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Facebook is one of the most-used social media platforms to date, and if you aren’t using it as part of your marketing strategy, you could be missing out on quality leads for your franchise.

On this page, we’ll take a look at five benefits of Facebook marketing, Facebook marketing options, and three tips for marketing your franchise on Facebook. We’ll also explore how social media plans from WebFX, a leading social media company, can take your franchise to new heights.

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5 ways Facebook can grow your franchise


Wondering how Facebook marketing can help grow your franchise? Check out these five benefits of Facebook marketing.

1. Increases awareness

Maintaining an active presence on social media sites like Facebook is a great way to gain exposure and increase awareness of your franchise.

Today, Facebook has 1.94 billion monthly active users. This means that there’s a good chance that at least a portion of your target audience is active on the social media platform.

So if you’re looking to increase awareness of your franchise, reach new customers, and create relationships that inspire purchases, Facebook marketing can help.

2. Highly targeted

Facebook offers highly targeted advertising options that allow you reach an audience who is most likely to engage with your content.

For example, you can choose targeting options to reach users in a specific location, within a certain age range, and even users who speak certain languages. You can even include or exclude people from an audience based on their interests and behaviors or connections to your pages.

Facebook also lets you create custom audiences, people you already know based on information you provide or information created on Facebook’s products. You can even set up lookalike audiences to reach people who are most likely to be interested in your business.

With Facebook’s targeting options, you can reach ideal customers and provide them with the information they need to purchase from your franchise.

3. Increases web traffic

Every time you post on Facebook, you have the opportunity to send relevant, targeted traffic to your website.

You can do this by adding links in your posts to key pages on your site and instructing people to click to find out more.

Then, you can use Google Analytics to track social media engagement and how many people visit your site after clicking a Facebook post. This will allow you to determine the types of content that best resonate with customers. And you can tailor your communication to reach more people and provide them with the information they need to buy.

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4. Reveals key insights about customers

Social media sites like Facebook can also help you uncover valuable information about your customers’ needs and opinions.

Take some time to listen in to what your customers are saying on Facebook. Then, you can modify your offerings and messaging to better meet their needs and interests.

If people have questions about your franchise, they can always reach out to you on social media. And this will provide you with an opportunity to provide them with the answers they need, boost your credibility, and let them know you care.

5. Cost-effective

One of the biggest benefits of marketing on Facebook is that it’s extremely cost-effective.

It doesn’t cost a penny to set up a Facebook account for your franchise, and you can choose paid advertising options to fit within any budget.

Compared to traditional advertising channels, Facebook advertising is an affordable option, and it allows you to reach more people for less money.

Growing your social presence with WebFX is a walk in the park.

“WebFX allows growing your social media platforms to be stress-free! They are knowledgeable and adapt to your company needs!”

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Facebook marketing options


Now that you know how Facebook marketing can benefit your franchise, let’s take a look at some Facebook marketing options.

1. Free accounts

As we said, one of the major benefits of Facebook advertising is that you don’t have to pay to set up a profile for your franchise.

It only takes a few minutes to set up your free business account. All you will need is a name for your page, profile and cover photos, and a small blurb that tells visitors more about your franchise. You can even add a custom call to action at the top of your page that instructs visitors to visit your website or contact you for more info.

It’s also a good idea to set up separate Facebook accounts for each of your franchise locations. Then, you can include details like your address, contact info, and special promotions.

After you’ve created your free accounts, it won’t take long to grow a following of fans and customers. And your Facebook profile is a valuable tool for reaching new prospects.

2. Paid advertising

In addition to free accounts, Facebook also offers paid advertising options to help you reach more customers.

The great thing about Facebook’s paid advertising is that you can create ads for any budget. You set your budget and max bid, and you can even optimize your ads for a specific action such as impressions and conversions. Then, you can select targeting options to reach your ideal customers based on demographics, behaviors, and even contact information.

Facebook also offers ad reporting tools that help you measure the impact and results of your paid ads.

For more info on Facebook advertising rates, check out this helpful post from WebFX, and see the video below!

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3 Facebook marketing tips for franchises


Let’s take a look at three tips for marketing your franchise on Facebook.

1. Create a schedule

Social media users love consistent content, so it’s important that you maintain a steady upload schedule.

Platforms like Buffer and Hootsuite make it easy for you to schedule content in advance. When you create a piece of content you want to share, you can easily plug it into an open time slot, and set it to post at a specific time.

It’s also important to post at times that are best for your target audience. This can be different for every business, but for more information on what and when to post on Facebook, check out this guide from WebFX.

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2. Give people an inside look at your franchise

Facebook marketing is also a great way to give people an inside look at your business.

You can provide important updates about your franchise and keep people in the know about the latest news and events. Facebook is also the perfect place to share your blog posts and content you post on your website.

In addition, you can use photos and videos to highlight your staff members and facilities.

People love to have the inside scoop, and it will help them feel more confident in their decision to do business with your franchise.

3. Evaluate and optimize

Finally, no matter the Facebook advertising option you choose, it’s important to evaluate the results of your campaigns and use your findings to optimize your strategy and reach more people.

Facebook’s ad reporting tool makes it easy to track the results of your campaigns. And you can use Google Analytics to keep track of how many leads you earn from social media. WebFX also offers custom social media reporting to help you get the most out of your Facebook campaigns.

Evaluating and optimizing your Facebook campaigns allows you to get the most out of your social media strategy, reach more customers, and earn more revenue for your franchise.

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Located in Harrisburg, Pa., WebFX is an award-winning social media company.

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Interested in learning more about how social media marketing plans from WebFX can help your franchise engage more customers and earn more revenue?

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