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As a consultant, you need to attract new clients on a regular basis. Reaching the people who can benefit from your experience is what keeps you in business, so you can do what you do best, which makes learning how to get consulting clients a must.

Unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done — especially when you’re busy working with your existing clients. But with the right lead generation strategy, you can easily reach qualified leads in need of your consulting channels.

On this page, we’ll go over how to get clients for your consulting business by sharing four effective lead generation tactics and how you can use them.

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1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Most people begin their searches for services they need on search engines like Google. Your potential clients, for example, likely start by searching for “management consultant in [your city]” or “best financial consultants in [your state].”

If you want to reach these users, your site needs to appear in the search results. The only way to make this happen is with search engine optimization, or SEO.

An SEO strategy involves researching the words and phrases your potential clients use when searching for your services, then incorporating them on your pages in ways that help search engines deliver them for relevant searches.

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This strategy for how to get consulting work also involves improving your site to provide a better experience for your visitors and building links from authoritative sites that demonstrate your credibility to search engines.

As you make these changes, your site’s rankings in search engine results will gradually improve. And the higher you rank, the more traffic your site will get from people who are actively searching for consulting services.

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2. Content marketing

People in need of consulting services choose consultants based on their experience and expertise. The most effective way to show that you’re the best in your field is content marketing.

A content marketing strategy involves writing and publishing original blog posts, articles, infographics, and other content on your site. Help your potential clients learn more about your field, and you’ll show them that you’re not only an expert, but also a helpful resource.

You may be hesitant to give all of this information away for free, though — and that’s understandable. While the majority of the information on your site should be freely accessible, you can “gate” some of your most valuable content by requiring users to enter their email addresses in order to download it.

This is a great strategy to use with in-depth guides, ebooks, templates, checklists, and any other valuable content. Although you’re still not requiring visitors to pay for the information, their email address is more valuable to your lead generation strategy than a few dollars.

3. Email

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to contact your leads throughout their search for consulting services.

The easiest way to get started is to write a weekly or monthly newsletter with tips and information that help your potential customers. Include a signup form on your site and encourage your visitors to provide their email addresses.

This strategy for how to get consulting clients allows you to stay at the front of your potential customers’ minds by reaching them directly in their inboxes on a regular basis. And as they research their consulting options, you can be sure they won’t forget about you.

Lead nurturing email campaigns take this a step further by sending automated emails to your subscribers based on specific actions they take on your site. If a visitor downloads a financial planning guide, for example, you could follow up with an email asking if they have any questions about it.

Reaching out to your leads with information that’s directly relevant to them provides a more personalized experience than your general newsletter, and it helps you start conversations that turn leads into clients.

4. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

As we mentioned above, ranking in search engine results for relevant keywords  attracts qualified traffic to your site. But establishing rankings doesn’t happen overnight — and for highly-competitive keywords, it can take years.

With pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, your site can appear in those results immediately.

Platforms like Google Ads allow you to set bids for how much you’re willing to pay each time someone clicks to your site. If your bid is among the highest, your ad will appear above the organic results.

PPC is an excellent answer for how to promote a consulting because unlike other forms of advertising, it allows you to target users based on what they’re actively searching for. Instead of showing ads to random visitors on a certain website, you can focus your budget on people who show a clear interest in consulting services.

Plus, you only ever pay when someone clicks your ad — so you don’t have to worry about wasting money on ads that don’t produce results.

37% of marketers say that generating high-quality leads was one of their biggest challenges.

We want to decrease that percentage.

WebFX can help you generate high-quality leads with a customized marketing strategy.

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Learn more about how to get consulting clients fast with lead gen services

Attracting new clients is a challenge for many consultants, especially those who specialize in competitive fields. A solid lead generation strategy is essential, and if you’re interested in creating one, we’d love to hear from you.

At WebFX, we have years of experience creating effective online lead generation strategies for our clients. We’ll work with you to determine the best channels for your business, then create a custom strategy for how to get consulting clients.

We also offer industry-leading lead management tools as part of our proprietary software, MarketingCloudFX. When you work with us, you’ll have access to all the information you need to manage and convert your leads — even on your phone. You’ll also be able to see where your best leads are coming from, meaning that you can focus your lead generation efforts on the channels that deliver the highest ROI.

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