The Best SEO Company: Why WebFX Tops the List in 2019

With thousands of agencies and hundreds of lists for the best SEO companies, it's tough to find the right agency for your business. WebFX, however, is one of the best SEO agencies in the world, with a client recommendation score that’s almost 500 percent higher than the industry average. Learn why WebFX is a trusted partner for companies worldwide, plus how to find the best SEO company for your business!

Who is the best SEO company of 2019?

In today’s digital world, more companies are directing their business strategies and marketing budgets towards the Internet. That’s one reason why the search engine optimization (SEO) industry is worth more than $65 billion, according to Borrell Associates, a market research firm

With the industry booming, it’s no surprise that there’s a ton of agencies offering SEO services.

Which is the number one SEO company, though?

With more than 20 years of experience, 400-plus client testimonials, and industry recognition from businesses like Clutch, The Manifest, and UpCity, WebFX is one of the best SEO companies for small-to-midsized businesses in 2019.

Learn more about why WebFX is the world’s best SEO company, plus how to find a top SEO agency for your business. If you feel WebFX is an excellent fit for your business, go ahead and contact us online or call us at 888-601-5359 to start collaborating with our award-winning team!

Last Updated February 1, 2019

Video: What Is SEO, and What Do SEO Companies Do?

Dan Shaffer, an Internet marketing specialist at WebFX, discusses the basics of SEO, from what it is to how it works. If you’re new to search engine optimization, watch this video. It’s an excellent introduction to what an SEO company does — and what the best SEO company should do for you.

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FAQs about SEO companies

Like most professionals researching SEO and SEO agencies, you probably have questions that go beyond, “Who is the best SEO company?” From services to prices, this FAQ on SEO companies answers all your questions. Plus, it provides a helpful background on our process for finding the best SEO agency of 2019.

Browse the FAQ below, or skip ahead to learn about this year’s top SEO company!

1. What does an SEO company do?

When you partner with an SEO company, they help your business increase your organic rankings in relevant search results. By improving your organic ranking in search results that matter to your company and your target audience, your SEO agency drives more valuable, high-quality traffic to your website.

The quantity and quality of this traffic makes it possible for your business to increase its offline and online conversion rates. With a smart SEO strategy (and the best SEO company), your organization can drive conversions, which can range from online purchases to store visits to quote requests.

In short, an SEO agency helps your business grow and expand its operations, revenue, team, and more.

2. What is the difference between an SEO agency and an SEO consultant?

While SEO agencies and SEO consultants both focus on SEO, they operate differently.

For many businesses, an SEO company offers a long-term, ongoing partnership. They develop a comprehensive SEO strategy for your organization, looking at how they can grow and achieve your company’s goals this year and next.

In comparison, an SEO consultant tends to provide a short-term, temporary experience. They help your business troubleshoot issues, like an underperforming strategy, or offer expertise on a niche aspect of SEO, like voice search optimization.

A comparison between SEO companies and SEO consultants

You can also see the difference between SEO consultants and SEO agencies when looking at SEO pricing.

When you partner with an SEO agency, you often pay a monthly service fee. If you work with an SEO consultant, however, they usually operate on an hourly rate. Many also require that your business sign-on for a specific number of hours.

Even though SEO companies and SEO consultants both offer value, an SEO agency tends to provide more.

That’s because SEO is an ongoing strategy. If you want to continue benefiting from SEO, as well as growing its positive impact on your business, then you need to make it a consistent part of your business strategy. Plus, the best SEO agency offers your company access to some of the most talented strategists in the industry.

3. How do SEO companies help businesses?

A trusted and reliable SEO company can help your business in several ways, including:

The best SEO company helps your business grow, earn more revenue, and compete with competitors
  • Growing your business

SEO can become overwhelmed with technical terminology, but the goal is simple: help your company grow via search. When your SEO partner creates a competitive and smart SEO strategy, they can make a real, tangible impact on your business.

Whether your ecommerce store starts packaging more orders or your manufacturing company begins receiving more quote requests, SEO can drive real revenue for your business, even if you operate offline. That’s why the best SEO companies measure their worth and value by the results of their clients’ campaigns.

