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A staggering 46% of page clicks go to the top three pay-per-click (PPC) ads — making PPC is a worthwhile strategy for attracting your audience’s attention. If you haven’t invested in PPC advertising for your campsite, you’re missing an opportunity to attract qualified leads to your campground.

On this page, we’ll cover everything you need to know about PPC for campgrounds and RV parks, including:

  • What is PPC for campgrounds?
  • Why should I invest in RV park PPC?
  • How do I do PPC for campgrounds and RV parks?

Need help launching your PPC strategy? With over 28 years of experience, WebFX knows how to launch PPC strategies that drive more leads and revenue for your business. Contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about our PPC services!

What is PPC for campgrounds and RV parks?

PPC for campgrounds and RV parks involves creating paid advertisements at the top of Google search results. These paid ads appear when users search specific keywords tied to your ad. PPC ads are tagged with the word “ad” to indicate paid content.

ppc ad example for campground

Why invest in PPC for campgrounds and RV parks?

Wondering if paid advertising for campgrounds and RV parks is right for you? Here are four reasons you’ll want to invest in PPC for your camp site:

You increase brand exposure for your campground or RV park

One of the most significant benefits of PPC for campgrounds and RV parks is increasing brand exposure for your business. Since these ads appear at the top of search results, people are more likely to see them.

Even if people don’t click on your ad, they’re exposed to your brand. PPC ads allow target users to see what you offer — subconsciously encouraging them to remember you for their next outing. Paid ads provide an excellent way for you to earn conversions later when people remember your brand and come back to it to learn more about your campsite.

You attract more qualified leads for your campground or RV park

PPC is an excellent strategy for helping you reach leads looking for your campground. With over 65% of all high intent searches resulting in an ad click, you know the people clicking on your ads are highly interested in what you offer.

As a result, you obtain more qualified leads interested in visiting your campsite.

You only pay when interested campers click on your ads

Another benefit of RV park PPC is that you only pay when interested campers click on your ads. If someone searches a term related to your ad, but scroll past your ads without clicking, you won’t pay a dime.

You’ll only pay when someone clicks your ad — allowing you to attract highly interested users to your campsite.

The setup of PPC makes it a budget-friendly option where you can put your budget towards interested leads that are likely to convert into visitors.

You can see immediate results from your investment

Another significant benefit of PPC is that you can see immediate results. As soon as you launch your PPC campaign, you can track results through Google Ads.

The Google Ads platform shows you a variety of data and metrics about your ad performance, from clickthrough rate (CTR) to conversion rate.

PPC tracking platforms like Google Ads enables you to see the real-time performance of your ads, so you can adjust as your campaigns run. As a result, you use your budget more effectively and drive better results with your advertising.

How do I do PPC for campgrounds and RV parks effectively?

If you want to start with PPC for campgrounds and RV parks, follow these four best practices:

1. Optimize your ads for relevant keywords to reach the right people

If you want to succeed with campground PPC advertising, you must first identify relevant keywords for your ads. When users search for a local campground or RV park, they use specific keywords to help them find those listings.

To help your ads appear for the right search results, start by conducting keyword research. You can use a tool like KeywordsFX to help you identify relevant terms to bid on for your ads.

As you look at your list of keyword options, focus on long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords contain three or more words, like “campground with water park” or “RV park in San Antonio.”

These longer keywords are best for your RV park PPC campaign because:

  1. Long-tail keywords are more specific, so you know whoever is searching them is interested in what you offer
  2. Long-tail keywords have less competition due to being so precise, so they cost less per click

Once you identify your long-tail keywords, you can determine how much you want to bid on those terms –– your bid amount is how much you’re willing to pay when someone clicks on an ad. Your bid amount and Google Ad Rank will determine your ad’s placement in search.

2. Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) to create a more relevant ad experience

Next on our list of campground PPC advertising tips is to take advantage of Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI). DKI is an advanced feature Google offers that enables you to match your ad text with the keywords people search.

For example, let’s say someone is looking for a dog-friendly RV park near Acadia National Park. Two ads appear in search results –– which one are they likely to click based on the title?

Ad #1
Dog-Friendly RV Park | Acadia National Park | Parkway RV Resort


Ad #2
#1 RV Resort | Acadia National Park | Shiplap’s RV Resort

The searcher is likely to choose ad #1 because it’s relevant to their search –– they care about finding a dog-friendly RV park.

So, what does this have to do with DKI?

DKI allows you to optimize your ads for the keywords your audience searches to show that your ad is relevant to your audience. You already optimize your ads to appear in dozens of searches for related terms, so why not insert those terms right in your ad?

So, whether someone searches for a family-friendly campground, a family-owned RV park, or a dog-friendly campsite, your ad text can reflect that key term to show your ad is relevant.

To learn more about setting up DKI, check out our blog post on using DKI to boost your ad performance!

3. Use ad extensions to entice more prospects to click on your ads

If you want to do paid advertising for campgrounds and RV parks effectively, use ad extensions in your ads. Ad extensions enable you to include more information in your ads that can entice prospects to click.

Google offers numerous extensions you can use to enhance your ads, including:

  • Structured snippets
  • Sitelink
  • Call
  • Callout
  • Price
  • Message
  • Location
  • App
  • Promotion

location ad extensions campground example

Including this additional information can entice prospects to click on your ad. For example, adding sitelink extensions that detail vital features about your campsite, like being dog-friendly, can encourage more people to check out your campground and RV park.

4. Create a custom landing page to keep visitors focused

When you do PPC for campgrounds and RV parks, you must keep leads focused after they click on your ads. If your landing page is too busy or contains irrelevant information, visitors will get distracted and lose interest.

To keep leads focused, create a custom landing page. Your landing page should focus on what made prospects click on your ad from the search results. If your PPC ad focuses on your campground being family-friendly, your landing page should highlight what makes your campsite great for families.

Creating a custom landing page can cut out distracting elements, like your website navigation and keep visitors focused. You can drive them to a single call to action (CTA) button on the page to keep leads moving towards conversion.

With a custom landing page, you’ll turn more website visitors into campers at your campsite.

Need help with PPC for campgrounds and RV parks?

Campground PPC advertising is an excellent way for your business to promote your campsite and get more people to stay at your site. If you need help launching an RV park PPC campaign, WebFX has a team of 500+ Google Ads Certified experts ready to help.

Our team knows how to craft PPC campaigns that drive results. In the past five years, we’ve driven $6,021,182,299+ in revenue and 24,859,684 leads for our clients. You can feel confident that we’ll deliver a PPC campaign that drives more qualified leads to your campground.

Ready to see more RV’s rolling through your campsite? Contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about our PPC services!

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