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Understanding your audience is crucial when you’re responsible for selling airplanes, private jets, or helicopters. Knowing how to branch out and appeal to new customers can be an obstacle.

Generating new leads for your aircraft company is possible with a unique marketing strategy. Trying the methods within this guide will help keep your company afloat and maximize your return on investment. 

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Defining leads in the aircraft sales industry

Leads are prospective customers who show interest in buying an aircraft from you. A lead can find you in several ways, but you can think of these individuals as people searching for an aircraft to call their own.

Creating new leads for your business involves making your products or services easy to find. You might list your available aircraft online in hopes users will review offerings from home. Effective lead generation strategies ensure prospective customers click on your site over competitors.

Ways to secure new leads online

Customers need to know every detail before purchasing an aircraft. To persuade leads to choose your aircraft sales company for planes, jets, helicopters, and other modes of transportation, you must strategize your approach. Focus on the following tactics to scale your business and stay ahead of others.

1. Create a new website or redesign your current one

Your company website is a reflection of your business, mission, team, and product line. Generating new leads is easier when you provide an outstanding user experience that customers will remember. Give prospects a neat and intuitive website with numerous reasons to browse private planes and jets.

If you’re starting out, hiring a professional team to build your website is a fantastic way to optimize for computers and mobile devices. Capture your brand and leave a positive first impression on those visiting. Customize your site with ecommerce functionality and brand graphics to set yourself apart.

Maybe you already have a website but it could use a redesign to show new offerings or services. Taking time to rework your company website with new pages, text styles, and images makes your platform up-to-date and visually appealing. Attract new leads by inspiring them to visit multiple parts of your site.

2. Build out your site with SEO in mind

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your website to show up on Google and builds the foundation for your aircraft sales site. Proven practices — including target keywords and informational meta descriptions on relevant pages — put your business on the radar of potential customers.

Forgetting about SEO is a mistake when taking aircraft sales online. You must verify that your site contains valuable product information to help Google rank pages higher in search results. When you present your business as an authoritative source, you generate sales.

3. Grow your portfolio of digital content

Original content can bring leads to your aircraft sales site. You might create the content you display across your website via a blog or similar outlet.

Digital content is effective for bringing leads in all stages of the sales process to your site. Your aircraft sales company could produce an informational article about a topic that grabs attention, like “the top private jets to look out for this year,” hoping readers will review your inventory.

There is room to get creative with your company’s digital content. Whether you go the route of industry blog posts or online guides, you have the opportunity to boost traffic to your site and generate leads.

4. Remember to update social media accounts

Social media outlets help your current customers and others discover your aircraft sales company and engage with your brand. Posting your latest offerings gives users an up-close look at what you can do for them. Spread your posts across Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn to keep others in the know.

If you’re new to social media channels, get your messages across with digital marketing experts. Create company awareness and a dedicated following. You might also explore your options for social media ad services that recommend your planes, jets, or helicopters to users with interest in your field.

5. Use YouTube videos to your advantage

YouTube enables you to generate leads by giving audiences a visual look at your products. Start a marketing campaign that includes posting tours of your aircraft to show off onboard features, interior seats, entertainment technology, and other upgrades.

YouTube makes it easy to monitor the number of views and likes users give your content. You can also create shorter ads that play before online videos to position your brand name alongside related content. When a video is shared online, the masses see your brief advertisement.

6. Use pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements that direct to landing pages

A PPC advertisement gives you an advantage over the competition by presenting a specific landing page on your site at the top of search engine results. Once a user clicks on the link labeled as an ad, you’re charged a minuscule fee by Google for prioritizing your URL.

Center a landing page around a popular keyword applicable to your field so that when someone searches the term or phrase, your site is one of the first recommendations. PPC ads could take users to new aircraft, used aircraft, financing pages, or another part of your site you’d like to highlight.

Benefits of fine-tuning your lead generation strategy

Selecting the right lead generation methods for your aircraft sales company gives you these benefits:

  • You can forget about cold-calling prospects.
  • The quality of your leads improves with traffic turning into sales.
  • You increase your chances of boosting yearly revenue.
  • Your business can expand its following on social channels.

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