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Close More Sales With Live Chat for Account-Based Marketing

Live chat is a fantastic way for businesses to directly interact with potential leads online and create a more personalized site browsing experience for users. With live chat for account-based marketing (ABM), businesses can better target leads and capture those high-value accounts.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of live chat for ABM and how you can enhance your live chat for ABM strategy to connect with leads and close more sales.

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What is account-based marketing (ABM)?

ABM is a business-to-business (B2B) marketing strategy that emphasizes creating and launching targeted campaigns for specific customers or accounts. Specifically, ABM focuses on targeting a business’s most profitable and high-value customers to earn a better return on investment (ROI). Additionally, ABM allows businesses to funnel marketing resources toward capturing the most valuable leads.

Businesses that use ABM can employ different tools to enhance their strategies. One of those tools is live chat.

Benefits of live chat for ABM

Live chat for ABM offers numerous benefits to marketers looking to close sales with top accounts. Keep reading to learn about why this benefit of live chat for ABM is not only beneficial to your B2B marketing strategy, but crucial for fostering connections with your high-priority accounts.

Build relationships with key accounts

The obvious benefit of using live chat software as an ABM tool, and one we’ve already briefly touched on, is that it helps your team build better relationships with key accounts. Live chat is an effective ABM tool because it opens a line of communication from your prospective leads to your brand at an opportune time— right when they begin browsing your site.

Live chat allows you to jump right into conversation with accounts and immediately begin interacting with them virtually in a way that isn’t possible with chat functions. Rather than a relationship starting after the lead has browsed your site and decided they want to learn more via a proposal request, the relationship begins immediately upon landing on your site.

Real-time responses

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People are impatient — it’s a simple fact. And when people, like your key accounts, are on a mission to find a product or service that solves their problem, they want solutions fast. Enter live chat for ABM.

Rather than asking a question about your products or services through email and waiting hours (or even days) for a response, your accounts can get answers to questions almost instantaneously through chat. Not to mention, your company can answer time-sensitive questions for leads at critical moments when their purchase intent is highest.

Connect accounts with the right salesperson

When using live chat for ABM, your representatives get to know the lead pretty well before turning them over to a salesperson. In doing so, your representatives can ask the lead the right questions to get to know them better and gauge whether they’re a high-value lead.

By getting to know the lead, representatives can send them to the right salespeople at the right time. You can set up your team for success by educating them on your brand’s ideal customers. That way, they know to send priority leads to the most qualified, experienced, or knowledgeable salesperson rather than sending prospects to sales representatives at different levels of skill or qualification.

Upsell, upsell, upsell!

Seeing recommendations for similar items on a product page after you just purchased something is one thing, but when you have someone telling you to check out another item, that’s a whole different ball game. Live chat for ABM is a game changer for businesses who are looking to upsell.

Upselling is much easier for businesses with live chat because the suggestion of upgrading a service or adding additional products to a purchase is taken more seriously and more likely to be considered by your accounts.

Being shown related items or other items a website thinks you should view because of your recent browsing history can feel redundant to customers — but that’s not to say it isn’t a helpful tool (because it is!). The likelihood of a lead purchasing another item because a real sales representative suggested it to them is much higher.

How to enhance your live chat for ABM strategy

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When it comes to live chat for ABM, there are a few ways you can maximize the results of this ABM tool and offer the best service possible for your leads. Read on to learn how you can enhance your live chat for ABM strategy.

Include CTAs to encourage interaction

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A great way to personalize interactions with leads through live chat and encourage user engagement is to include calls to action (CTAs) within messages.

Including CTAs in live chat conversations and initial messages allow you to be more deliberate with your conversations rather than just sending a message that says, “How can we help you today?” With CTAs, you can direct the conversation and steer it toward what the user’s needs are.

With first-party customer data on hand, too, you can include targeted CTAs that directly address the lead’s needs and create a more profitable experience for not just you, but the customer as well.

Send personalized messages

Using first-party data to gain insight into who you’re talking to over live chat is incredibly helpful for chat representatives trying to decide which sales representative to send the lead to. Using first-party data is also beneficial because it allows you to send personalized messages to leads to create a more engaging site experience.

Targeted chat messages can turn a mere site browsing experience into a purchase. One-on-one experiences between businesses and customers online can be hard to come by, so grab your prospects’ attention quickly through chat conversation starters that are targeted and hard to ignore.

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