How Do I Choose the Right Facebook Event Photo Size?

Facebook is one of the best places to promote events for your business, and your event cover photos are extremely important. You need interesting and engaging photos that catch your audience’s attention and encourage them to learn more.

On this page, we’ll discuss the right size for Facebook cover photos and seven tips to help you create successful Facebook events. If you need help creating your Facebook events, call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist.

How do I create Facebook events?

First and foremost, you need to know how to create Facebook events. To create an event, you need to go to your profile and find the events section. When you go to create a new post on your business’s page, there is an option to create an event as well.

When you create a new event, you’ll need to fill out different pieces of information. First, you need to give your event a name. You’ll also need to set the event’s location.

Once you have those two requirements set, you’ll need to set the date and time for your event. You’ll also need to add a description of your event. This includes any important information about your event, such as the cost, activities, and other information your audience wants to know.

Most critical of all, you’ll need to add your Facebook event cover photo. This is what people will see when they discover your event.

What’s the best size for my Facebook event cover photo?

When you set your Facebook event cover photo, you need to choose the right size photo. Your cover photo is the first visual element of your even that your audience sees.

So, what’s the right size for a cover photo?

The standard proper measurement is a 1920 x 1005px. This is the proper cover photo size to ensure your photo looks good on all devices.

Your Facebook event cover photo will scale down to a minimum of 470 x 174px. A 1920 x 1005px ensures that your photo still looks good when it shrinks down to this minimum size.

The photo size is important because it affects how your audience perceives your event.

If your photo is too small, it won’t look good for your event. Facebook will stretch your photo and make it look pixelated. It will set a bad first impression for your audience.

The right size Facebook event cover photo will make you’re your event page look crisp and professional. It will set a good first impression with your audience and entice them to check out your event more.

In addition, you can also add videos as your cover photos. This takes your cover photo to the next level and creates an engaging feature. Your video should be anywhere between 30 seconds and the maximum of 5 minutes.

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7 tips for creating successful Facebook events

When you create your Facebook event, there are numerous steps you need to take to ensure your events are successful.

1. Use eye-catching Facebook event cover photos

As stated previously, your Facebook event cover photos are a crucial part of your event. Not only do they need to be the right size, but they also need to garner interest. If you want to see success with your Facebook event, you need to create an interesting cover photo.

First, your cover photo needs to be relevant to your event. Your audience should look at your photo and understand your event. It is important that your Facebook cover photo supports your event.

To help your cover photos stand out, you should make your own photos. This will help you add a unique touch to your event and personalize it. It will also make it easier for you to create Facebook event cover photos that are the right size.

Eye-catching Facebook cover photos will garner your audience’s interest and get them to check out your event.

2. Use creative event names

After your Facebook event cover photos, your audience will look at the titles of your events. This is another significant part of your event.

You don’t want to create a generic title for your event, like “Happy Hour” or “Ice Cream Social.” You need an engaging title that is creative and witty.

Let’s say you’re an animal shelter holding a fundraiser at a bar to help your shelter earn funds for pet supplies. Instead of creating a generic title like “Dog Supply Fundraiser,” you should opt to create a more interesting title like “Barks and Brews.” People will take more interest in a creative title because the event will sound more interesting to them.

Your creative titles and Facebook event cover photos go hand in hand. With this example, you could use “Barks and Brews” as the title and use a cover photo of cartoon dogs holding beers. It helps build consistency and informs guests about your events.

3. Create thorough descriptions

When you create your events, be thorough with the event descriptions. You need to give your audience complete details about your events. This will get them more interested in your events and help them feel more informed.

So, what information should you include?

Think about questions your audience would ask about your event. Here are a few sample questions:

  • How much does it cost?
  • What activities are available?
  • Is the event rain or shine?

These are just a few questions your audience may ask about your events. You can prevent people from having to ask these questions by including this information in your description.

4. Use keywords for tags

You want people to find your events. The best way to do this is by including keywords that will help your audience discover your event. When you create events, use important keywords in your tags to help people find them.

Think about keywords your audience may use to find your event. Don’t limit your keyword selections, either.

If you were hosting a music event, you wouldn’t just want to use “music” as a tag. Include keywords related to the genre, too. This will help you reach more valuable leads for your business.

When you choose keywords, Facebook offers suggestions for your events. This will help you get better keywords for your event pages.

5. Share your events early

If you want to see success with your events, you need to post them early. Not many people have the flexibility to attend an event if you post it days beforehand. By posting your events early, you allow your audience to plan in advance.

It also gives you more time to promote your events. You’ll have time to promote your events and create posts to get your audience excited leading up to your event. It’s an opportunity to post updates and changes as they arise to keep your audience informed.

By posting your events early, you’ll see better attendance. It will allow you to reach more interested people and get them excited to come to your events.

6. Allow people to post on your wall

Some businesses make the mistake of blocking comments on their events. They worry about people posting inappropriate comments or spam. Despite these fears, it is important that you allow people to post on your event wall.

The ability to post on the event wall gets your audience more active on the page. They can post comments or questions about the event and get others to interact on their post. It sparks conversation and builds hype up for your events.

When your audience can comment on your posts, they will become more active with your events. This will entice them to attend your event.

7. Use Facebook Ads to promote your events

You don’t want to rely on your employees and loyal customers to promote your events. While they may be able to reach a decent amount of people and get them interested in your events, they won’t reach everyone. Facebook ads help you reach other people who are interested in your event.

Facebook offers numerous types of ads to advertise your events. From photo ads to video ads, you can create ads that will help you reach more people interested in your business. It will help you garner more leads that want to attend your events.

These Facebook ads help you in two ways. First, you’ll reach leads that are interested in your events and encourage them to attend. Second, you’ll reach interested leads that will follow your business’s page, which leads to more conversions down the line for your business.

When you create Facebook ads, it’s important that you have good Facebook event cover photos. This is what you’ll use for your ad, so they need to be high-quality photos. It will help build consistency with your campaign.

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