  • Maximizing your time

No matter your industry, you have a limited amount of time. Your team can only accomplish so much in a day, which is why learning SEO, developing an SEO strategy, and launching and measuring your campaign can demand time that your team doesn’t have available.

With the best SEO company, however, you and your department can make the most of your time. Instead of focusing on something outside your expertise, you can dedicate your efforts to projects that need your experience and skillset. It’s an instance where everyone benefits.

  • Competing with your competitors

When competitors use SEO, and your company doesn’t, you lose money. It’s their business, not yours, that appear at the top of relevant search results, allowing them to not only reach valuable users but also convert those users into clients.

Partnering with the top SEO agency, however, changes that. With their expertise, talent, and resources, they can assess the strategies of your competitors, find weaknesses, and develop a competitive approach to SEO that allows your business to take the top spot (and potential clients) from your competitors.

  • Saving your company money

While companies can hire in-house SEO strategists, it’s a time- and resource-intensive process. It’s also expensive due to hiring and employment costs, which can stop your business from onboarding necessary staff, like a foreman for a manufacturing company or a developer for a software provider.

With an SEO agency, your business makes the most of your digital marketing budget. In fact, the average cost of SEO is $350 to $2000 per month, which is substantially less than the cost of hiring an in-house SEO strategist. This makes SEO companies a cost-effective choice for many businesses.

For organizations today, an SEO agency offers dozens of benefits and a positive long-term impact.

4. Why hire an SEO agency?

Companies hire and partner with SEO agencies for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Accessing the expertise and resources of an SEO company
  • Improving the performance of an SEO strategy
  • Increasing company revenue
  • Gaining a competitive edge in a tough industry
  • Maximizing the time and productivity of in-house staff
  • And more

No matter your reason for partnering with an SEO agency, choosing the best SEO company can make an immense difference on your business. It can help you achieve goals that seemed impossible, like having the means to expand your company into a new area, for example.

5. What kind of services do SEO companies offer?

Like every business, every SEO company is unique and can offer a variety of SEO services, including:

  • SEO Audit: An SEO audit provides a baseline or benchmark for your business and SEO agency. It demonstrates the current performance, as well as potential of your strategy. That’s why the best SEO agencies offer SEO audits and include them with their SEO services.
  • Standard SEO: For many organizations, a traditional or standard SEO strategy delivers the results you want. With standard SEO services, your business receives a competitive plan that moves to achieve your specific goals, like driving sales, calls, or sign-ups.
  • Ecommerce SEO: If you’re an ecommerce store, then you want an SEO agency that offers ecommerce SEO services. These services focus specifically on ecommerce strategies, as well as features unique to ecommerce stores.
  • Local SEO: For brick-and-mortar businesses, like restaurants, gyms, and flower shops, local SEO services are the preferred choice. With local SEO, your agency focuses on strategies specific to local businesses, like an optimized Google My Business profile.
  • International SEO: Companies that operate across the globe often benefit from international SEO. This type of SEO focuses on optimizing your website according to international SEO standards. It also works to create a strategy that considers your different international audiences and their search habits.
  • Voice SEO: As more users start to search by voice, it’s becoming more critical for companies to adopt a voice SEO strategy. With voice SEO services, your business can optimize your website for voice assistants, helping your company connect with users on-the-go.

If you’re not sure which SEO service offers your business the most value, an SEO agency can help. They can discuss your business and goals with you, and then provide insight into which SEO service offers the most value. In most cases, a full-service agency can help the most as they feature multiple SEO services to meet your needs.

6. What should businesses look for in an SEO agency?

For an excellent client experience, as well as great results from your strategy, choose an agency that offers:

  • Transparent prices
  • Regular reporting
  • Customizable strategies
  • Expansive portfolio
  • Extensive industry experience
  • Excellent reviews and testimonials
  • Proven results
  • Marketing tech
The best SEO company offers custom strategies, transparent prices, and more

It’s also helpful to ask SEO companies you’re researching the following questions:

  • What experience do you have in my industry?
  • What challenges and opportunities are in my industry right now, from an SEO perspective?
  • What happens if the strategy doesn’t work?
  • What kind of strategies do you use for SEO?
  • Do we work with a dedicated account manager or move between managers?
  • What kind of goals seem feasible for our company?
  • Do your SEO services include an SEO audit?

