Content Marketing for Banks

One thing that’s become clear over the last 5-10 years is the typical consumer’s desire to be in a relationship… with their banks. They want to know who’s managing their money and making investments on their behalf, and they want to know they can trust the people responsible for resolving issues. Content marketing can help build this trust.

Content doesn’t seem like a good strategy for a transactional industry like financial services. After all, how can you make money from a blog? But you might be surprised to learn that quality content is an important part of creating the kind of value proposition that keeps customers coming back for years — and trusting you with more and more of their finances.

Today, you’ll learn why content marketing for financial institutions has become so vital to generating leads and revenue. You’ll also get a few good examples of content types that will resonate with customers.

Content Marketing for Banks


Let’s start by examining the benefit of content marketing for banks and financial institutions.

What’s the Benefit of Content Marketing for Financial Institutions?

One of the reasons content marketing has become so popular in recent years is because it’s a way of marketing a company without selling. Consumers are so bombarded by sales calls, ads and other hard pitches that they’ve become immune to them. By contrast, quality content provides information and entertainment, which, ironically, makes it a more powerful selling tool.

Content generates trust, which generates the confidence to invest in a company’s products and services. Your financial institution won’t do very well if your customers don’t trust you.

However, there are other reasons to invest in content marketing. Here are just a few.

Lower Costs

Traditional marketing methods require a lot of up-front costs and have no guarantee of a good return on investment. Paid search and pay-per click ads don’t fare much better. But content marketing is very different.

Content marketing costs very little to produce and even less to publish, namely because it’s typically added to your own website. This type of marketing, however inexpensive, can often generate leads and even customers. In short, content has the potential to yield higher revenue at lower costs.

Wider Reach

Unlike paid advertisements, content can go viral thanks to social media. Your blog might be read by only a few people on your website, but each reader could share it with hundreds of friends and associates. That kind of reach is unaffordable in traditional marketing or advertising.

Higher Search Engine Rankings

Websites with more than 400 pages generate six times more leads than sites with fewer than 100 pages. The more keywords targeted through your content, plus the number of links this content can attract, can your website rank higher in Google and other search engines.

Because content can help build trust among current and potential customers, it’s important to come up with content that demonstrates your financial expertise and integrity. Keep reading for content suggestions that will bring in the business you want.

What Kind of Content Should Banks Produce?

Your financial institution generates revenue based on several factors, but one of the most important is your ability to manage clients’ money. Whatever goals you have for content marketing, highlighting this expertise should be part of your strategy.

This requires your content to include a combination of guidance for current and prospective clients, as well as some tools they can use to do some of the work themselves. To strike the right balance, consider using a variety of formats that encourage interaction and sharing.

Here are a few ideas for financial content marketing strategies that you might want to implement yourself.

Financial Planning Podcasts

Newsletters and blogs are great, but some marketers see better results with multimedia presentations like podcasts. Instead of writing 500 words about financial planning and other topics, you can create a podcast that has you narrating your advice to eager listeners.

Recruit your most dynamic experts to record their advice or success stories to be shared in audio form. Podcasts are especially valuable for reaching mobile channels, particularly those customers who are involved in mobile banking and potentially listening to tips on the go.

Downloadable Worksheets and Other Documents

Businesses do well when they offer free resources to customers and prospects. Giving your knowledge away for free can be a fantastic strategy for building trust and loyalty, and showing your knowledge of your industry firsthand.

Your financial institution can do this through downloadable files like financial management and investment guides, or free worksheets for planning and goal setting.

Wherever possible, create documents that encourage users to interact with the content… and with your bank. Some worksheets, for example, can be designed for users to complete and then present to an advisor during a phone call or in-person meeting.


As a bank, you deal with a lot of numbers. Some clients can follow all those numbers, but most won’t. If you want to create content around a complex issue that requires a lot of numbers, use an infographic instead.

Users are more likely to grasp information when it’s presented visually—and, therefore, more likely to value it. Plus, website visitors tend to share visual content more often than text, which can expose new potential leads to your bank and services.

Interactive Financial Calculators

The most effective content motivates action. Text and video can do this, but an interactive website tool like a calculator can motivate action more aggressively.

Consider building an interactive financial calculator for visitor to use if they want to make projections about investing, buying a home, retiring, sending a child to college, or some other major milestone. It’s also a great idea for a mobile app or standalone program.

Give Content Marketing a Try

These are only a few ideas for content marketing for banks. Your institution may have others. Whatever you choose to produce, you’ll need to give your strategy the right blend of planning, execution, and measurement to get the best results.

A successful strategy for your financial institution also requires expertise in content marketing. This can come to you slowly through trial and error, or be sought out quickly from a team of seasoned professionals. If you don’t feel comfortable doing content marketing for your bank without help, why not reach out to an experienced marketing firm like WebFX?

WebFX has been helping companies just like yours find success online for many years. We specialize in content marketing, search engine optimization, and all other aspects of modern marketing. If you contact us today, we’ll give you a no obligation quote on a content marketing program customized just for your bank—one that can help you grow your business exponentially.

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