. Even better, Sponsored Brands appear at the top of search results, above Sponsored Products.

With this additional advertising option, our company can create a comprehensive ad campaign. The best part is that approval times for Amazon Brand Registry are less than 24 hours in most cases, which means you can start using Sponsored Brands sooner, rather than later.

5. Control your brand’s representation

When you use Amazon Brand Registry, you gain control of your product detail pages on Amazon. Any listing that includes your company’s brand can get immediate updates for your team. When a shopper views a product listing, they also see your content, not a third-party seller’s.

Without Amazon Brand Registry, resellers of your products or knockoff versions of your product could get control of a product detail page. This shift in power could result in changes that misrepresent your brand, causing damage to your company’s public image. Fortunately, a benefit of Amazon Brand Registry is that you don’t have to worry about another individual harming your reputation on Amazon because you have full control of your branding efforts.

Do you want to have the power to control your Amazon product pages and make updates as necessary with information that accurately represents your brand? With Amazon Brand Registry, you can! One of the greatest perks of this program is that you can market your business and products with the confidence that your branding is accurate and aligned with your company goals and shopper expectations.

How to enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry

Are you interested in reaping the benefits of Brand Registry?

If so, it’s a straight-forward and simple process. A screenshot of the application process for Amazon Brand Registry Before you begin the enrollment process, double-check to make sure your brand meets Amazon’s eligibility requirements. Amazon requires applicants to have a registered Amazon account with an image- or text-based trademark.

Amazon only accepts trademarks issued by the following countries:

  • United States
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Australia
  • India
  • Japan
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • European Union

It does not take trademarks from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Don’t have a trademark? Since this is a requirement for Amazon Brand Registry, you will need to trademark your brand and products before getting started.

While this extends the application process, it works to secure your brand’s value. Once you verify your eligibility for Brand Registry, go ahead and sign up:

  • Sign in to your seller account or make one here if you haven’t enrolled yet
  • Provide your trademark and brand name and trademark number
  • List your product category list and the countries where you distribute your products

Once registered, you’re free to reap the benefits that are offered by the Brand Registry program.

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