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Lead Management Software Pricing: What Does Lead Management Software Cost?

Lead management software pricing varies widely depending on the features included, and you could pay anywhere from $15 to $1200 per month. Keep reading to learn more about lead management software pricing and how to choose the right system for your needs.

How much does lead management software cost?

Lead management software pricing varies widely depending on the features included, the number of users, and other factors. Lead management software companies also list their pricing in differing ways, such as:

  • Per user per month
  • Per month for a limited number of users
  • Per month for an unlimited number of users
  • Custom quote only

One option is to use free lead management software, but these systems only have basic functionality and allow for just one user.

On a per user per month basis, you can expect to pay anywhere from $12 to $500.

On a per-month basis, you could pay anywhere from $12 to $1200.

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Bill Craig

WebFX President

MarketingCloudFX: WebFX’s proprietary lead management software

Ready to start converting more leads into customers? MarketingCloudFX is a lead management system that can help you do just that.

  • LeadManagerFX, one of the features within MarketingCloudFX, gives you real-time insights into how leads get to your websites and how they interact with your site once they’re there.
  • With CallTrackerFX, which is also part of MarketingCloudFX, you can generate unique phone numbers for each campaign, track your phone calls, and listen to call transcripts.
  • SchedulerFX enables you to schedule appointments with leads for the optimal times.

MarketingCloudFX also integrates seamlessly with Nutshell, our CRM software, and other CRM systems. Other features within MarketingCloudFX can help you manage your email marketing, track your search engine rankings, and manage online reviews.

We offer three MarketingCloudFX plans and provide the system to our existing customers at a heavily discounted rate:

Features SilverGold Platinum
Monthly Visitor LimitsUnder 50,000 visitors/month 50k-2m visitors/month 2m-5m visitors/month
Platform setup and configuration
IntegrationsFX two-way CRM data connector
Rollout training call with sales funnel analyst
Monthly Lead Tracking through LeadManagerFX
Lead Status options
Import options for closed lead data from CRM
Website conversion trends and insights
Notes field for lead tracking
Leverages Call Tracking through CallTrackerFXUp to 100 calls/mo. tracked Up to 200 calls/mo. tracked Up to 300 calls/mo. tracked
Includes 3 call tracking numbers Includes 5 call tracking numbers Includes 5 call tracking numbers
Up to 50 calls/mo. transcribed Up to 75 calls/mo. transcribed Up to 100 calls/mo. transcribed
Conversational intelligence analysis
Prospective lead tracking tool set
This tracking occurs whether or not the lead converts
Competitive content and SEO research
Organic traffic recommendations
Page-level content analysis
AI-powered SEO tool access
ReviewboostFX reputation monitoring and review tracking platform setupReview tracking for 1 locationReview tracking for 2 locationsReview tracking for 2 locations
Facebook reviews
Google reviews
Yelp reviews
Data export of historic reviews
Monitoring dashboard for lifetime review metrics
Leads from website will automatically be pushed into CRM platforms
Access to MCFX mobile application for iOS and Android platforms
Monthly cost$299/month | ($125/month for existing customers) $599/month | ($225/month for existing customers) $999/month | ($325/month for existing customers)
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