What Is a 508 Status Code?

The server terminated an operation because it encountered an infinite loop while processing a request with “Depth: infinity”. This status indicates that the entire operation failed.


Symfony HTTP Status Constant Response::HTTP_LOOP_DETECTED

.NET HttpStatusCode.LoopDetected

Rust http::StatusCode::LOOP_DETECTED

Rails :loop_detected

Go http.StatusLoopDetected

Python3.5+ http.HTTPStatus.LOOP_DETECTED

Apache HttpComponents Core org.apache.hc.core5.http.HttpStatus.SC_LOOP_DETECTED

Angular @angular/common/http/HttpStatusCode.LoopDetected

What causes a 508 status code?

A 508 Loop Detected status code occurs when the server detects an infinite loop while processing a request.

This can happen due to various reasons, including:

  • Creation of a cycle of redirections or requests that repeatedly loop back to the same URL or set of URLs
  • Misconfigured caching systems that create infinite loops
  • Proxy servers that are stuck in a redirect loop

The specific cause of a 508 error may depend on the specific configuration and behavior of the server and the application being used.

How to fix a 508 status code

If you receive a 508 Loop Detected status code, there are a few potential troubleshooting steps you can take:

  • Check the redirection or request loop: The first step is to identify the root cause of the infinite loop. You may need to use a web development tool or inspect the server logs to identify the specific URLs or requests that are causing the loop. Once identified, you can modify the redirect or request behavior to break the loop.
  • Adjust caching settings: If the 508 error is caused by a misconfigured caching system, you may need to adjust the caching settings to avoid creating infinite loops. This could involve adjusting the cache duration or clearing the cache entirely.
  • Check proxy server configuration: If the 508 error is caused by a proxy server, you may need to review the proxy server configuration to identify and fix the issue. This could involve disabling the proxy server, adjusting the proxy settings, or upgrading the proxy software.
  • Contact the server administrator: If you are unable to determine the cause of the 508 error or if you believe it is a server-side issue, contact the server administrator for assistance. They may be able to help diagnose and resolve the issue, such as identifying and fixing issues with the server or application code.

In general, resolving a 508 error requires identifying and fixing the root cause of the infinite loop. Once the issue has been resolved, you should be able to retry the request and complete the operation successfully.

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