Ask your company decision makers what questions they have about SEO too. That way, you can ask your questions (and theirs) in a single meeting, making it easier for your company to move forward with an SEO agency. Plus, you can ensure everyone is onboard with SEO.

7. How much do SEO services cost?

Every SEO agency varies when it comes to pricing. Like many industries, however, SEO pricing often indicates service quality. While many SEO companies promote “low” or “cheap” prices, they often underdeliver when it comes to developing a strategy for your business.

For quality SEO services, your company can expect to pay $350 to $2000 per month

For quality SEO services, your company can expect to pay $350 to $2000 per month.

While the best SEO companies may charge more than competitors, they’re often worth the investment. Your business receives a better strategy and results, as well as a better experience for your team. Plus, you eliminate the hassle, frustration, and stress that often happens when working with a “cheap” SEO agency.

8. How much does it cost to work with the best SEO company?

This year’s best SEO company offers a reasonable rate for businesses looking to make an investment in SEO. The organization’s SEO prices range from $800 to $6,650 per month. Keep in mind, this price range includes several of the company’s services, including standard SEO, ecommerce SEO, and enterprise SEO.

Like many other SEO agencies, the best SEO company of 2019 also offers custom prices.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Select an SEO service to view custom SEO costs for your campaign

National SEO

Trying to rank a service or product keyword at the top of your favorite search engine? National SEO is the strategy to get there!

SEO Services

Local SEO

Beating out your local competitors can make a huge difference for your business. Make sure your local business shows up with Local SEO.

Local SEO Services

ECommerce SEO

Selling products online? Want to keep inventory moving? Ecommerce SEO is the longterm strategy that keeps your warehouse busy!

Ecommerce SEO Services

7 standards for the world’s best SEO company

At WebFX, we became one of the world’s best SEO companies by meeting (and exceeding) the expectations of not only our clients but also the standards of trusted business firms, like Clutch, that grade the quality and service of SEO agencies.

To become the best SEO agency of 2019, we delivered on these seven industry standards:


An SEO agency that leads will have at least 10 or more years of experience. They’ll understand the nuances of the industry. Plus, they’ll have an established cash-flow that ensures you receive your promised deliverables.

WebFX: We have more than 20 years of experience, plus 200+ digital marketing specialists.


The number one SEO company will have a proven record of driving measurable results. They’ll have collaborated with business from across industries and with various goals. Plus, they’ll provide case studies of these interactions.

WebFX generated more than $1.5 billion in revenue for clients in the past five years

WebFX: In the past five years, we’ve generated more than $1.5 billion in revenue for our clients. We also feature a growing portfolio of select client case studies from across industries, including ecommerce, manufacturing, and medical.


A successful SEO business will feature dozens of authentic reviews or testimonials from past or current clients. These pieces of client feedback can demonstrate the company’s growth in service quality, as well as their approach to constructive criticism.

WebFX: We feature more than 400 client testimonials, plus over 100 four-star reviews on Clutch.


An industry-leading SEO agency will maintain a team of experienced SEO professionals. It’ll also feature a low employee turnover rate, which ensures clients receive a seamless experience. The best SEO agency also provides every client with a dedicated account manager or consistent point-of-contact.

WebFX: We match our clients with a dedicated account manager, plus feature a team of more than 200 digital marketing specialists. Even better, we’ve been voted the #1 Best Place to Work for four years in a row, keeping our employee turnover rates nonexistent.


An agency that earns the title, “Number One SEO Company,” will feature a high client retention rate. That rate will emphasize the quality of their service and team members, indicating that they meet client goals and expectations.

WebFX: We maintain a consistent client retention rate of 91 percent.


A trusted SEO company will publish their prices online, providing potential clients with a transparent view of their SEO prices. They’ll also avoid the unethical practice of including unnecessary additional fees in their services.

