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People love their pets, and that means that they want to keep them healthy.

Many owners do this by searching for the best care in their area for their dogs, cats, and other furry friends. As a veterinarian or other pet care professional, you care about animals and provide excellent services to your patients. How can your practice or clinic stand apart, though?

With veterinary marketing.

Veterinarian marketing allows your practice to reach pet owners at the perfect moment. Whether they’re browsing social media, searching Google, or checking email, you can use vet marketing to make yourself present and available when pet owners need you.

Are you ready to get started with marketing your practice online, but don’t know where to start?

Keep reading for nine veterinary marketing ideas that will get you and the rest of your team excited about using social media, paid channels, and search to help more pet owners find your practice. If you need help building and launching a veterinary marketing plan, WebFX can help.

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9 veterinary marketing ideas for growing your practice

Learn how to grow your practice with these nine veterinary marketing ideas:

1. Create a user-friendly website

Your facility’s web presence should begin with an up-to-date and informative website.

Veterinarian website design example

Considering that many people turn to the Internet as one of their first sources of information, you want to make sure that they can easily find out what they need to know about your clinic. Your location, contact information, and pricing should be easy to locate, as well as answers to commonly asked questions.

2. Optimize your site for search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO services are one of the best ways to ensure that people can find your site in search engines. If someone is searching for “veterinary clinics” on Google, you can improve the chances that your business will show up in the results they see by using SEO.

Anyone searching for healthcare, including pet care, is likely going to want to find options nearby.

Pet owners won’t want to drive hours for care if they are seriously concerned about their pet’s health, and local SEO can be a great way to attract customers in your area who want to see a physician as soon as possible. You can do optimize for this veterinary marketing strategy by putting the name of your city in your site’s title tags, registering your business with Google, and claiming your business on sites like Yelp.

3. Get active on social media

In addition to your website, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be a great way to create interest and engage with your customers. And considering that there are 2.3 billion active social media users, there’s a good chance that the people you want to reach are already there.

4. Highlight employees across social media

Posting employee spotlights to your social media accounts gives visitors the opportunity to get acquainted with your staff.

Veterinarian social media post example

You can add short bios of your veterinarians and office staff that include information such as their education, hobbies, areas where they practice, and photos.

Use this veterinary marketing idea to establish trust with potential clients and encourage them to trust you with the care of their pets.

5. Reach pet owners instantly with pay-per-click advertising (PPC)

With pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you can select which keywords and phrases you want to trigger your advertisements.

For example, you can set your ads to display every time someone searches for “vets in Harrisburg.”

Then, if your bids are among the highest, your ads will appear at the top of the search results, above organic listings.

In addition, you’ll only pay when people click your advertisements, so if nobody clicks your ads, you won’t waste money trying to attract customers who never visit your site.

One of the major benefits of this marketing strategy for veterinary clinics and hospitals is that you don’t have to wait for results.

Unlike veterinary SEO campaigns, which can take weeks to start driving traffic to your website, PPC ads can start sending relevant traffic to your website the minute they are clicked to go live. If you’re looking to quickly increase traffic to your website, PPC is a great option.

6. Host social media contests

Another popular veterinary marketing idea on social media is hosting contests. There are many ways to set them up, so take some time to think of something creative and original that will get people interested — besides quality prizes.

One contest that could work well for a veterinarian is a pet photo contest.

As much as pet lovers might enjoy looking at other animal photos, they all secretly think that theirs is the cutest. Host a fun competition where owners submit photos of their pets, and then encourage your other followers to vote. This veterinary hospital marketing idea could be a great way to get people involved and offer an incentive for engaging with your business.

7. Get pet owners engaged with content marketing

Another way to attract potential clients to your site is by creating and posting quality content. As a veterinarian, you are already an expert on pet care. The Internet offers many opportunities for you to use that knowledge to your advantage and attract attention from pet owners online.

Veterinarian blog template example

Demonstrate your expertise by posting tips on animal care, writing a blog about current issues in the veterinary field, or creating how-to videos for common issues like applying flea medication.

This kind of content can draw pet owners from all over the Internet to your site, and show them that you are not only an expert in your field, but also care enough about animals to share what you know.

In addition to purely informative content, you could also post entertaining pet-related material as a part of your veterinary marketing plan.

Although pictures and videos of adorable animals you’ve cared for (with permission, of course), won’t instantly bring in new clients, they can certainly generate traffic for your site. This will make more people aware of your business, which can pay off when those people need to find a veterinary professional.

8. Share pet photos on social media

People love pictures of animals. If you regularly use social media, there’s a good chance you see photos of people’s dogs, cats, and other pets every time you log in. As a veterinarian, use that to your advantage. Take pictures of your four-legged patients (with permission) and share them with your followers. Their owners will likely love seeing their beloved pet get attention online, and other pet owners will enjoy them as well.

Veterinarian Facebook post example

As an added bonus, posts that include images are more likely to be shared, retweeted, and liked. Pet photos not only make your customers smile, but can also spread awareness of your business.

The more active you become on your pages, the greater the chance that you’ll be seen as the go-to clinic when a pet parent needs care for his or her animal.

9. Support pet-related organizations

Although the primary focus of using social media in your veterinary marketing plan probably involves promoting your clinic or facility, don’t be afraid to help other animal-related organizations.

Local shelters, ASPCA sanctioned kennels, and groomers all provide services that do not compete with yours, and benefit animals in your community.

If these organizations are hosting events or running specials, help them out by sharing their posts or creating your own status or tweet.

This will show your followers that you are invested in animal well-being, and not solely focused on getting clients and revenue. It can also generate goodwill between you and other animal care professionals in your community, which could lead to beneficial relationships.

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Grow your practice with veterinarian marketing

Digital marketing strategies for veterinary clinics offer your practice an effective way to reach more pet owners, as well as engage with existing clients. Creating and maintaining a veterinary marketing plan, however, requires time and is, in many cases, a full-time job.

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