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What Is Sponsored Display Audiences on Amazon? (& How to Use Them)

Definition: Sponsored Display audiences on Amazon is a targeting option for Sponsored Display ads on Amazon. Advertisers can use Sponsored Display audiences to build effective remarketing campaigns.

How can you improve your return on ad spend (ROAS)? With Sponsored Display audiences.

Sponsored Display audiences on Amazon help your business generate more purchases by nurturing shoppers interested in your products. Whether they visited your listing or expressed interest in similar products, brands, or categories, you can turn them into clients with this targeting strategy. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Sponsored Display audiences, including:

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What are Sponsored Display audiences on Amazon?

Sponsored Display audiences on Amazon is a targeting strategy for Amazon’s Sponsored Display ads. Brands can use Sponsored Display audiences for remarketing to shoppers that visited the brand’s product listings and advertising to shoppers interested in similar products, categories, and brands.

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Where do ads with Sponsored Display audiences targeting appear?

Ads with Sponsored Display audiences targeting will appear in the following locations:

  • On third-party mobile and desktop websites
  • On third-party apps
  • On, like on product detail and product-related pages

Sponsored display audiences on Amazon: Location Your targeting settings for your Sponsored Display audiences will influence where your ad appears. For instance, your ad may display on product detail pages from a specific brand versus all brands in a particular product category based on your targeting. As an example, say Starbucks decides to advertise its ground coffee with Sponsored Display audiences.

Starbucks may target product detail pages for Dunkin’, Peet’s, and McDonald’s ground coffee since those brands are the company’s biggest competitors.

How much does using Amazon’s Sponsored Display audiences cost?

Amazon does not set a required ad spend for Sponsored Display ads or Sponsored Display audiences, which operate on a cost-per-click (CPC) model. Instead, Amazon recommends setting a daily budget that your company feels comfortable with and then using your ad campaign data to modify your spend. For reference, though, the average CPC on Amazon is $0.77.

Your business, however, may see higher or lower CPCs based on your product and industry. Use the $0.77 benchmark, though, as a guide for setting your daily budget.

What objectives can I use Sponsored Display audiences on Amazon for?

Companies like yours can use Sponsored Display audiences on Amazon to accomplish goals like:

  • Raising brand awareness
  • Re-engaging lost customers
  • Generating product orders

You can essentially use Sponsored Display audiences to attack every stage of the buying funnel, from awareness to purchase. The best part is not every seller and vendor on Amazon can access this targeting strategy, which means you can capture more sales from your competition.

Who can use Amazon Sponsored Display audiences?

Are you thinking about setting up your next Amazon ad campaign with Sponsored Display audiences? Before you log into your account to get started, check and see if you meet Amazon’s Sponsored Display audiences’ requirements.

Right now, Sponsored Display audiences are exclusive to the following businesses:

  • Amazon sellers enrolled in the U.S. Amazon Brand Registry program
  • Amazon vendors enrolled in the U.S. Amazon Brand Registry program

If you’re not part of the Amazon Brand Registry program, check to see if you qualify. Then, submit your application so you can join the program, which protects your brand against Amazon hijackers that sell counterfeit versions of your products. If you need help completing your application, see how our Brand Registry consulting services for Amazon can get the job done!

Why use Sponsored Display audiences on Amazon?

When it comes to Amazon Sponsored Display audience benefits, there are several, including:

Use your remarketing audience to expand your audience targeting

Targeting is one of the most critical factors in your online advertising success, which is why Sponsored Display audiences aim to improve your targeting.

With Sponsored Display audiences, for example, you can remarket to shoppers that visited your product page, plus advertise to shoppers like them. If you’re familiar with similar audiences in Google Ads, Sponsored Display audiences are, well, similar. Like similar audiences, which targets users with interests like your website visitors or customers, Sponsored Display audiences target shoppers with interests in similar products, brands, and categories as those who visited your product listing.

With this targeting tool, you can reach shoppers that would want your product — minus the research.

Optimize your bids for different audiences and product listings

Sponsored Display audiences on Amazon also allow your business to customize its audience targeting. For example, you can tailor your targeting with the following filters:

  • Brand
  • Price range
  • Star rating
  • Prime shipping eligibility

With these targeting tools, you can build a Sponsored Display audience that matches your unique goals. If you’re looking to build brand awareness, for instance, you may use fewer targeting filters to reach a broader audience. In comparison, a sales-focused campaign may use more targeting filters.

Save your ad spend when your inventory hits zero

When your inventory hits zero, you want your ads to pause immediately.

Otherwise, you risk paying for clicks that won’t drive sales since you can’t fulfill the order. Luckily, campaigns with Amazon’s Sponsored Display audiences will pause if your product sells out.

Increase your click-through rate with auto-added badges for promotions

Badges like the following can drive clicks and sales:

  • Savings & Sales
  • Deal of the Day
  • Prime Day deal
  • Best Seller

That’s why Sponsored Display audiences on Amazon auto-add relevant badges to your Amazon ads so you can motivate more shoppers to click on your ad and buy your product. You don’t have to worry about updating your ad campaigns to showcase a promotion or demonstrate a product’s popularity. Instead, you can focus on fulfilling your orders.

Re-engage your most valuable shoppers with ads on and off Amazon

While 44% of people purchase something at least once a month from Amazon, they don’t make their purchase right away.

According to Amazon, the average shopper will buy a product six to seven days after doing their first search for it. That’s why remarketing is so valuable for Amazon sellers and vendors. With Sponsored Display audiences on Amazon, your brand stays present and top-of-mind for shoppers, which can prevent lost sales.

That’s because ads with Sponsored Display audiences targeting appear both on and off Amazon, so you’re always top-of-mind for your audience.

How to get started with Sponsored Display audiences on Amazon

Follow these steps to start using Sponsored Display audiences in your Amazon ad campaigns:

  • Log in to Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central
  • Click the “Advertising” tab
  • Select “Create campaign”
  • Choose “Sponsored Display”
  • Enter your campaign settings, like your campaign name, budget, and schedule
  • Choose “Audiences” for your targeting strategy
  • Select your targeting filters
  • Choose your preferred audiences
  • Enter which products to advertise
  • Review your settings
  • Launch your campaign

That’s it — you’ve launched your first Sponsored Display campaign with Sponsored Display audiences!

Improve your ROAS with Sponsored Display audiences & WebFX

With Sponsored Display audiences on Amazon, your business unlocks a new and effective targeting strategy for driving brand awareness and sales. You also earn a new set of campaigns to manage, which can leave you with little time for anything else. At WebFX, we make developing and managing your Amazon ad strategy easy with our advertising services for Amazon.

That’s because we provide a turnkey solution, complete with a dedicated account manager and regular reporting so that you can monitor and share your ROAS easily.

Learn more about partnering with us by contacting us online today or giving us a ring at 888-601-5359!

The first step to increasing your SMB’s Amazon sales is getting a FREE proposal.

One of our experts will be in touch within 24 hours!

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