WebFX: We publish the prices of our SEO services, as well as other digital marketing services, online.


The best SEO company will value transparency. Whether they’re providing a customized quote to a potential client or reviewing a recent report with a client, they’ll remain transparent. Even if a strategy underperforms, they remain honest.

WebFX: We maintain transparency throughout our client relationships. With monthly reports and check-ins, as well as our marketing software, MarketingCloudFX, our clients can see the complete picture of their strategy and its results.

Get an in-depth look at these features in our walkthrough for how to find the best SEO company!

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Why WebFX is the number one SEO company in 2019

A full-service digital marketing agency, WebFX brings more than 20 years of experience to search engine optimization. Plus, they feature an award-winning team and more than 800 satisfied clients. Even better, they provide real and measurable results in addition to transparent pricing.

That’s why we’re the number one SEO company in 2019.

Another reason why WebFX is the best SEO company? Our R.O.C.K.E.T. approach to SEO.


A look at our SEO process that has driven over 4.6 million leads for WebFX clients

Our R.O.C.K.E.T. SEO Process
R is for research

One of the things that makes us the best is the fact that we understand that every company is different. Different companies call for different needs which means we'll get to know everything about your company, your competition, your goals, and your industry as a whole. This information will help us create the best possible SEO campaign for your company.

  • In-depth Competitor Analysis
  • Site & Server Analysis
  • Analyze 200+ On-Site SEO Factors
O is for optimize

In order for Google to understand your company as a website, optimization has to take place. At WebFX, we'll take time to make the big changes and the small detailed adjustments to ensure that Google knows you.

  • Attention-grabbing titles & meta descriptions
  • Improve usability
  • Update Site Architecture
C is for content

The best SEO companies create the best content - because the best content ranks the highest in search engines. To ensure that your website gets the traffic it deserves, we'll help you to create killer content that will get you noticed by your target audience.

  • Website Copy That Converts
  • Longform Copy That Educates
  • Informative Blog Posts That Intrigue
K is for keywords

A website is nothing without effective keyword research. We'll help you come up with a list of keywords that will turn your site visitors into paying customers - and after we have that list, we'll employ the keywords in your content, paid ads, and more.

  • Competitor Keyword Analysis
  • Keyword Mapping Report
  • Advanced Rank Tracking
E is for earned media and links

An impressive backlink profile gives your website more authority and helps you appear as a leader in your industry. We'll help you earn the links that get you noticed.

  • Content Promotion
  • Relevant Mentions From Blogs/Press
  • Viral Marketing Campaigns
T is for testing

Only the best SEO companies will stand with you throughout the entire SEO process. After we help you to earn the links, create the content, and optimize your website, we'll also help you test your site to ensure that its getting the job done.

  • Conversion Path Analysis
  • Calls-to-action Improvements
  • Continual Improvements Via ROI Tracking

Learn more about WebFX, plus how to find the best SEO company for your business, below.

Video: An Inside Look at the Best SEO Company

As the number one SEO agency in the world, WebFX delivers. That's why this leading SEO company maintains a client retention rate of more than 90 percent, plus a client recommendation score that's almost 500 percent higher than the industry average.

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How to find the best SEO company for your business

If you search, “best seo companies,” or, “who is the best seo company,” you get a lot of results back — and we mean a lot, with more than 200 million for, “who is the best seo company,” alone. While you’ll come across dozens of lists, they often skip on saying why that agency is number one, two, or three.

That’s why it’s helpful find the number one SEO company by looking at the following features:

A graphic on the different features of the best SEO company


A critical factor in researching SEO agencies is their experience. While a young start-up can deliver results, it often comes with risks that can impact your company’s investment. That may mean your business invests hundreds to thousands of dollars but receives zero deliverables or returns.

