44 Incredible Examples of Twitter Marketing

Marketing your business and products on a social network is no easy accomplishment. These 44 companies are inspiration to show you that it can be done — and how you can do it.

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44 Companies with Awesome Twitter Marketing

Today, social media marketing is a crucial part to promoting a company online. Most of the time, companies worry about creating Facebook pages or LinkedIn accounts that will help drive customers to their site.

But those same companies are forgetting about one of the biggest — and most active — social networks in the world: Twitter. If you find that your business doesn't have a Twitter presence, then take a look at these 44 examples to get inspired and build your brand online!

What Does This Guide Cover?

This guide includes 44 different companies that have mastered the art of Twitter marketing. Whether they have someone do this in-house or go through an agency to get the best results, these companies know how to reach the people who are most likely to become their customers.

The key takeaway of this guide is how you can reach your customer base by speaking like them. All of these brands communicate with current and potential customers by getting on their level and interacting with everyone as though the company was an individual. That kind of identity makes a company's Twitter profile more relatable, understandable, and — best of all — likeable.

What Can You Learn from These Companies?

Most of all, you can learn from these companies by example. What do they say and do that makes them stick out to their customers? How can you translate those same ideas to work for your customers?

By determining those key ideas, you can communicate with your customers the same way they communicate with each other. Better yet, you'll be able to reach more potential customers since Twitter has hundreds of millions of users. Even if you only serve a small, local area, you'll still be able to get a few new accounts following your business.

Start Getting New Customers

By applying any of these 44 examples to your own Twitter marketing initiatives, you can find new ways to reach more customers than ever before. The key is comparing your Twitter marketing strategy with the handful of examples that you feel are most similar to your business. That way, you can truly follow by example and grow your brand on Twitter.

At WebFX, we understand that Twitter marketing requires research, strategy, and the right approach. That's why we have a full team of social media marketers who are on call to help companies just like yours reach new customers!

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