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9 Best Small Business Instagram Bios (And How to Write an Amazing One)

Social media marketing is one of the best ways to boost your brand awareness and reach more members of your target audience. And with more than three billion users on social media platforms like Instagram, having engaging small business Instagram bios are essential.

On this page, we’ll show you how to write the best Instagram bio for small businesses, along with some stellar examples to spice up your Instagram marketing strategy.

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1. Cover the basics — Kuki Candles

An essential part of writing Instagram bios for small businesses is making sure that you’ve covered all of the basics in your profile.

Along with your eye-catching profile photo, you want to add your username, business name, and business category so users can easily identify your brand and what products and services you offer.


kuki candles small business instagram bios

Why it’s great

We love this example from Kuki Candles because they include all of the essential elements of their business in their Instagram bio. They use their logo as their profile picture to help build their brand recognition and awareness and include their business name in their bio.

Kuki Candles also includes a short description of their business in their bio, which lets users know that they are a local business that sells natural soy wax candles.

By covering the basics like Kuki Candles, you can ensure users recognize your brand and understand what products and services you offer, so you can attract more high-quality leads for your business.

2. Decide what you want to say — Silk Laundry

Small business Instagram bios can be an excellent opportunity to showcase the values and goals of your business, helping your brand stand out from competitors. You can decide to include your overall mission, business goals, or values that are important to your business.


silk laundry small business instagram bios

Why it’s great

This example from Silk Laundry perfectly includes their mission statement to use natural materials to help protect the planet. Including your business goals and values like Silk Laundry is essential for connecting with users who have similar values.

This option can help you build more brand awareness and stand out from the competition by showing users what matters to your business.

3. Show off your personality — Drizly

Showing off your business’s personality is an excellent way to ensure that your Instagram bio stands out from other brands and captures users’ attention.

Here’s a great example from Drizly:


drizly small business instagram bios

Why it’s great

Drizly is an example of an Instagram bio for small businesses that rocks because it perfectly show off their personality in their bio. By having fun with your Instagram bio like Drizly, you can allow your brand’s personality to shine through.

That means you can engage more users and increase your followers with a unique bio that shows off your business’s personality.

4. Include links to your website — Brick Lane Bookshop

If you want to drive more traffic to your website, including links to your site in your Instagram bio is a must. Including website links in small business Instagram bios is an excellent way to encourage more users to visit your website and browse your products, services, and content.

And Instagram doesn’t usually allow you to include links in your posts, so your bio is one of the only places you’ll be able to link to your website.


brick lane bookshop small business instagram bios

Why it’s great

In this example, Brick Lane Bookshop includes a link to their website to help increase their web traffic. Users can then visit their website to browse their products and learn more about their business.

When you include a link to your website, you can increase the number of users who visit your site and encourage more sales for your business.

5. Include relevant and fun hashtags — Emolyne Cosmetics

Including fun hashtags in your Instagram bio is perfect for joining in on fun social media trends that already have a large following. You can also make up your own signature hashtag that your audience can use when they talk or post about your business.


emolyne cosmetics small business instagram bios

Why it’s great

Emolyne Cosmetics is one of the best small business Instagram bio examples that showcases a unique hashtag. In this example, Emolyne Cosmetics incorporates their own social media hashtag, “#YourShadeYourRules,” into their Instagram bio.

Emolyne Cosmetics can stay current with social media trends and create a more engaging online community for their followers by including fun hashtags like this.

6. Keep it short and sweet — Mixology Clothing Company

Keeping your Instagram bio short and sweet is one of the best ways to capture users’ attention and keep them engaged on your profile.


mixology clothing company small business instagram bios

Why it’s great

Mixology Clothing Company keeps their Instagram bio short while still including essential information that tells users about their brand.

Mixology Clothing Company lets social media users know that they offer confidence-boosting clothing items in just two lines. They also include a link to their website so users can browse their products.

7. Don’t forget calls to action (CTA) — Linzi Shoes

Calls to action (CTAs) are an essential element of Instagram bios for small businesses. CTAs are one of the best ways to encourage users to take action or complete the next step in becoming a customer.


linzi shoes small business instagram bios 636x1024

Why it’s great

We love this Instagram bio from Linzi Shoes because they include several CTA buttons on their profile. They include CTAs that encourage users to browse their products, message them with questions, and follow their Instagram page.

When you include CTAs like this in your Instagram bio, you can help encourage more users to take action, whether it’s making a purchase or contacting your business.

That means CTAs can help you increase leads and sales for your business.

8. Ensure it’s easy to read — Black Cat Bakery

When writing your Instagram bio, you’ll want to ensure that it’s easy for your users to read and understand. Breaking up large blocks of texts in multiple lines instead of a single paragraph can help you keep users engaged in reading your full bio and staying on your page.


black cat bakery small business instagram bios

Why it’s great

In this example, Black Cat Bakery breaks their bio down into multiple lines to ensure that it’s easy to read and understand. They also include fun emojis that add eye-catching color to their bio and helps guide users through their bio.

By ensuring your small business Instagram bio is easy to read, you can help keep more users engaged on your page until they are ready to convert into a customer.

9. Cater to all members of your audience — Olive Clothing

It’s essential to write an Instagram bio that resonates with as many members of your target audience as possible. That means you can connect and engage with more potential customers to boost your conversions and revenue.


olive clothing small business instagram bios

Why it’s great

Last on our list of small business Instagram bio examples is Olive Clothing. Olive Clothing caters to their target audience by including mentions of both their women’s and men’s clothing lines.

When you cater to all members of your target audience, you can expertly use your Instagram bio to expand your reach and engage more consumers on your Instagram page.

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How to write your small business’s Instagram bio

You’ve seen some examples of small business Instagram bios, now here is a rundown of how to write your small business’s Instagram bio:

  1. Include the basics, like your business’s name, industry, and more
  2. Emphasize the business’s mission, values, and target audience
  3. Use words, phrases, or emojis that showcase your company’s personality
  4. Add a link to your website
  5. Incorporate relevant or brand-specific hashtags
  6. Keep Instagram bios short and concise
  7. Have a CTA

Write captivating small business Instagram bios with WebFX

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