It’s unfortunate, but younger companies come with several risks, including:

  • Funding: Unless a start-up’s received funding from an outside investor, they’re often operating on a limited budget. Without enough clients, they can find themselves closing, which can leave your company without a return on your investment.
  • Outside investors: Another risk is that the start-up does rely on investors. The challenge here is that these investors often dictate the business’ model, as well as strategy. That can lead to big, sudden changes, which can make you feel like you’re working with a company you don’t know.
  • Expertise: While the founding team of a start-up may bring years of SEO experience to the business, they’re often not the ones managing your account. Or, if they are, they’re juggling several others, which can lead to burnout and a low-performing SEO strategy.
  • Staff: Another reason why start-ups aren’t the best SEO companies? They feature a rotating team of inexperienced marketers. That high turnover rate can result in your business switching between account managers that don’t understand your company, industry, or goals.

That’s why, when researching the best SEO company, it’s best to exclude start-ups. Instead, focus on companies with 10 or more years of experience. By taking this approach, you can compare established businesses with a track record of adapting to search engine algorithm changes.


When it comes to SEO, results matter. They also depend on your goals, which may range from improving conversions to increasing sales. Due to the vital role of measurable results, as well as the various goals clients can have, the best SEO company in the world needs to demonstrate those results.

That’s why you want to look at agencies that provide an inside peek at their work. You want to see case studies from real clients, as well as the why and how behind that agency’s approach. That transparency matters when it comes to the best SEO companies because it shows they drive real results.

A statement on why the best SEO companies have extensive and diverse case studies

With that established, start looking at agencies that have published several case studies on their website. Try to find an agency with a diverse portfolio, which demonstrates that the agency can meet a variety of goals for clients from a wide range of industries.

Coupled with their decade of experience — or more — the results from client case studies can narrow your list of the best SEO companies for your business even more.


While an agency’s portfolio can reveal their biggest accomplishments, their public reviews will highlight their biggest missteps. Meanwhile, their on-site testimonials will emphasize the best qualities of the company.

To find the best SEO company in the world, focus on these client feedback factors:

  • Content: The content of a review or testimonial is invaluable. It reveals an agency’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the severity of those pain points. It can also highlight red-flags for your business, such as prices riddled with hidden fees.
  • Age: The age of the review or testimonial was also helpful because it could indicate whether the agency evolved and resolved past issues. It also demonstrates if the company’s remained consistent with their promoted values, such as providing transparent pricing.
  • Response: The response of a company to a negative review says a lot about them. It can reveal how they respond to failure, as well as difficult clients. If they ignore reviews on their social media channels, it can also indicate a lack of follow-through.

Another indicator of a leading SEO company is the number of reviews and testimonials. With more than 10 years of history, you should expect an agency to have dozens of testimonials and reviews. If an agency doesn’t, it can lessen the social proof that they are the best SEO agency.


A critical influence on a company being the best in the business is their team. If they’re an agency with high employee turnover, it often impacts the quality of their services. That can lead to the agency shuffling your account from one staff member to another, which inconveniences your team.

It also jeopardizes the success of your SEO strategy, which impacts your company’s bottom line.

That’s why the best SEO company in the world needs to demonstrate low employee turnover. They also needed to maintain a team of experienced professionals, indicating that clients receive SEO services from an experienced marketer.

A statement on why the best SEO companies have a dedicated and experienced team of professionals

In some cases, it’s hard to determine a company’s turnover rate. Businesses with a low employee turnover rate are happy to share it, but those with an average or low rate won’t advertise it to the public.

With more than 550 million users on LinkedIn, however, you can estimate a company’s turnover rate. If you see many employees leaving within one to two years, for instance, it indicates that something’s promoting them to leave.

A variety of reasons can cause a person to leave a workplace, but the result is the same — it diminishes the quality of your service and your experience as a customer. Instead of working with a consistent and dedicated account manager, you’re working with a new person every few months.

If an agency is one of the best SEO companies, they’d deliver a consistent and optimal client experience.


Like employee turnover, an agency’s client retention rate can also reveal their quality. SEO is also a long-term strategy — it doesn’t deliver results overnight like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. That’s why client retention rate is an essential metric when determining the best SEO company in the world.

While it’s normal for every agency to lose some clients, it’s a red flag when an agency loses a significant number of clients on a routine basis. For some SEO companies, this is normal as their business model focuses more on replacing customers than retaining them.

