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Your website matters. It’s the foundation of your online presence — and it’s a critical touchpoint for users searching for a new dentist or specialized dental care. Without a fast, mobile-friendly, and optimized site, your practice will struggle to attract new patients.

That’s why website design for dentists is vital.

With WebFX, your practice can use your website to reach new patients, as well as inform and educate current patients about dental care, service specials, and more. Plus, you can ensure your site meets web design and search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.

Keep reading to learn more about our dental web design services, as well as how our dental website company creates award-winning websites. Or, get an instant web design quote with our free website design calculator!

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Explore dental website marketing services

At WebFX, we offer the following dental website marketing services:

  • Web design: Get a brand-new dental website design or redesign that captures your brand, follows SEO standards, and looks beautiful. Our in-house design, development, and project management team will ensure your site succeeds.
  • 30-day web design: Launch a site fast with our 30-day web design services. Choose your preferred template design, and our design team will customize it to your brand look, colors, and more. Receive 20 pages of content, plus three custom lead generation forms too.
  • Website maintenance: Keep your website live and up-to-date with our website maintenance services, which include monthly, hourly, and after-hours options. This dental website marketing services will also maintain your content management system, like WordPress.
  • SEO: Grow the long-term value of your dental web design with search engine optimization. With SEO, as well as local SEO, your practice’s website can start appearing in the search results of people looking for your care and services.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising: Promote your brand-new website (and support your SEO strategy) with PPC advertising. Advertise on search results on Google and Bing, as well as YouTube, to people looking to schedule a dentist appointment with this targeted, cost-effective ad strategy.
  • Social media marketing and advertising: Use your social media profiles to improve brand awareness and patient loyalty for your practice. Plus, advertise your center to reach users that could someday become patients, like expectant parents that will need a pediatric dentist.

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What do our dentist website design services include?

When it comes to website design for dentists, we provide a turnkey solution. As a full-service agency, we offer a suite of marketing, design, and advertising services (which we incorporate into our web design services) so that your practice can get everything you need in one place from an experienced partner.

Get a preview of what our dentist website design services include now:

  • Custom design
  • Responsive (or mobile-friendly) design
  • CMS
  • Database integration
  • Professional SEO copywriting
  • Optimization for SEO
  • And more!

As a part of our services, you can also access MarketingCloudFX, our client-exclusive marketing platform. In this platform, you can monitor and track the performance of your website. You can also manage and nurture leads, personalize website experiences for patients, and more.

It’s your all-in-one marketing software — and it uses machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Inside our dental website company’s process (and 50+ web design awards)

Learn more about what it’s like to partner with our dental website company in this walkthrough:

  • Meet your WebFX team: We start every website with a meet-and-greet, whether in-person or via phone or video. Meeting your dedicated project manager allows you to share your ideas, reference brand guidelines, and learn more about the design process and launch date.
  • Review custom design prototypes: After learning more about your practice and needs, your WebFX team starts creating dental website design prototypes. Once you review the designs, provide feedback, and approve the final design, we’ll start building it.
  • Get your website built: Next, our development team begins the process of building your website, which is responsive. We also ensure the back end of your site matches SEO guidelines to ensure its performance in search results.
  • Receive professional SEO copy: As we build your website, our experienced copywriting team writes optimized site copy for it. Like your design prototypes, you review this copy and provide feedback. Once approved, we incorporate it into your brand-new site.
  • Approve your website: With your website built and copy created, you now get to see what your site will look like for users across the web. Provide any additional feedback, and our team will make the changes and prepare your site for launch.
  • Launch your dental website: Finally, your dental website can launch. Our team, in coordination with yours, handles your site’s first day on the web. With more than 1000 websites launched, you can celebrate the launch day without worry.

4 must-have features in dentist website design

Curious about what makes a dentist website design successful, besides a mobile-friendly and fast design? Then keep reading because these are four must-have features in any dental website!

1. Functionality

Although it might be tempting to focus on the aesthetic side, your dental website must be designed with functionality in mind. If your gorgeous website is impossible to navigate or make sense of, the users will abandon the site and your efforts will be wasted.

Prominently display basic information

Most visitors to your site are likely looking for the same few pieces of information. Make things easy on them by displaying it on every page, so that no matter where they land on your site, they can easily find what they are looking for.

Include information like your address, phone number and hours, in addition to your individual dentists’ names and credentials. You should also include a link to a contact page, where users can complete a form to have you contact them via email.

Provide answers to frequently asked questions

Although it’s easy to create a basic site and list a phone number with the hope that potential patients will contact you, not everyone wants to (or has the time to) pick up the phone just to have their questions answered. Because of this, you should create detailed pages to answer common patient questions.

This should include services provided, insurances accepted, and pricing. Creating these pages should be relatively easy, as all it requires is typing out the answers you are likely used to speaking on a daily basis, but the more information you provide, the more likely it is that potential patients will feel comfortable coming into your practice.

Reduce clicks

Aim to require as few clicks as possible in order for your potential patient to gain everything he or she needs from your website. Complex navigation systems and confusing sidebars can frustrate users, and even cause them to abandon your site in favor of another, more user-friendly one.

Use responsive design

Offering a highly functional website today means that your website is optimized for mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. These websites are known as responsive, which means they look the same and are equally as functional regardless the device a visitor uses to access them. Considering that a majority of people now use devices other than computers to browse the web, it is important to make sure that your site is accessible even when users are not on their desktops.

Ready to improve your practice's website?

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2. High-quality images

Images and aesthetics are vital to any website. You may not think that as a dentist, you have much to photograph and share, but photos can put people at ease and make them more comfortable when they come in for the first time.

Provide high-quality images of the inside and exterior of your practice, so patients know what to expect. Avoid stock photos of dentists and dental assistants and instead aim for high-resolution photos of the real people who work at your practice.

3. Friendly and professional language

After you choose a design, layout, and color, it’s time to think about the language that will compose your website. The tone should be casual but professional, but both of those terms can be implemented to different degrees.

Consider the following two excerpts:

Excerpt 1

"We are ABC Dentistry.

Our practice is composed of eight board certified dentists who take their work seriously.

We offer a variety of general dentistry procedures such as fillings, crowns, veneers, and implants.

We are known for our meticulous work in a professional setting, and we look forward to hearing from you soon."

Excerpt 2

"Welcome to ABC Dentistry!

When you walk through the doors of our practice, rest assured you’re in good hands. Every one of our eight dentists is board certified and greets every patient with a smile.

We offer basic general dentistry services, like fillings, crowns, veneers, and implants. Whether it’s been six months or six years since your last dental visit, we hope to see you soon!"

The information conveyed is basically the same, but the tone is drastically different. Number one is strictly informational. It’s very professional, but comes off as a little cold. It doesn’t use contractions or exclamation points and emphasizes no frills—just a job well done in a professional setting.

Number two is undoubtedly friendlier from the beginning, as it welcomes visitors to the site with an exclamatory statement. It’s still professional, but a little more casual. It uses contractions and more colloquial language. Think about how you want your practice to come across, and use an appropriate tone across your entire site.

4. Consider adding a blog

Blogging is a great way to inform your patients and keep your site up-to-date and relevant. Business owners in almost every industry realize the power of blogging, and many have had success with it even with topics that are not traditionally blogged about. A blog can be a great component to a successful dental website, especially if you frequently update it with helpful and authoritative posts.

As you can see, there are many ideas to consider as you contemplate your dental website. The best thing you can do is keep your patients in mind as you design. After all, they’re the ones you really need to impress.

To reach more patients online, you can check out our creative dentist marketing ideas and our SEO tips for dentists.

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