How to Use YouTube for Marketing: Promoting a Video

Keep reading to learn how to promote your YouTube videos across the web!


Table of Contents:
How to Use YouTube for Marketing


  1. Statistics on YouTube
  2. Creating a Channel
  3. Producing a Video
  4. Adding Extra Content to a Video
  5. Embedding a Video
  6. Promoting a Video
  7. Getting Subscribers
  8. YouTube Paid Promotion
  9. YouTube Best Practices

Promoting a video

Thanks to hyper-connected forms of media, promoting your new YouTube video is a cinch.

Promotion style #1: Embedding

“Embedding” means that you’ve hard-coded your YouTube video into your website. This functions as promotion because you can show a video on any (or all) of the relevant pages of your site.

So if you’re an ecommerce store that sells SD to HD signal converter boxes for televisions, you could create a video that shows how to hook your box up to your television.

Then, you can take that video and embed it on the product’s page so anyone who wants to buy the item can see how it works.

Embedding that video gives your potential customers a lot more information than they would’ve gotten from anything else on your page. True, you might have the instructions to hook up the box right on your page — but seeing it happen is a completely different story.

With a relevant video embedded on a page, you make sure that people know about your video while also providing value to them.

Promotion style #2: Social media

Social media is a terrific catch-all for any kind of video. It’s a great way to share videos you’ve made about products, contests, your workplace, testimonials, and way more.

Basically, the sky’s the limit with the videos you can share on social media. That’s great too, since video is incredibly engaging for your social media followers!

Still, some videos do better on social media than others.

Product videos are great because they can show your audience how to use something you sell. It may not go viral or earn any new followers for your accounts, but it could be the little extra push that gets you a new customer.

Behind the scenes videos are great for showing your audience that you have nothing to hide. Since these are less formal and more fun than other kinds of videos, you can use these to build relationships with your existing audience or even attract new followers.

But contest videos really shine on social media. You’d make and use these videos whenever you held a competition that required user participation, preferably through social media, that gave away something free to a lucky winner.

Contests get lots of attention on social media since people can share your video and instructions with the push of a button. Plus, they offer something to the people watching, which is naturally more engaging.

The end result is a widespread video that has the potential to go viral and earn tons of new followers for your social accounts. Videos do exceptionally well on networks like Facebook and Twitter where people can easily interact with the video you promote.

Promotion style #3: Email

Our third promotion style is also the simplest — email.

But using email promotion doesn’t mean you send someone an email every time you post a new video. Instead, it means you include videos on your regular email blasts to your existing listserv subscribers.

This is another great opportunity to get the word out about any video you create.

Product videos are great for listservs of existing customers. Behind the scenes clips work well for giving your company a more human element. And contest videos have a universal appeal that can get a lot of attention from your recipients.

With these three simple strategies, you can quickly spread the word about your videos and ensure they get viewers.

But what if you want your YouTube channel to stand on its own?


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