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artificial intelligence vs. human intelligence
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Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence in Marketing: The Big Debate

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Artificial intelligence vs. human intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a system that uses machine learning and algorithms to perform tasks typically requiring humans. On the other hand, human intelligence is our ability to understand concepts, solve problems, learn from experiences, and exercise creativity.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been growing and finding new applications in marketing. In fact, 50% of the marketers we surveyed already use AI for their marketing strategies, while another 29% plan to use AI in the future.

You may wonder: Is AI now overtaking human intelligence in marketing? The short answer is no, but that’s not to say that AI isn’t changing how marketers work.

This blog post will go over these topics so marketers can leverage both AI and human intelligence:

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What is AI?

AI is a system that uses machine learning and algorithms to perform cognitive tasks typically requiring humans.

Marketers can use AI in the following:

What is human intelligence?

Human intelligence is our ability to:

  • Understand concepts
  • Solve problems
  • Learn from experiences
  • Exercise creativity

Self-awareness, motivation, and emotions affect how we accomplish cognitive tasks. Unlike AI, human intelligence doesn’t need large amounts of data to learn from. That’s how we learn to avoid touching a hot pan after getting burned once!

What are the differences between AI and human intelligence?

Although AI simulates human intelligence, they still have their differences. The table below summarizes them:

AI vs. Human Intelligence ComparisonsAIHuman Intelligence
NatureImitate human behavior and perform actions that a human would doAdapt to different situations
FunctionRely on massive amounts of data and specific instructions to functionRely on the brain’s ability to think, reason, and memory
LearningLearn from data, continuous training, and feedback loopsLearn from various events and experiences

Let’s go through each one:

Nature: AI vs. human intelligence

AI’s nature is to imitate human behavior and perform actions that a human would do. AI would act on a situation based on the data at its disposal.

Meanwhile, human intelligence’s nature is to adapt to different situations. We use our various cognitive abilities when we approach different situations and environments — we anticipate and imagine consequences in the future. It’s our nature to think, evaluate a situation, and weigh the consequences of our decisions before we reason and act.

For example, developers might train AI to process large amounts of customer data to segment them. Human intelligence can review the different customer segments created by an AI and create buyer personas based on AI-generated data and their past experiences with actual customers.

Function: AI vs. human intelligence

AI-powered systems rely on massive amounts of data and specific instructions to function. On the other hand, human intelligence relies on the brain’s ability to think, reason, and memory.

In marketing, AI becomes handy when analyzing vast amounts of prospect and customer data. For example, if you own multiple bakery shops in different states, AI can quickly tell you which location has the most customers. AI can also identify the best-selling pastry in each area in a few seconds.

Humans can perform the same function but at a slower pace. However, our capability to think and feel, and our memories can provide some answers when asked, “Why do our customers buy our best-selling chocolate chip muffins?”

Perhaps a few customers have given your staff feedback on what they love about your muffins. Or your staff has been living in the vicinity long enough and has tried all the other chocolate chip muffins — and yours stood out among them.

Learning: AI vs. human intelligence

AI learns from data, continuous training, and feedback loops. However, it cannot develop a thinking process like humans.

Meanwhile, humans learn from various events and experiences. We also have intuition and creativity, which help us problem-solve in different scenarios.

Advantages and disadvantages of AI and human intelligence

Now that we’ve discussed the differences between AI and human intelligence, let’s go through the advantages and disadvantages of each:

Advantages of AI over human intelligence

Disadvantages of AI

Advantages of human intelligence over AI

Disadvantages of human intelligence

What’s next for AI and human intelligence in marketing?

AI provides several benefits for businesses in any industry. In fact, the marketers we surveyed use AI for various tasks — from analytics and social media to advertising and predicting customer behavior.

That’s not to say companies don’t need to hire human marketers anymore. AI isn’t inherently creative — it simply does as it’s told and trained.

To effectively write copies that encourage humans to engage with your business, you need a human touch. An AI may identify the top benefits your customers look for in your product by processing their information. However, only a human can craft a message that resonates with fellow humans and convinces them to convert.

That’s why it’s essential to leverage the power of both AI and human intelligence. Data can inform your marketing strategies, while humans can think beyond the numbers and information.

What will be the consequences of your decisions? What emotions must you evoke from your target audience to get their attention? The answer to these questions is human creativity and imagination.

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There’s no doubt that every industry will benefit from the use of AI — marketing is no exception. Today, it’s no longer an artificial intelligence vs. human intelligence battle. Today’s more critical question is: How can you use both to grow your business?

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