What causes businesses to leave their SEO agency? A variety of reasons, including:

  • Service: An agency’s team may provide poor service, such as by missing calls and ignoring emails. In some cases, they may offer clients little-to-no explanation when questioned about the company’s SEO strategy.
  • Results: Another reason a business will terminate their service comes from results. If an agency’s unable to meet their promise of reaching a client’s goal without explanation, it’s understandable that the client would want to find another SEO company.

In other cases, companies will cancel their contract due to internal issues. A budget cut, for example, may not make it feasible for the company to outsource its SEO services. A change in company structure, such as due to a buyout, can also lead to cancellations.

Even so, for a company to earn the title, “Best SEO Company,” they need to maintain a high client retention rate. It’s a direct reflection on the quality of their service, as well as their team. It also emphasizes the overall satisfaction of clients.


A factor that many rating websites don’t weigh when building a list of the best SEO companies is pricing. It’s worth investigating, however, as many agencies will lure businesses with the promise of low prices. In other instances, agencies will price gouge companies for their services.

When it comes to delivering a competitive strategy, however, both types of agencies falter.

A statement on why the best SEO companies have fair pricing for their services

That’s why price should earns consideration when choosing the number one SEO company. The question is, how much does SEO cost? While prices will vary, the average cost is between $350 to $2,000 a month.

For your company’s research, look at what the agency charges for their services, as well as their location. Depending on a company’s location, it may make sense for them to have higher prices. An SEO agency in California, for example, will often charge more than an agency in Pennsylvania due to the cost of living.

The idea is that the best SEO agency provides fair prices for their services.


A lot of agencies fail to become the number one SEO company because they make transparency a low priority. Instead of providing potential clients with transparent prices and quotes, they deliver inflated quote or prices with a range of hidden fees.

While it’s unusual for SEO agencies to publish their prices online, it’s not an abandoned practice. The best SEO companies will share their prices with users, as well as provide flat-rate quotes that are transparent.

They’ll also continue a policy of transparency after signing a client.

It’s vital, for example, that the best SEO company provides its clients with complete access to the results and status of their SEO campaign. Another critical aspect of transparency is that the agency shares these results with complete honesty — they shouldn’t hide campaign missteps or failures.

In short, the agency that tops the list of SEO agencies is one you can trust.

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Whether you’re looking to increase your sales, boost your revenue, or maximize your competitive edge, WebFX can help. With our custom, data-driven strategies, we can help your company achieve its biggest goals, from expanding into a new area to giving back to the community to hiring additional team members.

Get the advantages of the best SEO company

If you’re looking for the best SEO company for your business, WebFX can help. When you partner with our award-winning digital marketing agency, you get access to a host of benefits and competitive advantages, including:


With more than 20 years of history, WebFX is one of the most trusted SEO companies. Our longevity demonstrates our ability to adapt to industry changes, as well as updates to search engine algorithms. Plus, WebFX is a Premier Google Partner, which exemplifies its industry-leading expertise.

That experience and dedication is why WebFX features a client retention rate of almost 100 percent — its Net Promoter Score (NPS) almost tops 100 too. For reference, a company’s NPS, which ranges from -100 to 100, represents the likelihood of clients to recommend a company’s service.

That translates to a client recommendation score that’s 488 percent higher than the industry average.


Browse the WebFX portfolio, aand you’ll see that we measure our success by the achievements of our clients. Whether it’s increasing a home building company’s organic search engine traffic by 298 percent or improving a law firm’s conversion rate by 400 percent, we look at the numbers.

If you’re looking for the best SEO agency, that’s what you want. That’s why we highlight the more than $1.5 billion in revenue we’ve driven for clients in the past five years, as well as the more than 4.6 million leads and more than 1.8 million phone calls.

For your business, that means more calls from potential clients, more purchases via your website, and more positive chatter about your company online. In short, you see the results of your Internet marketing efforts in your day-to-day operations and your bottom line.


As the number one SEO company, we prioritize transparency. While some SEO agencies refuse to publish their prices online, as well as break down the costs behind their quotes, WebFX is the opposite.

