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Growth in consumer spending and shifting gambling laws have sparked a surge of growth in the casino industry, and there’s certainly profit to be made. However, with that growth comes intense competition to bring in visitors.

Digital marketing for casinos lets you stay competitive and connect with potential visitors online to earn more business and loyal customers. The more leads you attract, the more likely you are to reach a more consistent income stream and achieve growth.

Check out these six tips for running a casino digital marketing campaign that finds, targets, and entices new leads!

1. Website

No matter where you find leads or how effective your generation and conversion strategies are, having a professional and focused website is key. It should be the one place visitors can go to find everything they need to know about your business, including its address, directions for getting there, your contact information, hours of operation, events and updates, feature lists, and more.

Start by auditing your current website to identify and correct any outdated, slow, or unusable links and pages before giving it a refresh. An effective casino website will:

  • Look good: Use modern web and graphic design principles to create a visually appealing website, especially your home page and any landing pages connected to ad campaigns. Use your brand colors and logo, and balance high-quality images with text and white space.
  • Be easy to navigate: Your site’s navigation menu should be easy to find and make sense according to the typical visitor’s journey. Have a page for every relevant part of your casino, including an about us or history page, information about your slot machines or games, an events calendar, and any additional services you offer, like a bar or hotel accommodations.
  • Responsive to different devices: Over half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, and your website needs to reflect that through responsive design. Responsive design lets your website detect and adjust to each user’s screen size so they can still read, scroll, and click.

2. Content

Using content to market your casino can get you three times as many leads as traditional marketing efforts. Try your hand at the following:

  • Blogs: Blog posts are incredibly versatile, and your specific casino advertising campaign will give you a better idea of what areas to focus articles on. Example topics include industry news, gambling policy updates, the history of different casino staples, gambling and game-specific statistics, and more.
  • Pictures: Clear, professional photos of your casino’s amenities, facilities, and atmosphere can help you sell the experience to visitors on the fence or those unsure of what to expect.
  • Videos: Use videos to showcase your casino’s games and events in action, keeping the focus on the visitor’s experience, satisfied customers, and your casino’s best features. Videos are also a great way to deliver educational content, like “how to play” videos for casino beginners.

Make sure every piece of content you post on your website and casino’s social media accounts includes a relevant call to action that encourages viewers to take the next step, whether that’s visiting your website to learn more about an upcoming event, signing up for your newsletter, or similar.

3. Use data for personalization

Data is key for all of your casino marketing strategies, from your website to in-house behavior. The more you leverage and understand this data, the more personalized you can make your lead generation campaigns to meet your casino’s exact needs and ideal visitor type.

Use data to see what your target audience spends their time and money on to learn about their values, interests, and habits. Your visitors are more likely to learn more about your business or take the next step in your marketing funnel if the ad they’re presented with is relevant to their specific wants and needs.

Apply data analytics in your lead gen campaign to:

  • Stay competitive: To compete with the rise of online casinos and mobile gaming apps, a lot of casino advertising focuses on the features or amenities that specifically set them apart from their competitors. You can use data analytics to see who your biggest competitors are, what they’re doing, and how your current visitors and potential leads engage with their business to stay competitive online and in your local market.
  • Predict behavior: Looking at past data, including where leads came from, what actions they took once they reached your website, how current customers found your business, and other user-specific metrics lets you make more accurate predictions for future behavior. The less guesswork involved in your marketing campaigns, the less chance of wasting time and money.
  • Experiment with new strategies: Data insights can give you everything you need to know about your past and current campaign metrics so you can implement new strategies that build on those strengths and correct any weaknesses. You can customize different strategies to fit each customer type, like the excited traveler vacationing at your casino resort and the competitive visitor with tournament-level experience.
  • Target specific groups: The more you know about your current visitors, customers, and potential leads, the more precisely you can target future advertising campaigns to appeal to a specific demographic, like income level, interest, age group, or location.

4. Highlight your unique selling proposition

Your unique selling proposition (USP) or unique selling point is your competitive advantage that gives visitors a reason to choose your business over an online or nearby casino. For example, a casino resort might rely on its luxury accommodations for lead generation campaigns, while a riverboat casino could highlight the overall experience of on-the-water playing.

Narrow down your USP by digging into visitor data to learn what potential leads want and need out of a casino. Then, research your top competitors and note their USPs, whether it’s their ideal location, historic facilities, live events, or similar. What do they have that you don’t, and vice versa?

5. Advertise responsibly

While most casino visitors participate in games and slots responsibly, about two million adults in the United States meet the criteria for a severe gambling problem annually, incurring an annual national social cost of $7 billion in related criminal and health expenses, job loss, and economic hardship.

The National Council on Problem Gambling encourages casinos and other gambling venues to allocate a percentage of their marketing efforts and revenue to encouraging safe gambling practices. Using responsible advertising messages supports industry-wide benefits like improving local perceptions of gambling and casinos and reducing operational risks. It also lets visitors know they are welcome at your facility and you offer a fun, healthy atmosphere for all.

Timeout features and optional deposit and spending limits give guests the ability to make their own choices for their well-being. The better your visitors feel about the time they spend at your casino, the more likely they’ll return or spread the word.

6. Stay current

Keeping your casino up-to-date with the latest industry trends is good for business, and you can use these updates to fuel your lead-gen campaigns, especially if it helps position you above or on level with your online and offline competitors.

Possible trends to consider are skill-based slot machines and games, touch-enabled tables and kiosks, interactive gaming systems, and multiple forms of digital and physical payment.

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