How to Choose a PPC Account Manager

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is one of the most effective forms of marketing online. It can help your company’s website stand out against your competition to attract qualified visitors to your site, and can also play an integral role in converting those visitors into new business leads.

But PPC requires management — and not just anyone can properly manage a campaign. Campaign managers need to have a certain set of skills and personality traits in order to be successful, especially when they’re in high-pressure financial situations.

So if you’re searching for a good PPC account manager for your company, it’s critical that they have the following qualities:

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1. They’re self-motivated

Self-motivated individuals are great candidates for PPC managers because they’re generally willing to try new strategies for success. They’re also the type of person who’s willing to come in a little earlier, stay a little later, and do what it takes to make sure a PPC campaign runs as smoothly as possible.

These individuals are also great idea generators, especially when they have the freedom and support that they need for creativity. That means they’ll be better at spotting holes in your current strategies and probably enjoy patching them up.

Best of all, these are the people who don’t require a lot of management themselves. They can take an idea and run with it with minimal guidance from their superiors and adapt to new situations as needed. That’s especially important in PPC, where stats and information can change at a moment’s notice.

Now that you’ve identified a self-motivated person, you can move to the next major quality of a good PPC manager.

2. They’re passionate about the industry

Every PPC manager should be passionate about the Internet marketing industry. If they’re not passionate, then they’re probably not willing to slog through all the data and changes just to keep a job that makes them money. They can get a job anywhere — you need someone who sees PPC as a career.

Another reason passion counts is because passionate people will voluntarily keep up with the industry. You won’t have to tell them to read a new blog or research a new case study — they’ll just do it, and then they’ll report what they’ve found to you for consideration. If you give them enough freedom, they may even make the decision to update your PPC campaign on their own so that they can get maximum returns for your dollar.

In general, when you have a passionate PPC manager, you’ll never have to worry about falling behind—especially if they have the next quality, too.

3. They’re data-oriented

PPC is a data-heavy channel, and it requires people who love to sift through incredibly detailed information. PPC data includes the amount of money you spend for clicks, how many people come to your site from certain keywords, and how high of an ROI you’re earning.

Those are only a few metrics, and PPC is packed to the brim with granular pieces of data that can help you succeed. You need a data-oriented professional to read through all of that and isolate the data that can help guide your future decisions. Without that ability, you just have a lot of numbers in a spreadsheet, which can quickly feel overwhelming.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed, data-oriented professionals get excited at seeing brand-new data sets at their fingertips, even if the numbers are jumbled and unorganized at the time. These people will straighten out all of the information so that it’s more digestible for people who aren’t obsessed with numbers.

And they way they’ll do that is with another key quality.

4. They’re organized

Organization is a necessity for PPC managers since one of their most important jobs is tracking the results of your campaigns over time. Managers need to know the proper numbers on ROI, conversions, and other metrics so that they can compare your current stats against your previous ones. Without that comparison, you won’t be able to tell if your PPC campaigns are actually generating results.

In addition, organization means that a PPC manager will keep different campaigns completely separate from one another. They’ll have individual, recognizable names that tell everyone about their purposes. For example, a campaign titled “International Leads” is much more informative than a campaign named “Campaign 2.”

With that level of organization, you can be sure you’ll get the information you need to guide your company’s PPC strategy in the future, plus the ability to compare your business’s current and previous stats.

But there’s one last quality that every PPC manager should have.

5. They’re great communicators

Because PPC is unique to Internet marketing, many marketing professionals who have experience with traditional methods have never used it. That means your PPC manager is one of the few people at your company who can — and should — be able to explain what PPC is, what it does, and how it helps your company.

On top of that, PPC managers should be able to delegate tasks, in the event you want to expand your PPC department. This person has to be able to tell other PPC managers how to adjust strategies to get better results. And, in the event you have several managers overseeing multiple campaigns, they should be able to collaborate and determine the best ways to attack a certain issue.

With this final characteristic, you can be sure you’ve found a capable and promising PPC manager. They’ll work independently and passionately, find the data they need, and communicate it to others at your company, making them an effective and approachable part of your marketing staff.

WebFX is ready to be your PPC account manager

We know that an in-house PPC manager isn’t necessary for all companies, and that many choose to work with agencies on their Internet marketing campaigns. At WebFX, we pride ourselves on having all of the above characteristics and more.

We’re motivated to get results for you because you’re our client. We keep up with the industry because it’s our passion. Furthermore, we use data because it guides smart decisions. We’re organized because it makes us more efficient. And we’re great communicators because we want to keep you in the loop on every step of your PPC campaign.

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