5 SEO Tips for Recruiters

Each month, more than 226 million job seekers turn to Google to begin their career searches. And if you want to reach those qualified candidates where they’re looking online, search engine optimization (SEO) strategies can help.

On this page, we’ll take a look at why SEO is important for recruiters, as well as several tips you can use to ensure that you attract the best talent.


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Why is SEO important for recruiters?

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to anything you do to improve your website so it ranks higher in search results for keywords and phrases related to your business. This helps ensure that your target audience can easily find you online.

There are a number of SEO strategies you can use to impact your search rankings and earn the attention of top prospects to fill positions quickly and efficiently.

5 recruitment SEO tips

Now let’s take a look at some helpful tips that will help you reach the most qualified applicants.

1. Keyword research

First, it’s important to understand which keywords and phrases people search for when looking for recruiters.

You can use keyword tools like Google’s Keyword Planner and keywordtool.io to uncover the most relevant keywords for job seekers in your area. Then, you can include them in your pages about employment opportunities.

In addition, you can capitalize on local searchers by including relevant, local keywords in your recruitment materials. This can help you attract more local candidates and match them with jobs that are best suited to their unique skills.

Keyword research can be a time-intensive process, but choosing the right keywords can help you gain more visibility from qualified applicants.

2. Optimize website for mobile search

Did you know that 89% of job seekers use a mobile device during their job search?

In order to reach these people, you need to ensure that your pages are not only mobile friendly, but that they are actually optimized for mobile search.

This means that your site’s content should be easy to read and navigate, and there should be no pinching or zooming required to view your content. Also, job seekers should be able to submit their resumes online directly from their mobile devices.

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3. Publish quality content

Google rewards quality content with higher rankings in search results. This means that you need to provide consistent, helpful information regarding career opportunities.

You can also include keywords in your content that will help people discover opportunities that are of interest to them.

In addition, you will want to ensure that you keep your content fresh and updated. This is a great way to encourage potential candidates to come back to your website, and it can also increase your rankings in search results.

You might even consider creating a blog with the latest tips and advice for job hunters.

Creating quality content gives you the opportunity to engage with potential candidates, and it will boost your rankings in search results.

4. Build links

The number and quality of backlinks to your website influence your rankings in search results. The more links you have from credible sites, the higher you’ll be able to rank.

You can boost your rankings in search results and ensure that more qualified candidates find and apply for the jobs you posted by encouraging people to link to your website. And if you have a solid content strategy in place, you will be able to create material that people will want to share on their websites, blogs, and social media.

5. Share employment opportunities on social media

You can also use social media to build brand awareness, share employment opportunities, and drive traffic to your website.


So the next time you have valuable employment information, share it on your company’s social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Individual recruiters can also share career advice on their social media sites to expand the online reach of your recruiting business.

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