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For marketers, social media platforms offer an amazing opportunity to reach new leads and help your business grow online. If you don’t have time to build and maintain your own social media campaign, a social media optimization company can help.

On this page, we’ll outline our social media optimization services and why you should choose WebFX as your social media agency.

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What do our social media optimization services include?

When you’re searching for a social media optimization company, you may not know what to expect.

It’s essential to understand what a company’s social media optimization packages include, so you can pick a plan that’s right for your business and goals.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect with social media optimization services from WebFX.

Social media account audit

If you’ve posted content on your accounts, you’ll get social media account auditing as part of your social media marketing services package. Our team of experts will comb through your social media accounts and look at your past posts, comments, and user engagement.

From this information, we’ll help you develop a more competitive strategy for your business. We’ll get to know your audience better to help you create a campaign that resonates with them. Our team will help you create a custom social media strategy that helps your business grow through social media.

Auditing your current social media efforts is crucial to driving success for your business. It helps you understand what’s working for your audience and where you can improve your campaign to gain more followers.

Original social media posts

When you invest in a social media optimization company like WebFX, you’ll get original social media posts for your business. We’ll help you create authentic posts that help you get new followers and engage your current followers.

Our team of social experts will help you create on-brand posts that reflect your business and help your audience get familiar with your brand. Depending on your plan, you’ll get anywhere from 15-75 posts per month. With each post, we’ll help you emphasize your brand and showcase your products and services.

You’ll always have the chance to approve or deny posts to ensure they align with your company’s goals and aspirations.

If you’re looking to create engaging, traffic-driving social media posts, WebFX is the right social media optimization company to help you achieve that goal.

Custom images

Your audience follows dozens of businesses on social media — and you need to create custom images that help you stand out. When you partner with a social media optimization company like WebFX, you’ll get custom images for all your social media campaigns.

Our award-winning design team will create custom images for your social media posts. We’ll help you maximize the impact of your social posts and create images that resonate with your brand and capture followers’ attention.

Dedicated social media account manager

When you partner with a social media optimization agency, you want to know who will help you with your campaign. It’s frustrating if you don’t know who to contact about your campaign. When you don’t have a point of contact, it’s difficult to get updates on your campaign and know what your social media team does.

If you choose WebFX as your social media optimization company, you’ll get a dedicated social media account manager. You’ll always know who to talk to if you have questions, concerns, or ideas for your campaign. Your social media account manager will inform you of any changes in your campaign and keep you up to date with its progress.

Our team of social media experts knows how to help your campaign drive valuable results for your business. We’ll always keep you in the loop about your campaign’s performance and help you make changes that have the biggest impact.

Social media network set up and optimization

If you haven’t set up your social media profiles or optimized them, a social media optimization company can help you get started. At WebFX, we’ll help you get your accounts set up and fill out all the information on your business profiles.

You’ll have complete ownership over your account. Our team will help you get set up and optimized to provide your followers with valuable information about your business.

Brand reputation analysis

Your brand is an integral part of your business. You want people to recognize your brand and immediately get familiar with it. Our team at WebFX will analyze your brand reputation to see how your audience perceives your business.

We’ll help you discover your brand’s value and reputation. Our team will analyze your social media profiles to find negative comments or posts. From this information, we’ll provide recommendations on how to achieve a trusted reputation.

Our team of over 500 experts will help you improve your reputation. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive plan that enables you to enhance your reputation and build trust with your audience. Our team will incorporate these suggestions into your social media campaign to ensure you’re driving an effective social media strategy.

In-depth competitor analysis

Aside from analyzing your own business, you must analyze your competitors. You will have numerous competitors utilizing social media to engage the same audience members. If you want to be successful with social media management, you must research your competition and see how they’re trying to engage your audience.

At WebFX, we’ll provide you with a detailed competitor analysis to help you understand your competitors’ performance. Our team will help you analyze competitor weaknesses and provide you with suggestions on how to use those weaknesses as opportunities for your business.

Through our competitor analysis, you’ll launch the best campaign against your competition. Our team will help you remain in competition with these companies on social media.

Data-driven social strategy

Data is extremely valuable to your business. Your data helps you drive the right customers for your business. At WebFX, we put your data to work by creating custom, data-driven social strategies.

With our machine learning software and artificial intelligence technology, we can easily develop a strategy that works for your business. We’ll help you use your data to drive more leads to your social media pages.

Advanced marketing technology

There are two critical components to a successful social media marketing strategy: a strong team of experts and the right tools to help you do the job. At WebFX, we have both of those components. Our advanced marketing technology enables us to deliver campaigns that drive positive results.

With our advanced marketing software, MarketingCloudFX, we can use machine learning to help you develop your data-driven campaign. We take industry-specific data to help you produce a valuable social media marketing campaign.

MarketingCloudFX also helps you manage your social media campaigns. You can use this technology to ensure you’re driving valuable results that help your business grow.

Regular social media monitoring

Whenever you post content on your social media platforms, we’ll be there to monitor it. Our social media marketing services packages include social media monitoring. We regularly check your posts to see how they’re performing for your business.

Your strategist will monitor the performance of each post. Our strategists check engagement, reach, and more. We’ll compile this information to help us better optimize your social media campaigns.

This process enables our team to learn if specific posts are more successful than others. It will help guide us to post more valuable content for your audience that boosts engagement on your pages.

Monthly consultations

Our company believes in transparency. We want you to remain informed about your social media campaigns and how they’re performing. That’s why we have monthly consultations with all our clients.

