Digital Advertising for B2C: B2C Advertising Guide

If you want to promote your business online, you must invest in business-to-consumer (B2C) advertising for your business. B2C advertising helps you reach leads looking for your products or services online. Whether through search results or on social media, digital advertising is your key to unlocking revenue for your business.

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On this page, we’ll provide you with answers to all your questions, including:

  • What is B2C digital advertising?
  • Why is B2C digital advertising important?
  • What types of B2C digital advertising are available?

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What is B2C digital advertising?

B2C digital advertising is a form of online advertising for business-to-consumer companies. These advertising strategies enable you to put your ads in front of more qualified leads looking for your products or services. Online advertising for B2C helps increase website traffic, product selling, and brand awareness. Prices for B2C digital advertising vary.

Why is B2C digital advertising important?

Digital advertising for B2C is critical for helping you reach the right people. Whether people are searching online or browsing through social media, showing an ad at the right time can help you obtain qualified leads that turn into sales for your business.

B2C advertising is an excellent way for your business to raise brand awareness.

When people see your ads in search results or on social media, they get familiar with your business and get to know your brand. Even if they don’t convert right away, they’ll remember your brand later when they decide to convert.

In addition to building brand awareness, you can also sell more products or services. Since your ads reach people at the right time, they’re more likely to convert when they see your ads. It’s a great way to help you earn more sales for your business.

5 types of B2C digital advertising

There are multiple different types of B2C digital advertising that help your business grow and drive the results you desire.

Some types of B2C digital advertising include:

1. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Pay-per-click advertising, also known as PPC, is a B2C digital marketing strategy and a form of advertising in which you pay each time a searcher clicks on your company’s ad.

PPC advertising is a great way to get your business higher in the search results and drive more qualified leads.

To help you reach the right people, you can target specific keywords relevant to your business and industry.

PPC ads use an auction process that involves bidding on keywords to obtain ad positioning. Your ads appear in search results based on relevancy and bid amount. To have your ads rank higher, you need to create a highly relevant ad that fits the targeted keyword.

By running PPC ads, you can help more people discover your business in search results from Google and Bing. You can generate valuable leads for your business by having your listings appear at the top of search results.

At WebFX, we offer PPC services that help you create click-worthy ads that generate leads. When you choose WebFX as your B2C digital advertising agency, you’ll get access to expertise in everything from creating compelling ad copy to identifying core keywords for your ads.

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2. Geofencing advertising

Geofencing advertising is a form of online advertising for B2C companies that can further enhance your business’s growth and recognition. This strategy enables you to target people based on their location and neighborhoods to help you reach people in your immediate area.

This form of B2C online advertising is beneficial to your business because it helps you reach people most interested in what you offer. You can target people in your local area who are likely to visit your business and make a purchase.

To start with geofencing advertising, you’ll need to create a fence around a designated area, whether it’s your business or your competition. Once you have a perimeter set, you can create your ads to appear for your audience when they enter the fence.

At WebFX, we offer both addressable geofencing advertising services and competitor geofencing advertising services. We can help you target the locations that matter most and reach people most interested in your business.

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3. Social media advertising

Another form of B2C online advertising is known as social media advertisingSocial media advertising is a form of digital marketing that allows your business to create paid ads on various social media platforms.

This form of advertising gives you a wide variety of ways to access your target audience and reach qualified leads that will investigate your business and what it has to offer.

There are several different platforms that social media advertising can fall under, such as:

These social media platforms offer different forms of ads that you can create, from video ads to carousel ads.

It is important to know your audience and who you want to reach with your ads when it comes to social media advertising. Social media platforms offer advanced targeting, making it easy for you to reach people most interested in your products or services.

In addition to targeting the right people, make sure you create compelling ad copy that entices people to engage with your ads.

At WebFX, we can help you create click-worthy ads that benefit your business and drive results. From creating your ad copy to targeting the right people, we can help you drive results with your social media ads.

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4. Google Local Services ads

Google Local Services ads are a great form of digital advertising with the goal of driving more local traffic for your business. Google Local Services ads are pay-per-lead advertisements for service businesses.

These advertisements appear right at the top of Google’s search results when people search for local service providers.

With Google Local Services ads, your company only pays when a person contacts you from that specific ad.

Google Local Services ads include key information about your service business, like your location, years in business, and the services you offer. You can also apply to have the Google Guarantee badge, which helps build confidence in the validity of your listing.

This tool is extremely beneficial for bringing awareness to your business and being at the top of Google’s search results. Plus, Google Local Services ads are a great way to drive leads to your business.

We know that understanding Google Local Service ads can be challenging, which is why WebFX offers assistance when it comes to these ads. Our award-winning team can help you target the right areas, apply for the Google Guarantee badge, and manage the performance of your ads.

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5. Programmatic advertising

Another form of B2C digital advertising is known as programmatic advertising. Programmatic advertising deals with the process of buying ad space through different technologies.

The following technologies that programmatic advertising uses are:

  • Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs)
  • Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs)
  • Data Management Platforms (DMPs)

These technologies are platforms that offer ways to purchase, manage, and collect ad space that will further enhance your business.

Programmatic advertising goes through a process that includes the following steps:

  1. Visitor arrives at a website
  2. A real-time auction takes place in microseconds
  3. The winner of the ad auction has their ad displayed
  4. Visitor sees the ad on the website

Programmatic advertising is an excellent option for businesses looking to automate the creation and purchase of ad space.

At WebFX, we offer programmatic advertising services that help you get your ads in front of the most relevant leads. Our hassle-free services include everything, from ad targeting to designing ad creatives to optimizing your bid amounts.

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Earn a higher ROI from your B2C digital advertising campaigns 

Interested in earning a higher ROI from your B2C digital advertising campaigns? WebFX can help you achieve the results you desire.

We know how to craft campaigns that drive results. We’ve driven over $3 billion in revenue and over 7.8 million leads for our clients in the past five years — and we’re not stopping there.

If you’re ready to invest in digital marketing to drive more revenue and leads, contact us online or call us today at 888-601-5359 to speak with a strategist about our digital advertising services!