How PPC Helps Accountants Get New Customers

Accounting firms have a lot to gain from advertising, especially online. That’s why pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is so valuable. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways for you to promote your business on famous websites like Google and Facebook.

Specifically, PPC has a lot to offer accounting firms. You just need to learn how to make the most of it.

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How does PPC work?

PPC is based on an auction system. You place a bid, the auction runs, and then depending on how much you’re willing to pay, your ad shows up somewhere in search engine results pages (SERPs). If you bid a lot, you show up right away. If you bid low, you show up at the bottom, if at all.

The goal is to get people to click your ad and go to your website. When they do that, you pay your bid amount to the PPC provider (like Google), which is usually a couple cents. In return, you have a new prospect on your site that you can convert into a paying customer.

If nobody clicks on your ad, you don’t pay anything. That means you only pay to get traffic to your site.

Aside from its affordability, PPC is also incredibly accurate. You only show your ad to people who are searching for keywords that you specify. So if you have an ad for the keyword “accounts in Wyoming,” you’ll only show up when people search that phrase. As a result, you only appeal to people who already have an interest in becoming customers.

You can also measure how many times people see your ad and how many people click to your website. In general, PPC is based heavily on data so you can make smart decisions on how to promote your accounting firm. And you can change your ad campaign whenever you want.

This is drastically different from other advertising techniques like television or magazines where you pay a flat rate to show your ad to people who might not even be interested in your business. You also can’t modify your campaign after you’re locked into contracts, and you have no idea how many customers you’re attracting. In comparison, television and magazine advertising are basically hoping for the best.

Why is PPC beneficial for accountants?

Now that you know what PPC is, it’s time to talk about how it benefits accounting firms.

Here are four main reasons why PPC is great for accountants:

  1. You control the cost. You never pay more than you specify.
  2. You only pay for clicks. You’ll never pay unless someone goes to your site.
  3. You see results quickly. Your campaign launches the moment you authorize it.
  4. You receive useful data. You’ll see what keywords people use to find your website most often.

There are more reasons why PPC is great for accountants, but these four are the biggest. If you’re not using PPC, you’re lagging behind.

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PPC tips for accountants

When you’re running a PPC campaign, there are couple proven strategies you can use to maximize your returns.

Use the right keywords

You need to include keywords in your PPC campaign to achieve success.

In general, the keywords you use should be:

  1. Relevant to accounting
  2. Specific to your business

In addition, you’ll have the choice between picking short, vague keywords and long, specific keywords. Short keywords get a lot of search volume, but they’re always more competitive, expensive, and difficult to use well. On the other hand, long keywords only get a handful of searches, but they reflect user interest, customer intent, and affordability.

On the whole, long keywords (also called “long-tail keywords”) are much better to use, especially for accounting firms that want a high ROI.

To find the keywords that work best for your firm, you can use Google AdWords.

Create targeted landing pages

When you create an ad, you need to have it go to a certain page on your site. It shouldn’t be your homepage either — your homepage is too general and doesn’t provide information directly to a search engine user.

Instead, create a new page on your site for every ad you create. If you’re targeting keywords like “accounting firm Oklahoma,” create a page about Oklahoma-specific information on accounting firms. That could include accounting law, standard pricing for the accounting industry, regulations that people should know, and more. The more information you offer, the more you show that you’re a trustworthy, experienced resource in the industry.

With these landing pages, you can make sure that search engine users will find exactly what they want when they click your ad. That means you have a higher chance of turning them into paying customers, which will pay for your PPC campaign and much, much more.

Using landing pages to your advantage, you can see some outstanding results from your PPC campaign in no time.

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