How Do Content Marketing and Social Media Work Together?

If you’re establishing an Internet marketing campaign, you know you have many different options to explore. New strategies seem to develop on a monthly basis, and it can be difficult to determine which are worth your budget.

Thankfully, many of these tactics can work together. One of the most notable examples is content marketing and SEO, and if you’re experienced with the two, you probably already know how to integrate content marketing into SEO and how it can actually improve SEO. However, SEO isn’t the only strategy that pairs well with content marketing—it can also complement your social media strategy.

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Make Them Work Together

When you use social media to promote your existing content, ask for feedback, and get input on future content, the two channels can work together to improve your overall marketing success.

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Working together

As we mentioned, social media and content marketing work extremely well together. Here’s why:

1. They promote each other

The most obvious connection between content marketing and social media is that you can use your social pages to promote your site content. Whether you publish blog posts, article pages, infographics, or other formats, you can share links to them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and any other social platforms you use.

This helps your content reach a wider audience than just your site visitors, since many of your followers check social media on a daily basis, but few (if any) check your site regularly for new content. You can also keep promoting material multiple times after you hit “Publish” since not all of your followers will likely see something the first time you post it.

This may sound like a lot of work, but with tools like Buffer and Hootsuite, you can preschedule tweets and status updates as far in advance as you want. Whenever you add something new to your site, just decide how many times you want to share it and select the dates and times. It’s basically a simple way of putting content promotion on autopilot.

In addition, it helps your social channels stay regularly updated. Of course, you can create some content specifically for social media, but it will typically be much shorter. And a general rule, it’s wiser to host you best content directly on your site since you retain full ownership, unlike your page on a social media site.

2. You can ask for feedback

As you share your content to social media, it’s often easiest to just use the name of the content as your post. And while this is certainly an accurate representation of what you’re sharing, it won’t be as effective at generating clicks or discussions as a more creative post.

Ask a question like “were you surprised by [x]?” or “what did you find most interesting about [y]?” That way, you encourage participation. Not only will those increased comments help you better engage your followers, but they can also be a useful source of feedback. Use this to improve the content and guide your strategy going forward.

3. You can get input on future content

If you make a point to engage your followers on social media, they’ll often be willing to share their input on what you should write about next. Ask about questions they have about your industry or any concerns they have about your products or services.

This will provide you with a wealth of ideas to add to your content calendar over the next few weeks or months and tell you what your audience wants. Then, when you finish creating it, you show your audience that you not only have the knowledge they want, but you’re also willing to listen to what they have to say.

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