How Press Releases Can Help Your SEO

Trying to get the word out about your company? Looking to create exposure of a recent activity, release, product announcement, or change in your industry? Online press releases from WebFX can get your company national media coverage and first-page search engine visibility, all for the price of one news story.

Read on to learn how our pr2 services can give you both incredible visibility and SEO online marketing benefits in one fell swoop.

National media coverage through well-written and fully optimized press releases

WebFX writes online SEO press releases as news stories that include your company’s information as part of an important current news issue. Our online public relations tactics are never explicitly promotional. We typically write a story from a news angle and include your company as an industry example.

It has been our experience that online press releases announcing a new product, award, or accomplishment rarely gain traction unless written as a news story.

Journalists and readers ignore online public relations material that they deem self-serving. A press release written by WebFX copywriters and distributed through our PR release channels is indistinguishable from a news story written by a journalist.

This approach to public relations is very effective. WebFX press releases are regularly featured on such sites as:

  1. Google News
  2. Reuters
  3. Yahoo! News
  4. BusinessWeek
  6. MarketWatch
  7. Business Journals from cities like Boston, Baltimore, and Austin

Such high-level online public relations exposure has led to contacts from journalists across the country for comments on a future news story.

The search engine benefits of press releases

You may be wondering what SEO and press releases have to do with each other. It’s fairly simple!

In addition to syndication on prestigious news sites, a well-written and focused online press release can appear in the “News Results” section on search engine results pages.

When the search engines deem that search results for a given keyword could be enhanced by relevant news stories, they include a “News Results” section on the first page. A keyword-optimized and news-like press release will show up on popular searches and increase visibility immediately. These are the kinds of press releases we regularly create for our clients.

Online press release campaigns by WebFX

WebFX’s online PR deliverables include:

  1. A 350-400 word press release optimized for a 2 to 3 keywords
  2. Distribution via global Internet syndication
  3. RSS feed and paid inclusion distribution
  4. Submission to national, regional, or local media outlets
  5. Archived copy with permanent link to your site
  6. 30-day press release performance statistics
  7. Website traffic and media coverage report

The online press release distribution process includes:

  1. Keyword research
  2. Industry and news angle research
  3. Press release composition by a professional copywriter
  4. Client press release review
  5. Story distributed to Google News, Yahoo News, and other PR outlets
  6. Press release read by thousands of readers and journalists across the country.
  7. Enhanced exposure that leads to media coverage

Our press releases are more than attempts at link building

Some SEO firms claim they offer PR services or say they have the best online press release services, but only create press releases to build links to your site. We aren’t them.

Search engines are beginning to frown on the usage of press releases as nothing more than “just another link.” It’s not a good experience for users, either, who don’t like to read the news if there’s nothing new to announce. So that’s why our SEO press release service has two goals: one, to increase awareness of your site, and two, to be optimized to help your SEO.

Even with the issues that have arisen recently with the abuse of PR sites and press release sites for link building, these services can still be incredibly valuable for SEO if they’re done the right way. And more importantly, they can still give you an incredible amount of reach, exposure, and coverage by major media sites.

WebFX’s online PR is substantial, interesting, and worth reading. We don’t build thin content around a link to your site: we build great content that just so happens to have a link in it.

Interested in online PR services?

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