What Is Ecommerce Web Design? (And How to Design Your First One)

Ecommerce web design, also called ecommerce website design, is the process of creating a website design for a site with online selling capabilities. Unique features of ecommerce web design include designing product pages, shopping carts, and checkout processes.

An ecommerce website is a perfect opportunity to reach a significant amount of consumers online and increase your sales. But what is ecommerce web design, and how can you design an innovative ecommerce website that will drive revenue for your business?

On this page, we’ll discuss the ins and out of ecommerce websites and how to design an ecommerce website with some top tips and examples.

Check out an overview of what you can expect to find in this guide below:

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What is an ecommerce website?

Before we can answer the question, “what is ecommerce web design” we’ll go over what exactly an ecommerce website is.

An ecommerce website is a website that allows you to buy or sell products and services online. With just a few clicks, consumers can purchase a variety of products from their homes or on the go with various devices, such as mobile phones or tablets.


Because ecommerce websites make it easy for consumers to purchase their favorite products with just a few simple clicks, an effective ecommerce website design can boost sales and revenue for your business — if you follow best practices for ecommerce web design.

What is ecommerce web design?

Ecommerce web design is the aesthetic appearance of your ecommerce website. It refers to how the different pieces and parts work together to create a functional online space for your business.

What does ecommerce web design involve?

Ecommerce web design can include:

Overall, ecommerce web design refers to the external or physical appearance of your website. With a good ecommerce web design, you can help increase your web traffic, conversions, and sales for your business.

Why is ecommerce web design important?

Now that you know the answer to “what is ecommerce web design,” let’s go over why good web design is essential for the success of your ecommerce site.

Here are a few reasons why an effective website design is important:

  • It sets the first impression: 94% of first impressions relate to web design. In most cases, your website is the first interaction a user will have with your brand, so your web design is essential for giving consumers a lasting first impression of your business that will entice them to stay on your site.
  • It improves the user experience: 89% of users will shop with a competitor if they have a poor experience with your ecommerce website. Your web design is essential for creating an attractive look for your website and improving the user experience, so consumers can quickly and easily find the information they need.
  • It helps you stand out from competitors: 73% of companies use web design to stand out from the competition. That means, if you aren’t utilizing web design, your competitors are. By implementing an innovative web design, you can help your ecommerce website stand out from the crowd and attract more consumers and sales.

When you implement an effective ecommerce website design, your site will outrank your competitors and give consumers a positive and lasting impression of your business that will keep them coming back for more.

How to design an ecommerce website that’ll boost your revenue

So, how can you design an ecommerce website that will impress more consumers and increase your revenue and sales? With these top ecommerce website design tips, that’s how!

Check out our favorite tips for how to design an ecommerce website that’ll boost revenue for your business:

1. Implement responsive design

Responsive design enables your website to display and function correctly on any device, such as mobile phones, tablets, or desktop computers. But why is responsive design essential?

Since more than 50% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices and 37% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase from a mobile responsive website, optimizing your website for mobile users is a must.

Responsive ecommerce website design example

When you implement responsive design for your ecommerce site, you can ensure that users can view and interact with your site no matter what device they’re using. That means you can increase your conversions and sales as a result.

2. Consider your menus and navigation

Ecommerce web design navigation best practices

Another important ecommerce web design element to consider is your navigation. Your website navigation is one of the most essential elements of your website.

When users want to find products, make a purchase, or read your content, they’ll use your menus and navigation. That means you should ensure that the design of your menus and navigation bars are simple and easy to understand.

To keep consumers engaged on your website for longer, design a functional and straightforward navigation that will help them find the information they’re searching for.

3. Use calls to action (CTAs)

Have you thought about using calls to action (CTAs) throughout your website? If not, it could be time to start.

Website CTA button design

CTAs help encourage consumers on your website to take an action, whether it’s making a purchase, signing up for your emails, or adding a product to their wish list. CTAs are essential for generating more leads and increasing conversions for your business.

Your CTAs could include phrases like:

  • “Buy now!”
  • “Browse our products!”
  • “Sign up for our email newsletters for more discounts!”

Be sure to include various relevant CTA buttons throughout your website to encourage your consumers to take the next step into eventually becoming a customer.

4. Create a simple homepage

Website homepage design example

Your homepage is one of the first pages of your ecommerce website that users will interact with. Your homepage is an initial representation of your brand that’s also a valuable source to inform consumers about your business.

Your homepage should be simple yet effective, so you don’t overwhelm your users while also giving off a positive first impression of your brand.

You can include only the most essential information that will most interest your users, so your website doesn’t become too cluttered, and users can navigate to the relevant pages they need.

With a simple homepage that accurately represents your brand, you can keep users engaged on your ecommerce website longer and boost your brand awareness.

5. Use plenty of visuals

Our last tip on how to design an ecommerce website is to use plenty of visuals throughout your website. Visuals are perfect for breaking up large blocks of text and keeping users engaged on your site.

How to use visual elements in website design

Some of the best visual elements to include on your ecommerce website are infographicsvideos, and images. Videos are especially great to have on your ecommerce website because 90% of users say that watching videos helps them make a purchasing decision.

And if you need even more convincing, videos can increase your conversions by up to 86%. By including plenty of visual elements like videos and images, you can increase the time users spend on your website, boosting your conversions and sales as a result.

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