WebFX shares its prices online for all its services — from SEO to PPC. That provides your company with the means to compare agencies and choose the best SEO company for your business. Plus, it saves you the hassle of calling, which is invaluable when you’re researching the best SEO companies.

The transparency of WebFX goes beyond pricing, though. Via MarketingCloudFX, which is WebFX’s proprietary and industry-leading software for return on investment (ROI) tracking, your business can see the direct impact of your investment. Even better, you can access MarketingCloudFX every day, all day.

Advanced marketing technology

Partner with WebFX, and your company receives exclusive access to MarketingCloudFX. This proprietary software, developed by WebFX, features IBM Watson. As one of the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning software applications, IBM Watson provides WebFX with unparalleled insights.

MarketingCloudFX allows WebFX, one of the best SEO companies, to use advanced AI and machine learning software

With MarketingCloudFX, the dedicated account managers at WebFX can create data-driven strategies for clients. Instead of relying on hunches or guesses, we can develop a strategy based on actual data from your company’s industry.

As MarketingCloudFX features more than one billion data points, it offers unparalleled accuracy. This level of accuracy, combined with the expertise of the WebFX team is another reason why we’re the world’s top SEO company.


After more than two decades in the industry, WebFX continues to receive critical acclaim from those in the sector. It’s earned more than 50 awards, with Clutch naming WebFX the #1 SEO agency out of more than 12,000 firms. UpCity also listed WebFX as one of the top digital marketing agencies for businesses today.

These accolades translate to unparalleled service for your business.

From the client experience to the SEO strategy, WebFX offers your company a seamless, rewarding, and stress-free experience. As your partner, WebFX provides your team with the confidence and game plan for achieving daunting goals, like reaching a new sales milestone or launching a new product or service with success.


It’s critical for the best SEO company in the world to have more than a decade of experience, but it’s essential for it to have a consistent and talented staff. WebFX provides that, which is why we’re this year’s best online SEO company.

Our agency, which is one of the Best Places to Work in PA, features an award-winning team of Internet marketing specialists, social media strategists, and web design experts. Our expertise, plus the company’s low turnover rate, translates to a positive experience for clients.

WebFX understands your business, industry, and goals, which is one reason it's the best SEO company

The fact that you partner with a dedicated and hands-on account manager makes the experience even better. Your dedicated account manager understands your business, industry, and goals, which translates to a competitive and results-driven SEO strategy — and more revenue for your company.


Another feature that distinguishes WebFX from other agencies on, “Best SEO Companies,” lists? Our personalized service. Whether you’re an established franchise, local business, or recognized enterprise, we tailor our packages and services to you.

That’s why the WebFX team invests the time to learn about your company, as well as your market and goals. That investment translates to a strategy and campaign tailored to your business — not a cookie-cutter approach that drives mediocre results.

Because of that commitment, WebFX has generated more than $1 billion in revenue for its clients.

With WebFX, you can expect more. That’s why we’re the best SEO company in the world

Video: Working With the Best SEO Company

Think WebFX is the best SEO company for your business? Learn more about what it's like to work with us, plus what determines our SEO pricing in this short video!

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A preview of working with the best SEO company

When you partner with the best SEO company, WebFX, for SEO, you can expect a different experience. While they keep many of the traditional elements of SEO, like keyword research, they also introduce improvements that enhance your strategy, client experience, and results.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how WebFX approaches SEO in this breakdown:

Google Analytics Setup

Once you meet your dedicated account manager, whether in-person, video chat, or over the phone, they start the process of optimizing your website for SEO. A crucial initial step focuses on setting up your Google Analytics account.

If you already have an account, your dedicated account manager can create goals specific to your strategy.

For example, if you want to drive 25 quote requests a month to your business, they can create a goal specific to that. With this goal, it becomes easy for you and your team to track the number of quote requests received by your website.

Website Audit

In some cases, your dedicated account manager may audit your website before, versus after, preparing your Google Analytics account. As a part of their audit, they take an in-depth look at your site. They explore the navigational structure, responsive design, and optimization of your website.

All these factors can impact the performance of your SEO strategy.

