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It takes time, effort, and discipline to cultivate a dedicated blog following. Without consistently following the right steps, your posts may never get the right kind of exposure they need to grow your following and attract new leads. Use our free blog post checklist to cover all your bases and make every post as successful as it can be.

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The Company Blog: An Important Part of Content Marketing

As content marketing has increased in popularity over the last few years, company blogs have become a necessity rather than an optional addition to your website. If you are not already creating content for your leads, customers, or website visitors to consume, you may be losing their trust—or worse, missing out on sales.

As you work on setting up a blog for your business, you may find yourself in need of some guidance. How long should a blog post be? Should links be included? How many times should it be edited? Where should each post be promoted?

To help you answer these questions (and many more), we created this free PDF checklist for blogs that can be used over and over again with each of your posts. This blog post checklist will help you create professional, compelling content that serves as the keystone to your content marketing program, attracting links, traffic, and potential leads.

What Our Blog Post Checklist Contains

Our blog checklist is broken down into four sections:

  1. What to do before you write
  2. What to do while writing your post
  3. What to do after writing your post, before publishing
  4. What to do after your post is published

Each section contains a set of tips and processes you can follow in order as you are working on each post on your blog. It also contains links to related resources that will help you learn more about blogging best practices, and how best to approach unfamiliar situations, like keyword research or guest blogging.

Whether you are brand new to blogging or are simply trying to organize your existing blog's processes, this checklist can keep you, your team, and your company on the same page, and ensure that all of your efforts are as efficient and effective as possible.

Need Help With Your Blog?

Blogging can be tough, especially for businesses that simply don't have the time for it. If you want to grow your business through content marketing but don't have the resources, WebFX can help. We have years of experience helping companies grow their sales through content, including business blogs, and we'd be happy to work with you, too!

If you're stuck, need help, or want a consultation, you can get in touch with our team at 1-888-449-3239 or by email at Feel free to reach out to us at any time with any questions you may have!