Ecommerce Martech Pricing: How Much Does Martech Cost?

More than 40% of companies invest in marketing technology, or martech, to power their digital marketing strategies and maximize results. If you’re considering investing in ecommerce martech software, researching average ecommerce martech pricing and packages is essential.

Ecommerce martech pricing from WebFX

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$875 / month

  • 10,000 first-party data profiles
  • 250,000 non-marketing customer journeys
  • 300 calls tracked
  • 8 lookalike or custom audiences


$1,375 / month

  • 15,000 first-party data profiles
  • 500,000 non-marketing customer journeys
  • 300 calls tracked
  • 15 lookalike or custom audiences


$5,975 / month

  • 100,000 first-party data profiles
  • 1 million non-marketing customer journeys
  • 1000 calls tracked
  • 30 lookalike or custom audiences


Your martech pricing for ecommerce cheat sheet

Use this martech pricing for ecommerce cheat sheet to get a quick overview of ecommerce martech costs, from average pricing to typical cost factors.

Then keep reading to learn more about how much ecommerce martech costs in 2023!

Last Updated April 2022

Average ecommerce martech costs

  • Customer data platform (CDP) costs: $0 – $1000 per month
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) costs: $12 – $300 per month
  • Content management system (CMS) costs: $25 – $2200 per month
  • Marketing analytics costs: $0 – $2000 per month

Ecommerce martech cost factors

Ecommerce martech pricing can vary depending on the following factors:

  • The needs and size of your business
  • The company providing the software and its purpose
  • The digital marketing strategy the platform supports
  • How many tools are in your martech stack

Ecommerce martech pricing deliverables

You can expect your ecommerce marketing technology pricing package to include the following:

  • Consumer behavioral data
  • Audience insights
  • Sources of leads and web traffic
  • Automated processes
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) software
  • Competitor analysis
  • Detailed reports
  • And much more

How much does ecommerce martech cost in 2023?

When you research martech pricing for ecommerce, the first question you want to answer is, “how much does ecommerce martech cost?”

When it comes to ecommerce martech software, there’s no set cost or price because martech pricing varies. The cost depends on the needs and goals of your business and the tools you choose for your business.

We’ll break down the average costs of ecommerce martech software below:

Customer data platform (CDP) software

Cost: $0 – $1000 per month

CDPs are an excellent investment for your ecommerce business. They enable you to store and unify essential real-time customer data. With a CDP, you can learn more about your audience to make data-driven optimizations to your marketing strategies and website to improve your results.

When you invest in a CDP, you can expect to pay anywhere between $0  to $1000 per month, depending on the size of your business..

Customer relationship management (CRM) software

Cost: $12 – $300 per month

CRM software enables you to manage customer relationships and maintain information about your business’s interactions with your current and potential customers. A CRM is a valuable tool that helps you personalize consumer experiences and stay connected with current customers to drive more conversions and sales for your company.

With a CRM, you can expect to pay anywhere between $12 to $300 per month, depending on your business’s size and unique needs.

Content management system (CMS) software

Cost: $25 – $2200 per month

A CMS helps you create, manage, and edit the content on your site and is an essential tool if you have a blog or other types of content, like articles or guides, on your website.

If you’re thinking about investing in a CMS, you can expect to pay between $25 to $2200 per month, depending on your company’s needs. For example, if you own a larger business, you might consider investing in a more expensive CMS platform to manage large volumes of content on your website.

Marketing analytics software

Cost: $0 – $2000 per month

Marketing analytics software helps you track essential data from your website and digital marketing campaigns to optimize your strategies to improve your return on investment (ROI).

While some marketing analytics software is free to use, more advanced software costs up to $2000 per month. Software closer to the $2000 end is typically for larger businesses that  need advanced features.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Select a martech service to view custom marketing technology costs for your campaign.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions

Our AI solutions help you manage your marketing operations, craft targeted campaigns, analyze results, and much more!

Marketing Automation Services

Do you want to automate your marketing operations to streamline your processes and save you time and resources? Our marketing automation services can help!

Marketing Analytics Services

Do you want to monitor and track the success of your digital marketing campaign to earn a higher ROI for your business? Our marketing analytics services can help!

What determines the pricing for ecommerce martech?

So, what determines the cost of ecommerce martech? Several factors can impact ecommerce martech pricing and costs, such as the company that provides the software and its purpose.

The size and needs of your business can also impact how much you can expect for ecommerce martech. You might need more expensive software to manage substantial amounts of data and content if you have a larger company.

There are also a variety of martech platforms which can impact pricing. For example, some ecommerce martech software focuses on helping you manage a single digital marketing strategy while others offer all-in-one solutions for multiple digital marketing strategies.

What does ecommerce martech typically include?

Most ecommerce martech software and plans include various tools, insights, and resources to help you successfully streamline your marketing processes and implement revenue-driving campaigns.

Here are a few features you can expect your ecommerce marketing technology pricing package to include:

  • Consumer behavioral data
  • Audience insights
  • Sources of leads and web traffic
  • Automated processes
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) software
  • Content management
  • Search engine performance tracking
  • Campaign metric tracking
  • Competitor analysis
  • Detailed reports
  • And much more

You can expect your marketing technology software to include valuable tools that enable you to measure the success of your digital marketing strategies. It can also automate your processes to drive more sales and revenue for your business.

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Why choose ecommerce martech from WebFX?

Are you wondering whether ecommerce marketing technology from WebFX is the right fit for your business?

Check out just a few reasons why businesses choose to partner with WebFX for their ecommerce martech needs:

We have over 500 ecommerce marketing experts

When you partner with WebFX, you’ll gain access to an award-winning team of over 500 ecommerce marketing experts.

Our team is always on hand to help you maximize your digital marketing results with our in-house software, MarketingCloudFX. And if you ever run into an issue with our platform, one of our experts will fix it for you straight away.

From optimizing your digital marketing strategies to help you sell more products to addressing any software IT issues, our team has got you covered.

We have a history of driving results

WebFX is a top ecommerce martech agency. When you invest in ecommerce marketing technology, you want to ensure that your software is designed to drive the best results for your business.

Our in-house martech platform, MarketingCloudFX, is backed by more than 25 years of experience of driving incredible results for clients.

Check out some of the results we’ve helped clients achieve in the past few years:

  • Drive over $3 billion in revenue
  • Generate more than 7.8 million leads
  • Process over 12.9 million transactions
  • Receive more than 5.2 million phone calls

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93% of WebFX customers are extremely satisfied with their digital marketing results.

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Ecommerce martech plans from WebFX

At WebFX, we offer a variety of custom ecommerce martech plans so you can choose the best fit for your business.

To get an idea of our ecommerce martech pricing and packages, check out the table below:

Features MarketingCloudFX MarketingCloudFX w/ Call Tracking
Setup of lead capture forms & lead reporting
Ability to view lead source
Website call tracking – Up to 200 calls a month & 2 phone numbers
Ability to listen & download recorded website calls
Web visitor company tracking
Web visitor company tracking history report
Web visitor company tracking daily email reporting
Web access and lead management system user permission tiers
Ability to view contacts at the web visitors company
Ability to setup drip email campaigns (Additional costs for the # of prospect emails sent to) (Additional costs for the # of prospect emails sent to)
Lead scoring
Prospect alerts
SEO dashboards & reporting
Social media dashboards & reporting
Online review management system & alerts
500+ SMEs behind campaign driving results
Monthly investment for WebFX customers spending at least $600 a monthCost waived Cost waived
Monthly investment for MarketingCloudFX software$400 $600
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