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On-Site Promotion

10. On-Site Promotion

On-site promotion is the practice of linking to your content from other pages on your site.

A lot of businesses don't think this is a big deal. After all, you planned, created, and promoted your content — what else do you need to do?

But adding on-site links to your content makes it easier for Google to find.

This essential step in SEO is crucial to earning organic rankings.

Google uses links like bridges when it reads your website. If you have a link (or "bridge") from one page to another, Google will go read that page too.

But if you don't have any links to your new content from other pages on your site, Google won't know to find it.

For all the more powerful Google is as a search engine, you still need to make an effort to spoon-feed your website to Google's algorithms.

It makes Google's job easier, and it helps your site rank more quickly.

After Google jumps to your new content, it'll take time to start ranking in organic search results.

If you don't want to wait, you can get your content indexed ASAP with a few quick tricks.

Sitemaps, category pages, and content silos are all great ways to link to new content. They only take a few hours to create throughout your site, and they're great additions to your content marketing strategy.

Once you're done with on-site promotion, you can take a breather. Your content is finished!

Now, it's time to start it all again with something new.

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