When you invest in our social media marketing services packages, you’ll get to meet with your dedicated social media specialist every month. We’ll sit down and discuss your campaign’s overall performance.

Additionally, we’ll discuss potential optimizations and improvements we can make to your campaign. This process will help you maximize your social media strategy to help you get the most out of it.

Monthly reports

In addition to monthly consultations, you’ll also get a monthly report. This report details your social media campaign’s performance. Your strategist will review this report with you to ensure you understand your social media campaign’s successes and areas of improvement.

You can take this report with you, too. We’ll send you a copy of the report so you can share it with your team and keep them informed about your social media campaigns. Our reports are 100% transparent, so you can feel confident that you will know what’s going on with your campaign and how it affects your business.

74% of people use social media when making a purchasing decision.

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What do our social media advertising optimization services include?

In addition to social media marketing services, we also offer social media advertising services. Social media advertising enables your business to reach more prospects that haven’t found your business yet.

At WebFX, we offer ongoing optimization services for advertising on the following platforms:


Facebook is one of the most popular advertising platforms for companies. You can reach people who are interested in your business but haven’t followed your business’s page yet.

Our team of experts will help you optimize to pick the right goals for your campaign. On Facebook, you can focus on:

  • Brand awareness
  • Engagement
  • Traffic
  • Conversions
  • Store visits

These objectives give you the flexibility to run different types of campaigns. Our team at WebFX will help you determine which campaign goals fit with your business’s needs. We’ll continually optimize this goal as your needs change.

Our team will help you choose the right format for your campaign, too. We’ll help you create visuals and ad text that will engage your audience and get them to take an interest in your business. You’ll work with experts to continually optimize your Facebook advertising campaigns to drive better results.


Twitter is another great social media advertising platform for engaging your audience. It’s an excellent platform to use if you can get your message across in as few words as possible. Given the 280-character limit, this platform is great for businesses that want to get straight to the point.

With Twitter advertising services, we’ll help you optimize your campaigns for various goals, including:

  • Increase traffic (to website or Twitter page)
  • Increase engagement
  • Build awareness
  • Increase video sales
  • Earn new followers
  • Gain app installs
  • Gain app re-engagements

Our team will help you determine which ad goals align with your overall social media strategy. We’ll help you evaluate each of your campaigns to determine if those campaigns drive the results you desire.


Instagram is a great visual platform for engaging your audience. Instagram’s main emphasis focuses on sharing photos and videos with followers. It’s a great platform to advertise your business and give your audience visual insight into your products or services.

With help from our social media savvy team, you’ll create engaging and exciting Instagram advertisements. We’ll help you create the visuals and copy for each ad to ensure you’re putting out the best representation of your brand. Our team will optimize your advertising campaigns to help you drive the most valuable traffic to your page.

First, we’ll help you choose the right advertising goal for your Instagram ads. There are numerous objectives you can set for your advertising campaign, including:

  • Conversions
  • App installs
  • Engagements
  • Video views
  • Awareness

We’ll help you optimize your campaign to achieve these goals. Our team will continually evaluate your campaign’s progress to determine if it’s driving the best results for your business. If there’s room for improvement, we’ll analyze your advertising strategy to come up with solutions.


LinkedIn is a great social media platform for anyone looking to reach professionals or other businesses. Our team of social media experts will help you take advantage of this professional network as part of your social media optimization package.

First, we’ll start by helping you determine the right format for your advertising campaign. This step is crucial because it determines how you will optimize your campaign. Choose from the following options:

  • Sponsored content: Sponsored advertisements that appear in the newsfeed.
  • Sponsored InMail: Advertisements that get sent directly to a prospect’s mailbox on LinkedIn.
  • Text ads: ads that appear in locations on LinkedIn’s feed, but only on desktop.

Our team of experts will help you decide on the best ad format for advertising on LinkedIn.

Next, we can help you target the right people. LinkedIn has very in-depth targeting perimeters that you can use to target leads more specifically. We’ll consistently optimize your ads to ensure you’re reaching the right people at the right time.


Pinterest is another great visual platform for engaging leads and getting them to check out your business. We have Pinterest-savvy experts that can help you create a dynamic advertising campaign to drive more Pinterest users to check out your business.

We’ll help you set the right objective and optimize your campaign to meet your goals. Pinterest offers numerous objectives, including:

  • Build brand awareness
  • Increase engagement
  • Increase traffic
  • Download your app

You can use any of these objectives to help you reach your overall social media marketing goals. Additionally, Pinterest enables your business to use keywords and phrases to target users. We’ll help you optimize your campaign to target keywords your audience uses.

Our team of experts will consistently optimize your Pinterest campaign to put out the best visuals and information that gets your audience interested and engaged with your content.

When you partner with a social media optimization company like WebFX, you’ll get a comprehensive Pinterest plan that allows you to consistently optimize your advertising campaigns to grow your business through social media.


Ready to partner with a top social media optimization company?

Social media is a powerful tool for helping your business reach new customers and engage them online.

If you want to drive the most powerful results from your social media campaigns, you’ll start by choosing the best social media optimization agency. For companies that want the best social media strategists to work on their campaign, look no further than WebFX.

We’re a full-service digital marketing company that specializes in social media optimization. With our team of experts, we’ve driven over $3 billion in sales and over 7.8 million leads. We know what it takes to help our clients obtain impactful results with their social strategies.

Are you ready to start making a splash with your social media optimization strategy? If so, contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about our custom social media optimization services.