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If you’re looking for ways to improve your credit services website, web design should be one of your top priorities. Credit service providers serve a wide range of clients, making it crucial to have a web design that enables all of them to find what they’re looking for.

Read our guide for seven top tips on creating a website with high-quality design that helps improve your reach. You can also contact one of our strategists to get started right away!

1. Keep it simple and consistent

While you want your web design to stand out, you should also consider simplicity. Users come to your website looking for answers, products, or services — they prefer a usable website over a high-tech, futuristic website they’ll have difficulty using.

Use design elements that are necessary and serve a purpose. Reduce clutter both in visual and functional aspects. For example, choose a color palette and stick with it — five colors are the maximum recommendation for credit services websites.

You should also choose fonts, graphics and layouts that mesh well with the rest of your design. Whatever you pick, stay consistent across pages. If you pick illustrations instead of real-life photographs, use illustrations across your whole site. If you use Arial font on one page, use it on all of them — and so on.

One note on layouts is that you don’t have to use the same option on every page. Instead, choose a particular layout for page types — all blog pages should have the same layout, or all product pages have the same layout. You’ll create variety while making it easy for users to know what to expect on different pages.

2. Make it easy to navigate

Ideally, navigation should play a significant role in your website’s design. Website navigation needs to be easy and intuitive. Put a navigation bar near the top of the page. Most websites use categories like:

  • About
  • Products/Services
  • Contact
  • Blog
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Create drop-down menus for additional navigation under these categories to help individuals find even more specific information about your credit services.

Consider adding navigation in your website’s footer, too. While you don’t have to use a full navigation bar, having links to your main pages allows users to keep moving without having to scroll back up.

3. Create a responsive website

People use numerous devices to access your credit services website — smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops are all viable options.

If you initially designed your website for desktops and laptops, you must implement responsive features to update it for mobile users. Responsivity allows your website to adjust automatically based on how users access it. 

Images, text, navigation bars and more change location or size depending on whether users access your site via phone, tablet, or computer. Responsive web design also helps with browser compatibility — meaning users can still view your website correctly whether they use Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or another option.

Web browsers like Chrome appreciate responsive design when looking at search engine optimization. If your website is optimized for more devices, you’ll rank higher on search engine results pages.

4. Improve website accessibility

Much like how web design allows users to access your website from anywhere, accessibility lets anyone use it. Website accessibility can be complex, so it’s crucial to follow standards like Web Content Accessibility Guidelines from the Web Accessibility Initiative and other experts.

Accessibility relates to the color scheme, font size, readability, and more. Common accessibility features include:

  • Adding alt text to videos and photos
  • Adding captions to videos
  • Using text and images with high contrast

These factors help ensure anyone can use your credit services website, including people with disabilities like visual impairments, color blindness, and more.

5. Use engaging visuals

Visual elements like photos and videos are essential in web design. Visuals help illustrate a point or idea, demonstrate a product or service, and keep your audience engaged.

Images and videos also break up blocks of text. While your written content is essential, it can become overwhelming if there are large chunks without other visual elements. Adding a photo, infographic, or video gives your readers’ eyes a break, allowing them to focus on something else.

Visual content is useful for blog posts and articles. They help your readers better understand what you’re saying. It might be useful for a credit service provider to create an infographic with statistics on how people use credit lines or how you can help your readers save.

Whatever visual elements you include on your website, ensure they’re clear, relevant, and easy to understand. 

6. Use call-to-actions (CTAs), buttons and forms

CTA buttons, forms, and social media links encourage users to take action. You should use buttons or forms to ask readers to:

  • Learn more about your credit services
  • Contact a representative
  • Subscribe to your newsletter
  • Start a trial
  • Request an appointment
  • Follow you on social media

Buttons should be highly visible and stand out on your website. Including a CTA above the fold, in your content, or at the bottom of pages let your readers know what to do next.

7. Design for user experience

The overall goal of web design is to create a pleasant user experience. As a credit services provider, you’ll want people to come to your website and want to learn more or convert. An enjoyable experience is critical in getting people through the marketing funnel.

All of the suggestions in this list contribute to user experience. However, other factors also influence how users perceive and use your website. These include:

  • Content hierarchy
  • White space usage
  • Visual hierarchy
  • Authenticity
  • Readability
  • Page speed
  • Skimmable website

Using these best practices helps ensure users will enjoy their time on your website, keeping them there longer and encouraging them to look through your other pages.

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