5 Reasons You Need a Design Book Collection

While the design and art industries have quickly skewed towards the digital realms in the last couple of decades, that doesn’t mean printed work is down for the count. On the contrary, there’s just something about feeling a page in your hands and seeing a clear un-pixelated image or smelling the printer’s inks that will always be better than having a tablet or computer. No matter what happens with tech in the future, a real-life book will always have a place in the world.

50 Beautiful One-Page Websites for Inspiration

Here are some excellent one-page / single-page websites to check out. There are a variety of website types included in this showcase — online portfolios, restaurants, mobile apps, and more. I hope looking at these one-page sites will give you ideas and inspiration for your web design projects.

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20 Beautiful Examples of Modal Windows

Websites often use modal windows as call-to-action tools and for pointing out important information.

For example, the call-to-action in a modal window might ask the site visitor to subscribe to the site’s newsletter. A study by user experience research firm Nielsen Norman Group revealed that 90% of the study’s participants chose to receive updates from companies via an email newsletter, versus only 10% via Facebook. This might indicate that an email newsletter can be an effective way of developing customer relationships.

Let’s look at a few examples of well-designed modal windows. The following examples are mostly within the fashion industry because that’s the industry I’m currently working in.

Graphic designer at work. Color swatch samples.

25 Things Designers Have Said About Design

The quotes we chose for this collection are from some of the most respected designers and artists to have ever designed. We chose quotes that we feel best represents each designer. We hope their insightful words inspire you to be better designers and artists yourselves.