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ux design examples

10 Best UX Design Examples To Improve User Experience

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UX design examples

  1. CrunchLabs for an interactive and well-structured website
  2. Google Store for a responsive design with consistent color schemes
  3. Cowboy for its attractive color palettes and excellent visual experience
  4. Apple for an intuitive navigation
  5. Airbnb for its easy search and filter capabilities
  6. Nike for an accessible website
  7. Christies 3.0 for its clear CTAs and attractive graphics
  8. Tesla for its test-drive booking page flow
  9. Loop for its interactive shopping guide
  10. Coach for an easy checkout process

User experience (UX) design is a critical component of your marketing strategy to attract and retain your target audience on your site. Like a great book or movie, a user-centric website can captivate users so that they’ll bookmark your pages.

If you’re looking for UX design examples and inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we share 10 UX design examples and go through these topics. Feel free to jump to any of them:

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What makes a good UX design?

Good UX design is a website design that is:

  • Functional
  • Engaging
  • Easy to use and navigate

It combines software, search engine optimization (SEO), color schemes, graphics, page layout, font, and typography to enhance the user experience.

A UX design company can improve your website performance metrics like:

Examples of good UX design elements include the following:

What is bad UX design?

Bad UX design is a website design that negatively impacts users’ experiences. It can include users having several consistent issues when browsing your page, products, and services.

Because user experience matters to marketing, poor UX design can impact your audience perception and website performance metrics. It can affect your credibility with your audience and drive them toward competitor websites.

Examples of bad UX design elements include the following:

  • Slow page load speed
  • Broken links and videos
  • Cluttered design and too much text
  • Menus and pages that are confusing to navigate
  • Overwhelming background and layout colors
  • Text and images that are challenging to see and read
  • Pages that have errors or are unavailable
  • Websites with URLs that lead users to unsafe domains
  • Websites that lack credibility, such as certificates and endorsements
  • Incompatible page size or screen resolution on various devices.

10 Inspiring UX design examples from global brands

Here are some good UX design websites to help you get started:

  1. CrunchLabs
  2. Google Store
  3. Cowboy
  4. Apple
  5. Airbnb 
  6. Nike 
  7. Christies 3.0
  8. Tesla
  9. Loop
  10. Coach

Let’s go through each one:

1. CrunchLabs

Crunch labs website homescreen

CrunchLabs design is engaging, interactive, and well-structured. It focuses on users’ needs and provides step-by-step and animated toy instructions.

While this is one of the UX design examples that has many graphics and moving pictures, it is not overwhelming and loads quickly. The website links and menu are easy to navigate and lead you to each page in an organized and understandable way.

2. Google Store

Google store website homescreen

Google Store’s design is responsive and optimized for multiple device categories. It has a minimalist background and features essential products and information like prices and discounts on the homepage.

This is one of the UX design examples that has a consistent color scheme, making it visually pleasing. The homepage offers colorful hyperlink animations that are fun and easy to navigate.

3. Cowboy

Cowboy's website homescreen

Cowboy has one of the best UI and UX design examples. The design is minimalist and direct, providing users with key information from the get-go.

It combines subtle and attractive color palettes with moving pictures, creating an excellent visual experience. The text, graphics, and links are direct and help users navigate each page conveniently.

4. Apple

Apple store website homescreen

Apple focuses on intuitive UX design, making it convenient for users to navigate and find what they want as they land on the homepage.

The design combines multiple colors with graphics and white space to create an attractive, eye-catching layout. The clear call to action (CTA) in each graphic guides users through the website clearly and creatively.

5. Airbnb

Airbnb website homescreen

Airbnb’s design offers a unique user experience with vacation specifications and filters. Users can filter and pick their ideal holiday experience, time, budget, lodging size, and amenities.

The design also offers attractive graphics, helping users see and navigate various holiday options.

6. Nike

Nike store website homescreen

Nike’s design is engaging, valuable, and accessible. It showcases products in bright, attractive graphics and takes users from one category to the next with clear text and CTA’s.

Nike uses color and white space to separate their products and create a clean and clear visual experience. Users can access and shop for products on the website on various devices, providing a convenient experience.

7. Christies 3.0

Christies website homescreen

Christie’s 3.0 design has many outstanding UX elements. Its most notable features are the organized layout, attractive graphics, clear CTA, and easy navigation.

This is one of the UX design examples that neatly coordinates artwork, features, and products and integrates color with white space to create an exciting and creative visual experience. It provides vital information and guides users through the content-rich site with links and graphics.

8. Tesla

tesla ux

Another excellent UX website design example is Tesla. Its website categorizes its products, making it easy for users to find the product they’re looking for.

Booking a demo drive on Tesla’s website is a breeze. When you’re viewing a particular product page, the demo drive page automatically selects the car you were previously checking out.

In addition, it automatically adds your zip code and provides you with nearby test-drive locations.

9. Loop

loop ux design example

Loop’s website sorts its products according to use case, enabling users to narrow down their choices. Another excellent UX feature of the site is its quiz, which helps users find the perfect pair of earbuds for their needs.

10. Coach

coach ux

Coach’s website is another excellent UX design example. It offers a variety of products for different users, yet finding the ones that you like is easy because they’re categorized accordingly. You can also filter and search through them.

Shopping online is easy. You can easily select your size and preferred color. The checkout process is simple and straightforward, making it a pleasant experience for users.

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