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Even if you offer the most unique, delicious food in your area, you need a website to grow your catering business. Today, about 73% of companies invest in design to stand out amongst the competition — that includes your competitors. Web design for catering can increase your bookings for any occasion and build your reputation.

Getting inspiration from other catering companies can help you brainstorm creative ways to optimize your site and increase revenue. This page will cover everything you need to know about catering website design, including examples from the industry.

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What is web design for catering?

Web design for catering is the process of creating a website that’s optimized for customers interested in catering services. Some key components of catering web design include:


Images and videos

Branded colors and graphics

Clear menus and food options

Benefits of web design services for catering

Web design is crucial for any industry, especially catering. Your website is essentially an online information hub that helps customers find everything they need to book with you. Without good design, you push prospects away before giving them a chance to work with you.

Some key benefits of web design for catering include:

Improving your first impression

Earning more conversions

Showing your professionality

Solidifying your branding

Examples of catering website design

Below are some examples of catering website design that showcase how effective design draws you in. Each site reflects the company’s brand, goals, and vision, all while being easy to navigate and access.

1. Abraham Catering

abraham catering

A white background makes the website of the Abraham Catering company look clean and professional. The landing page includes a collage of high-quality images, design elements for the types of food offered, and a slideshow of menus.

With a lot of content compiled together, transparent overlays draw your eye to the calls to action (CTAs) in black text. The easily readable font instructs prospects on how they can check out a menu, visit venues, and learn about casseroles to go.

2. Catering Project

catering project

Top menu bar navigation with drop-down menus provides a way to organize several pages. Labels such as “Occasions” and “Events” on the Catering Project site allow customers to find the information they need about booking catering. Above this top menu, the header displays information about next-day delivery in case clients are working on a time crunch.

In addition to labeling information clearly, the bottom of the landing page includes a dedicated section for blog posts, so site visitors can click to read content about seasonal party planning and hosting. Fun, creative images previewing the posts get potential clients excited to learn more and book catering services.

3. Pinch Food Design

pinch food design

Showing your level of expertise helps prospects feel confident in trusting your catering business. A dedicated section showing how many churros they’ve prepared, how many lobster rolls they’ve served, and how many bottles of champagne they’ve popped makes Pinch Food Design stand out amongst others.

The information about how they’ve fed over 875,000 guests pairs well with the following section listing their clients. Displaying how they’ve catered for Google, Nike, Hulu, and other well-known businesses builds a reputable image for the company, convincing others to book their catering services as well.

4. Cove Catering

cove catering

Minimalism in web design and concise wording helps site visitors feel at ease when planning a gathering requiring catered services. For example, the title page text “Have a function? We’ve got the catering” on the Cove Catering website provides what clients want to hear in six simple words.

Underneath the text, a clean layout divides the services into three sections for corporate events, conferences and workshops, and meetings, so people feel confident knowing if they’re this company’s target audience. The simplicity of breaking the services down into categories makes the complex world of catering seem straightforward, encouraging visitors to convert into clients.

5. Acquolina Catering

acquolina catering

Photographic close-ups of your menu items provide an eye-catching and mouth-watering experience, convincing potential clients to get a taste of your business. Acquolina Catering exemplifies this well with a high-quality image of cheesy pasta with tomatoes and a Cobb salad.

The dishware’s intricate detailing and the tablecloth background showcase the catering company’s branding — “Italian hospitality at its finest.” When you scroll down, images of the Instagram gallery continue to show the branding, with fine food in elegant displays.

6. The Wild Thyme Company

wild thyme company

When users visit catering websites, a welcoming pop-up can provide valuable information and persuade them to learn more or book services. A pop-up on The Wild Thyme Company’s website delivers a beautiful image and CTA to pre-order food for an upcoming holiday.

After exiting or clicking on the CTA, prospects view an image covering the top fold of the page of strawberry delights on toasted bread. After seeing this enticing food, visitors can scroll to explore more pictures in a collage format and read online reviews from clients who rave about the catering business, saying it’s a must for any occasion.

7. Creative Edge Parties

creative edge parties

Graphic designs with animated changing colors provide one way to capture users’ attention. The changing shape of an egg with the phrasing “Not just another chicken dinner” makes the Creative Edge Parties site compelling.

As another way to live up to the company’s name and branding, the site’s bottom navigation includes a menu with a label called “Play.” When visitors click there, they discover interactive content, such as quizzes for finding the perfect cocktail or food palate for their next catered event.

8. Salthouse Catering & Events

salthouse catering

In color theory, orange is a vibrant color that evokes excitement and enthusiasm — the same experience clients want to have at their next event or celebration. Bright pops of orange on the Salthouse Catering & Events site include the header, top menu labels, social media icons, description fonts, and CTA buttons.

Throughout the landing page, site visitors see orange illustrations of dishes and beverages. Artistic drawings allow clients to envision the cuisine they want to cater. When used as in web design, the bright hue works well in portraying creativity, so customers feel like a catering company can bring their food inspirations to life.

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