That’s why WebFX adopts a proactive approach, examining these factors early. Based on your account manager’s findings, they may recommend additional steps, like creating a responsive website design or modifying the structure of your website’s navigation bar, to maximize your strategy’s performance.

Strategy Development

From meeting and chatting with your team, as well as auditing your website, your dedicated account manager can develop a detailed, comprehensive strategy for your business. This strategy coordinates with your company’s goals, working to achieve what you want to accomplish.

As the best SEO company, WebFX sets short- and long-term goals to reach. When you meet with your dedicated account manager, whether on a monthly or weekly basis, they review your goal progress. Whether you’re behind or ahead, they brainstorm ways to improve your performance and maximize your results.

Website Optimization

With your strategy created, your dedicated account manager can begin the process of optimizing your website for SEO. This process includes a variety of steps, like researching keywords, writing content, fixing broken links, and more. It also, however, features the powerful capabilities of MarketingCloudFX.

MarketingCloudFX is the SEO company’s exclusive marketing technology suite, featuring applications like ContentGeniusFX, LeadManagerFX, and CompanyTrackerFX. Via MarketingCloudFX, your dedicated account manager can gain data-driven insights into how to improve your strategy.

ContentGeniusFX, for example, uses the power of machine learning and AI to streamline and improve the planning, launching, and monitoring of content on your site. The best part is that ContentGeniusFX references data from your specific industry to deliver personalized insights.

Competitor Analysis

As the best SEO company in the world, WebFX recognizes the importance of assessing your competitors. That’s why the agency’s SEO services include analyzing and monitoring your competition. Every month, your dedicated account manager assesses a variety of changes in a competitor’s online presence.

For example, they look at the following factors each month:

  • A competitor’s search rankings
  • A competitor’s website changes
  • A competitor’s content and link additions
  • A competitor’s leads
  • A competitor’s market share

All this data, which many other SEO agencies fail to provide, offers your business in-depth insight into you and your competitor’s performance. This information also demonstrates the work of your SEO strategy, highlighting the real impact of SEO on your operations.

Monthly Reporting

WebFX makes transparency a priority. When you partner with the top SEO company, you receive monthly or weekly reports (depending on your plan). Your dedicated account manager also walks your team through the reports, encouraging you to ask questions and learn more about SEO.

With your regular reports, you can also convey to company decision makers the impact and value of SEO. You can show, for example, the number of leads, sales, and revenue driven by your SEO strategy. Even better, you can demonstrate the return on investment of your SEO services.

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Service plans from the number one SEO company

If you’re looking to partner with the number one SEO company in the world, WebFX offers four plans:

Each features different tiers to meet your business’ unique needs and budget. If you need help comparing the various plans and tiers, you can always reach out to one of our experienced strategists. They’ll help you find or build a plan that matches your needs and offers your company the best ROI.

Use the handy table below to learn more about our SEO prices.

Aggressive Plan

  • Up to 80 keyphrases optimized
  • 3 quarterly content, outreach, UX, or CRO Assets
  • 4 custom dashboards/data views
  • Up to 8 pages of SEO Copy or 4 pages of Sales/Technical Copy
  • $800
    per month after initial investment
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Market Leader

  • Up to 150 keyphrases optimized
  • 4 quarterly content, outreach, UX, or CRO Assets
  • 8 custom dashboards/data views
  • Up to 16 pages of SEO Copy or 8 pages of Sales/Technical Copy
  • $1,300
    per month after initial investment
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Market Leader With Earned Media

  • Up to 300 keyphrases optimized
  • 4 quarterly content, outreach, UX, or CRO Assets
  • 2 monthly content, outreach, UX, or CRO Assets
  • 8 custom dashboards/data views
  • Up to 16 pages of SEO Copy or 8 pages of Sales/Technical Copy
  • $2,500
    per month after initial investment
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  • Custom number of keyphrases optimized
  • Custom quarterly content, outreach, UX, or CRO Assets
  • Custom monthly content, outreach, UX, or CRO Assets
  • Custom dashboards/data views
  • Custom pages of SEO Copy or Sales/Technical Copy
  • Custom Pricing
    tailored to your business
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