Google Analytics 360 vs. Free

In this increasingly Internet-driven age, having a presence online is only the start of what any business needs to do in order to attract new customers. Your company's site should be regularly improved and updated, and making changes based on data and analytics can ultimately make the difference between a few leads per day and a few thousand leads per day.

Google Analytics is by far the most well-known and widely-used web analytics tool in the Internet marketing industry, and the company also offers a premium version with more in-depth reporting and analytics.

Google Analytics 360, formerly called Google Analytics Premium, is the successor to the standard web analytics tool created by Google. While the standard version is offered to any user free of charge, Google Analytics 360 is intended for enterprise marketing analytics. So if your company’s site attracts over 10 million visitors per month, or if you’d like to have access to a Google account manager 24/7, it could be the right choice.

Benefits gained from an enterprise web analytics investment

Today, businesses in all industries are operating in an online environment that is highly competitive and global in nature. The Internet is an effective medium for reaching customers and clients both around the world and right down the street, but much like any other channel, requires serious planning and management.

With the implementation of a web analytics tool like Google Analytics, any company can monitor and improve their site. And with tools like Google Analytics 360, large corporations can increase the power and ease of their analytics process with assistance from Google’s team, as well as access more comprehensive data reporting.

Google Analytics 360 vs. free Google Analytics

Google Analytics 360 is designed for large companies who want dedicated support and advanced reporting on top of all of the features and data reporting capabilities within the standard, free version. With a premium account, a company gets guaranteed data freshness of four hours at up to two billion hits per month and access to raw data and unsampled data reports.

The premium version also features 200 custom dimensions and metrics, allowing for enhanced customization of the way data is reported and presented. Users also have access to live technical support around the clock through email and chat.

For a more detailed explanation of both versions, refer to the Google Analytics comparison chart below.

Google Analytics Comparison Chart

FeaturesStandard Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics 360
Advanced Analysis
Funnel reportingBasicAdvanced, customizable
Attribution modelingBasicAdvanced
Cross-property roll-up reporting
Number of views per propertyMax 200Max 400
Custom dimensions and metrics per property20200
Data freshnessNot guaranteedGuaranteed 4 hours under SLA
Unlimited data
Unsampled reporting
Access to raw data
SupportSelf-service help center and community forumsServices, support and SLAs provided by Google and global partner network
CostFreePricing based on hit volume, invoiced monthly

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How much does Google Analytics 360 cost?

If your company is a large enterprise looking to take your data to the next level, then Google Analytics 360 may be for you. But as with all premium Internet marketing platforms, there is a cost.

Google Analytics 360 users are charged monthly according to the number of hits sent to the platform. Most businesses will pay the base price, but if your business sends a higher number of hits, you’ll be bumped up to a higher pricing tier. Google doesn’t provide pricing information online, but you can contact Google to learn more about platform pricing.

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