The 2 Best Lead Generation Strategies for Lawyers

Every law firm needs new leads to get clients and succeed. Whether you’re an independent attorney or a partner in a firm, you always need new clients to thrive.

But there’s a problem with that — the legal industry is one of the most competitive in the country. That means you have to take advantage of every marketing strategy you can, especially online.

On this page, we’ll talk about two of the best ways you can attract new leads to your firm so you can turn them into paying, satisfied clients. Keep reading to learn more, and give us a call at 888-601-5359.


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#1. Create a quality, dependable website

Great legal websites tell readers who you are, what you do, your legal experience, and even offer basic information on different legal issues.

Some of the ways you can increase the chances that your law firm’s website include:

Optimize every page for keywords

Keywords are the terms that people use to research your industry on search engines. So if you’re a law firm in Tulsa, the keyword “Tulsa law firm” would be valuable to you.

Long, descriptive keywords are more valuable to law firms since they’re less competitive and reflect a user’s intent to become a client. Shorter keywords, on the other hand, are vague and highly competitive. So, if you want to get more leads online, it’s in your best interest to find which long keywords (also called “longtail keywords”) relate to your firm.

When you’re making a page for a keyword, it’s important to make sure that only one page on your site targets that keyword. Otherwise, search engines like Google won’t know which page to show someone when they research your industry.

Continually update your site with new content

While this may sound like a lot of work, it’s actually pretty easy once you create a blog and an update schedule.

A blog allows you to add new content to your site as often as you want. And when you create a schedule to go with it, you can consistently add new articles, graphics, videos, images, and more to your website.

Each blog post you create should include specific keywords as well, but these don’t have to be exactly about your firm. Your blog gives you a little more leeway, so you can write about industry events, current legal issues, and more.

The objective is to make yourself an authority that offers people valuable information on a consistent basis. 

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Use calls to action at the end of each page

No matter what page you add to your site, you should have a section at the end that encourages readers to convert into customers.

This section is called the call to action (CTA), and it directly tells readers how they can take the next step to becoming a client. That could be giving you their email address, calling you directly, or scheduling a face-to-face consultation.

Regardless, you need to tell them what to do next if you want them to become clients. Otherwise, they’ll go to your competition! 

#2. Start a PPC campaign

Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) is a budget-friendly method of getting new leads.

The most popular PPC system is Google AdWords, which allows you to create text ads that display when someone looks up certain keywords.

Then, when your ad displays, someone can click on it and go straight to your site, where you can convert them into a client. When that happens, you pay Google a small fee for the click.

However, you could also have a situation where someone doesn’t click on your ad. In that case, you don’t pay Google anything.

The price you pay for a click depends on the amount of money you tell Google you’re willing to spend. PPC is based on an auction system, so you and your competition are constantly bidding against one another to get more visitors.

A solid AdWords campaign has several parts:

The right keywords

With PPC, it’s essential to make sure you’re targeting the keywords that’ll get you more leads. After all, you will be paying each time someone clicks on the ads, so it’s important that you get as many people to become customers as possible. 

The right headlines and CTA

When you write your first ad, keep in mind that you should end it with a quick and concise call to action. Many first-time PPC ad buyers make the mistake of writing a long value proposition without inspiring the reader to take action. If you want your ad to succeed, it needs to tell people what to do at the end. 

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A strong landing page

A good landing page discusses its target keyword in depth. Ads that take people to unexpected sites or pages are labeled as deceptive, and you can get a lot of penalties from deceptive advertising on Google.

Tracking and improvement

One of the most valuable features of Google AdWords is its tracking and analytics software. These features let you see how your ads are performing so you can try new ideas for improvement. Your goal is to get more clicks on your ad, so try new ideas to get as many as you can! 

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