The 5 Best Practices for Your Next Email Drip Campaign

More than 80 percent of companies use email marketing, sending drip campaigns to hundreds of subscribers. How can you make your email drip campaign better, though, and maximize your email marketing return?

Follow the industry’s five best practices for email drip campaigns.

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What is an email drip campaign?

Email drip campaigns are about sending emails at the right time — over time — to reach and convert your customers. While this goal may seem simple, email drip campaigns require time, dedication, and expertise.

Many times, developing a highly effective campaign comes down to research and timing.

Do you know when to sink the hook and reel in your buyers? While it may seem like crafting a schedule on your own terms is important, it’s even more crucial to develop a plan tailored to your customers and their needs.

That means you have to go beyond sending periodic messages that don’t pertain to your subscribers — or are only relevant to a small segment of your readers. A drip campaign is all about what’s best for your audience, which is why it’s so important to follow best practices.

Are you ready to learn all about the industry’s best practices for email drip campaigns?

5 tips for crafting the best email drip campaign

Before you start or relaunch your email drip campaign, you need to know the best strategies for increasing your chances of getting your messages noticed. If you’re like most businesses, however, you’re probably unsure about where to start.

Get your email drip campaign in gear by following these five tips for the best email drips:

1. Create diverse content

When you want to keep your audience engaged, you need to produce entertaining, intriguing, and unique content. No matter what industry your business occupies, it’s crucial to deliver content that keeps subscribers interested in your emails.

Not sure how to keep your content fresh and diverse? Try these topics:

  • Product or service-related messages
  • How-tos and tips
  • Promotions with special offers and savings
  • News stories about your business

Keep in mind when you’re sending some of these messages to your consumers.

When you’re running a sale or promotion, for example, plan a schedule for notifying subscribers about your deal. You may, for instance, send an email three times throughout a week-long sale to encourage readers to shop.

If you’re struggling to find topics to cover in your emails, browse industry websites, forums, and social media to discover what discussions are earning attention from your target audience. You can even chat with your sales team or store members to learn what shoppers ask.

2. Segment your email list

If you don’t segment your email list, you’re missing out on the chance to send the right offers to the right people — which means lost revenue for your business. Companies that invest in segmenting their emails have seen their revenue increase by a massive 760 percent.

Group your audience into different segments, and you can create better emails. Why? They’re targeted to a specific niche in your audience, whether that’s users interested in your delivery service or users located in a particular location.

As an example, people who opted into your email services via a referral program are better suited for welcome emails than people who are already steady consumers of your products or services.

When you segment your emails, you also avoid sending unnecessary and unhelpful messages.

Consider segmenting your emails in a way that best suits your company’s email marketing strategy. Evaluate the intended audience of your email and use that information to decide not only your messages but also our audience segments.

3. Use trust signals

You need to build trust with your audience.

When your subscribers trust your company, it encourages them not only to read your emails, but also act on them. Those actions can include shopping at your store, sharing your emails with friends, or following your company on social media.

How can you build trust? A few ways.

One, your company needs to handle your subscribers’ information with care. Depending on the information your business collects from readers, you need to have the proper security measures in place to protect their data.

Second, your team needs to send your emails gradually. If you overwhelm users with a dozen emails in a single week, you can expect them to unsubscribe — or even leave a negative review about your business.

Third, your company needs to include trust signals with your emails. A trust signal can range from a relatable, down-to-earth tone to a raving review to a respected certification. With this approach, your team can nurture your subscribers and lead them to conversion.

4. Give your audience options

When you want subscribers to sign-up for your email list — as well as stay subscribers — you provide them with options. These options can range from how often they want to receive emails to what kinds of emails they want in their inbox.

If you eliminate these choices, you’re forced to send all your emails to everyone on your list.

This, of course, means sending messages to people not interested in specific content. To give your customers the options that they deserve, allow your subscribers to choose how frequently they want to receive your emails, as well as what they want to read.

Help subscribers customize their subscription, as well as minimize unsubscribe rates, by having your unsubscribe button direct users to a management page. On this page, which doesn’t require any user information, subscribers can decide what emails they want and how frequently.

5. Test and make changes

Sometimes, the best email drip campaign practice focuses on putting your ideas into action and seeing what works best. Do you have an idea that could take your email marketing campaign to the next level? Launch it and see how it works with A/B testing!

Use different designs, send times, and calls-to-action (CTAs) to see what your audience likes.

For instance, send out an email with split columns to a portion of your subscribers. Then, send the same email, but with a single column and multiple rows, to another segment of your audience. Which format engages your readers the most?

Test and explore various options to develop a better understanding of which emails produce the most leads. When you experiment with your choices, you have an easier time discovering the best tactics for your business.

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Are you ready to start your email drip campaign?

Improving your email drip campaign helps you engage your audience, retain your clients, convert consumers into customers, and enjoy more sales. Your emails are crucial — so create meaningful content that reaches your audience at just the right time.

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