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What Is My SEO Ranking? Check Your Google Rankings Instantly

Are you unsure if you’re getting the most from your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign? Do you find yourself asking, “What’s my SEO ranking?” Are you wondering what’s hurting your SEO?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to try from WebFX. provides instant insight into your Google rankings (for free) while also providing a free website ranking analysis tool for SEO guidance.

Check Your Rankings on

How to check your SEO rankings

Start checking your SEO rankings by following these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Open your free account (which includes adding your site)
  3. Visit the Keyword report
  4. View your Google rankings 🎉 results while doing SEO

From this report, it’s possible to filter ranking data based on:

  • URL
  • Position
  • Keyword
  • Search volume
  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Keyword difficulty

Alternatively, visit the Page report to see the number (and diversity) of keyword rankings by page. The Page report is helpful for summarizing rankings, like the number of keywords on page one.

Check Your Rankings on

How to check your SEO

If you want to know how to check your SEO, start by using an SEO checker.

While you can check every SEO element of your site manually, it will take too much time to comb through your entire website. Instead, you can rely on an SEO checker to make it simple and easy for you to analyze your SEO. At WebFX, our free SEO checker can help you analyze the most critical aspects of your site’s SEO.

Here’s what you’ll get from our SEO checker:

Site speed analysis

Your site’s load time has a significant impact on your SEO.

If your audience can’t access your information fast, they’re more likely to bounce from your page. It will negatively impact your SEO as a result because users won’t stay engaged.

With our SEO checker, we’ll provide you with a site speed analysis report that provides you with information about your site’s load time. We’ll provide you with actionable advice and tips on how to make your site faster.

Meta tag assessment

Your meta tags play a critical role in your site’s SEO.

Meta tags, like your title tag and meta description, impact whether users click on your site or pass you by for a competitor’s website. These two elements are the first thing your audience sees when your listing appears in the search results. Additionally, search engines use them to determine your page’s relevancy. my seo ranking title tag meta With our website ranking analysis tool, we’ll analyze your site to ensure you have meta tags on all your pages. We’ll also examine the quality of these meta tags to ensure they’re effective for your business.

If your meta tags need improvement, we’ll provide you with suggestions for how to improve your meta tags and drive better results. meta tag seo checker

URL optimization check

When you analyze your SEO ranking, it’s essential to keep tabs on your site URL.

Your URL is a critical component of your website. Search engines use it to determine the relevancy of your pages. You must optimize your URL to ensure that search engines can easily read it. url seo Our SEO checker will assess your URLs. It will look at the length of your URLs, as well as whether they follow SEO best practices. The checker will enable you to analyze your URL to ensure that search engines can read them. url seo checker

Content grade

When you ask, “What impacts my SEO ranking?” one of the most common responses is content.

Content enables you to drive traffic to your website. It also helps you increase your website’s trust and authority so that you can earn more leads for your business.

Top-notch content that’s SEO-friendly will help your site rank better in search results, but you need to analyze your content to ensure it’s driving the best results.

Our SEO checker will provide you with insight into the page’s tags and keyword usage. We’ll also report on the optimization level of your content, so you can see which content needs optimization and which pieces are good to go.

Image optimization

Images play a critical role in keeping leads engaged on your site.

You need compelling and visually interesting images to keep people engaged on your website. If your images aren’t optimized, you hurt your SEO. When you use a Google ranking tool that analyzes your SEO, you can make sure your images follow SEO best practices.

With our SEO checker, we’ll analyze your image alt tags, as well as your image file names, to ensure they’re SEO friendly.

Page link audit

Link building is critical to your site’s SEO.

Backlinks, which are links from authority sites to your website, help increase your site’s ranking in search results. These backlinks are almost like recommendations that endorse your site and validate that you’re an authority in your field.

You need to monitor and check your backlinks to ensure you’re getting valuable links to your site. When you use our free SEO checker, we’ll analyze your backlinks to see what types of links you’re driving for your business. You can see who’s linking to your pages and optimize your backlink profile to ensure you’re only getting high-quality links to your site.

Why you should check your SEO

If you find yourself asking, “Why should I check my SEO ranking?” we’ve got answers for you:

Make sure your SEO is working

If you’re investing the time, money, and effort into your SEO, you want to ensure it’s working. You want to monitor your performance and make improvements to ensure you get valuable traffic and leads from your campaign. Using an SEO checker will help you see where your SEO stands with a complete SEO audit.

See where you need to improve

SEO requires constant optimization, but how can you know how your SEO is doing if you don’t check on it? When you use our SEO checker, you can see what’s working and what needs improvement. It enables you to maximize your SEO strategy to drive the best results.

Keep your strategy fresh

Google’s algorithm, your industry, and your business change, and you need to ensure that your site provides the latest information. Using an SEO checker allows you to keep your strategy fresh and ensure you’re optimizing it properly by uncovering your strengths and weaknesses — along with where you rank in Google search results.

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