5 Business Blog Examples That’ll Redefine Your Company Blog

Blogs are a crucial part of your company’s website, especially if you’re investing in content marketing. How can you make your organization’s blog more compelling, engaging, and shareable for audiences, though? By browsing business blog examples.

While your industries, audiences, and content may vary, you can learn a lot exploring the blogs of other companies. You can get inspiration for your blog’s design, your calls-to-action (CTAs), and your content.

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1. ModCloth

While words are critical to a blog, so are photos. Few blogs demonstrate the importance of photography and appealing visuals quite like ModCloth — an online textile store that sells fashionable clothing, shoes, and décor.

A top-quality example of a business blog, ModCloth showcases the value of creative visuals. Rather than publishing their various posts on a mundane page, ModCloth displays its content in unique and eye-catching ways.

ModCloth’s appeal doesn’t stop at its visuals.


When you visit this site, you discover fun and engaging content that makes reading these blogs a worthwhile experience too. The site offers information ranging from the perfect work-inspired outfits to DIY nail designs for every season.

While it may seem like a company that sells clothing would only produce posts fixated on fashion, ModCloth goes above and beyond to craft intriguing content that appeals to a greater audience. Your company can adopt this tactic, too — even if you’re outside the fashion industry.

Start by researching your audience.

Look at the industry sites they visit, as well as the questions they ask on forums like Reddit or Quora. Then, develop content that answers or troubleshoots those pain points. For technical topics, you can create videos to support your written content.

2. Maine Lobster Now

Maine Lobster Now is a seafood provider that ships lobster from Maine to food lovers scattered across the nation. While it seems like Maine Lobster Now sells a straightforward product, that doesn’t stop them from creating fun and innovative blog posts.

With these posts, the company gives its customers even more reasons to buy.

Visit Maine Lobster Now’s blog, and you can see that it’s visually appealing but simplistic. These are features you want to have in your blog. Customers who scroll through this company’s blog will find everything they need to know about lobster, seafood, and coastal culture.

cooking inspiration

The dedication of Maine Lobster Now to educate its audience is perhaps one of the top reasons why they’ve had so much success in reaching their target market. For example, the blog includes recipes, informational articles, and travel posts for Maine.

You can also tell who Maine Lobster Now targets — lobster enthusiasts looking to learn more about food preparation, recipes, and the coastal lifestyle. The targeting by Maine Lobster Now emphasizes an essential lesson for company blogs.

Cater to your audience.

If you try to capture every possible person on the Internet, your blog won’t succeed. It’ll target too many interests, as well as struggle to meet every user preference. That’s why your team needs to discuss who your audience is, as well as what they want to learn.

3. Grammarly

Some of the best business blog examples feature a company promoting its product in a way that doesn’t seem like a promotion. It’s natural, which is why the post is so successful among consumers.

A perfect example of this approach comes from Grammarly and its numerous blog posts. This software subscription service aims to improve users’ writing by resolving common grammar issues.

On its blog, Grammarly does more than show the significance of its software.

business blog grammarly

It highlights the importance of grammar as a whole — a major driving point of their marketing campaign. Blog posts showcase different introductions in emails and cover letter ideas to help workers land their dream jobs, while also demonstrating to customers why they need Grammarly.

In your blog and blog posts, show the worth of your business by conveying how your product or service improves the life of your target audience. Position your company as the solution to user problems.

For the best results, however, avoid creating sales-heavy posts.

If you create a sales-heavy blog post that lists the reasons why prospective clients should purchase your product, it will drive them to your competitors. Have your blog posts serve as a reminder for why consumers would benefit from your company.

For the best results in promoting your business and achieving your marketing goals, such as by increasing email subscribers or driving purchases, your blog needs to focus on top of the funnel, middle of the funnel, and bottom of the funnel content.

4. Soundproof Cow

For companies in niche industries, it helps to see a business blog example from an organization that also occupies a market niche.

Soundproof Cow — an online insulation and soundproofing provider — is an example of a business that serves a specific group of consumers.

soundproof insulation

While the company’s product can appeal to businesses, Soundproof Cow also focuses on everyday consumers on their blog. For example, their blog features articles that delve into the effects of sound on a baby during pregnancy and how to reduce unwanted noises in apartments

By showing how everyday consumers can benefit from investing in their products, Soundproof Cow expands the reach of their products. The company’s posts also demonstrate the earlier concept of developing content for every stage of the buying funnel.

For example, their blog discusses not only the effects of sounds on a baby during pregnancy but also how to install some of the company’s products. While the same user may read these posts, they’re likely reading them during different stages of the buying funnel.

Consider your company’s buying funnel and look for ways your blog can streamline it. What questions or advice do shoppers tend to have as they research your products or even after they purchase them?

If you’re not sure, talk to your sales or customer support team and browse your social media pages. Learn what your customers are asking and develop a plan for answering those questions in your blog.

5. Patagonia

Nothing drives home your brand like a blog that outlines your company’s mission. Patagonia, a clothing designer that creates outdoor attire and gear, does an excellent job at capturing its audience’s attention by showing how Patagonia’s mission matches shopper values.

patagonia shoppers

There are millions of clothing brands scattered across the globe. What sets Patagonia apart, however, is its dedication to helping the environment and educating its consumers on the benefits of sustainability.

Patagonia has established a successful business blog because the company does more than talk about its brand and values. It demonstrates its principles, which align with the company’s target audience, by providing valuable information about eco-friendly measures.

For example, their blog features helpful posts about the importance of conserving rivers, as well as information about nonprofit groups that promote ecological restoration. Patagonia also highlights outdoor destinations for its audience.

Does your business have a set of values it attaches to its brand?

Of course, it does! Draw from this business blog example by making your company’s principles or mission known in its content. In most cases, your values probably link to your products and services, which coordinate to the interests of your audience.

Are you ready to upgrade your company blog?

Now that you’ve spent some time browsing through other blog examples from other businesses, it’s time to improve yours. Blogs help you attract new followers to your company’s website, while giving your existing clients another reason to visit your site.

Whether you’re struggling with writer’s block or website traffic, you may find that developing and managing your company’s blog is too much. At WebFX, we can help — connect with our award-winning team by contacting us online or calling us at 888-601-5359!